Says 235 – Healing the body and expectation

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and she said that I needed to go into a meditation and see and release the blockage, the kink on a nerve in my spinal column that is affecting my neck, shoulders, back and legs. I did a meditation in the afternoon and tried to access my neck and the pinched nerve but I feel I didn’t get there.

235-optic-cableLater that morning I meditated again and I didn’t feel I succeeded as I wanted to see what was wrong and heal it like I did for a woman years ago. That time, I experienced myself as a infinitesimally small speck of light. I saw the cells in her body that were as big as apartment buildings and I could easily move between them like a person would. I saw her spinal cord damaged and some fine strands were emitting bright coloured lights. The strands on the other side of the break had the same colour hue, but were dull and pale. It reminded me of a fiber optic cable. I knew I had to rejoin then, so just using my mind; I matched colours and rejoined then, and then looked for the reason they had been cut and found a bone spur that I simply dissolved. I then scanned her body and found a green blob like growth that I also dissolved. I scanned her body again and found nothing so I returned to my body. With that, I came out of my meditation. Hummmmm? Maybe my issues in healing my body are EXPECTATION.

235-guidesLater that afternoon I had my fourth craniosacral therapy session. This session was different that all the rest. While I had a few body twitches and spasms, they were mild compared to what I have been experiencing. And overall it was quite peaceful.

Before the session, I told my therapist of my friends advice and said that I would like to use this session to try and access and heal my damaged discs and nerves and she agreed. Early in the session I tried to meditate and do the healing as to how my Mind thought it should be done. I then realized that I did have EXPECTATION and so I stated out loud that I release my expectations on how healing should be and to just allow it to be. I took a deep breath and relaxed.

As I relaxed, I felt an energy move into the room and I told my therapist what I was picking up. A moment later I told her it was my guides and that this was all a lesson to see what doesn’t work. To get the Mind to try the things that it believes should work or that others have told the Mind works, and that everything it thinks and believes should work, is not working because it is wrong. I chuckled as I heard my guide say, It’s only taken you two years to figure that out.” I told my therapist that and she laughed too.

Says 234 – Another view of life, death and Body

“Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital in a coma on the morning of February 2nd, 2006…”

234-woman-dying-obeThis is a good video watch to expand your mind… (Video at bottom of page) She gives an interesting metaphor, and also gives an example.. She also shares the five most important things you can do with your life, although she misses out on how you can free your mind from the imprints, programs and beliefs to enable you to do that, as your FEARS are what your mind doesn’t want to deal with.   Notice that she doesn’t once mention RELIGION.

Says 233 – Craniosacral Therapy & denials of my Body

233-man-energyI had my 3rd craniosacral therapy on Wednesday Nov 23, and before we started, I briefly told her about my experiences that I shared in Post Says 230.  I also showed her my three books (in print) and briefly described what each was about. I told her I was taking all these sessions seriously and that the results would be in the book following my next one which will be called, “The Empaths Dilemma.”

When she was working on me, I was running more energy than before, but also in a different way, similar, yet different.  Near the end, she had her hands on my head and I felt how I have purposely I denied my body. Keeping it under control so as to not be too good at anything physical, not run too fast, jump too far or high, catch a ball, throw a ball, ride a bike, play a game or sport. I had to limit myself so that others would not be upset and unhappy with me, or not allow me to play.

I flashed to the first day of school. Not being able to speak or understand English, I was in a living hell. I remembered my father telling me that I would be OK, if I listened and did as the other kids did, to learn to be like them. I realized that imprinted and programmed me and set me up to be a victim for most of my life.

I ended the session by formally releasing and giving back all the energy I took in from others and sent it back to whom it belonged to, or that it be moved to its right place. I also took back any energy others took from me or that I gave them, and also gave back any energy that I took from others or that they gave me. I asked that the polarity of all my energy that attacked and controlled my Body and Emotions be reversed, and that it realign with my true Essence.

I was a bit disoriented after the session and made an appointment for another one next week. I look forward to what this will bring up in me in the days to come.

Says 232 – How imprints, programs and beliefs control us.

232-labThis imprinted and programed dog video clip just shows you how powerful your Minds imprints and programs and beliefs are. Things can only be done one way and they can NOT change.. Politics, religion, food, medicine, or whatever you have been programed to believe is the TRUTH…. that is what is RUNNING your mind and body.. And no matter what anyone else says or does… you refuse to believe them and see a new truth….. And the more dumbed down you get, the more you are unable to change..


Says 231 – How we kill ourselves

It’s interesting that this Meme came up on my Facebook page as I’m presently working on healing my Body. I don’t mean heal in the present social mindset, I mean heal on all levels. What I’ve discovered before in healing my emotions, was that what we deny, basically begins to die. Now I’m finding out that we do the same with our Body.

When our Body is sick or injured, we THINK we are helping our body by giving it medicine or whatever: However this is what the MIND believes (imprints, programs and beliefs) will FIX the Body and get it back to doing what the Mind wants it to do, so that the Mind can be happy. Illness and injury is the Body’s way of trying to tell the Mind that something is wrong that the Mind needs to look at. When the Mind denies the Body’s needs, the Mind does the same thing to the Body that it does with the Emotions, KILL it.. and so the Body slowly dies, and with it, a part of our Spiritual Essence is lost.

Says 230 – Realizations on Healing the Body

I spent more than two hours (in the middle of the night) writing 11 1/2 pages in my journal. I’m posting it in its entirety as I want you to see how the thought/feeling process unfolded and how I gained realizations as to how to heal my Body. The story begins with a recount Saturday afternoon experiences that triggered the middle of the night writings. Sorry that it’s kind of long. I was going to break this down into two or three segments, but felt it would fragment the flow of acquiring this realization.

230-back-pain2016 November 19 Saturday 2:30 pm – I had gone to the farmers market and while there I got a pain behind my right shoulder blade and spine that ran up to my neck. It was especially painful and felt like a knot or kink, but I don’t know what caused it. Another thing is that my right hip was also sore and hurting.

I lay down to have a brief nap and reflect on my shoulder and I got that it’s involved with a car accident, and more.  I flashed to seeing the woman in her SUV going through the intersection and I slammed on the brakes. On impact, my right leg was pressing on the brake pedal and that resulted in my right hip not moving forward like my left one as my left leg was not braced in the same way. This, and the fact that I was thrown into the driver’s door helped to twist my hip. In a similar fashion, my right and left arm were braced for impact and the jarring impact, followed by the twisting action of being hurled into the driver’s door twisted my right shoulder neck and spine.

But, there’s more. While all this was going on, my mind was thinking of survival and denied any emotional and physical expression except those that supported its survival mentality, like focusing on things that were OK, with little consideration or recognition of the real pain in the body that was numb and in shock, and unable to express itself as it needed to. It was only hours and days after the accident when the shock wore off that my mind became aware of the damage that had been inflicted on my Body, and even then, it was only related to the pain that the body was feeling at the time, that the Mind didn’t want to feel, and not what actually happened to the body, or what help the body needed to allow it to heal itself.

I got up and did two exercises from the Rudolph Stone Polarity Therapy book, chart 63 and 64, and my shoulders and lower back feel  a bit better. I still feel a pinched nerve in my left shoulder but overall, I’m not in the pain I was in before.

So now the question is how do I heal my physical body?, When I was working on healing my emotions, I would remember the traumatic experiences, and my Spirit (Mind) would allow my Soul [Will] to express everything that it never got to express during the original experiences, like heartbreak, terror, anger, rage, aloneness, unloved, betrayal, manipulated, etc. As I wrote that, I flashed to some of the healing experiences I witnessed when working with others, and while some of the previous mentioned emotions were involved, it was guilt and shame that were stored in the body, that negatively affected the physical body with aches, pains, and disabilities. Once they released the guilt and shame energy they had been holding, the body immediately responded with health and well being. So now the questions are; where does the body store any so-called negative feelings and emotions like heartbreak, betrayal, unloved, alone, etc., and how does one release them? Also, where and how does the body’s own feelings, emotions and pain get stored [trapped] in the body, and how does one release them?

November 20, Sunday 2:50 AM

230-boy-sad2:50 am – As mentioned, I had a real pain in my back between my shoulder blades and into my neck yesterday. I just got up now to go to the bathroom, and my back felt a bit better. I also got the feeling that it’s associated with the betrayal and heartbreak of getting blindsided and stabbed in the back. Not expecting to be hurt that way from people I loved and trusted. Suddenly feeling flooded with pain, disbelief and shock, and heartbroken and betrayed and not knowing what to say in a moment as you are too numb to even respond and so you react and pretend [deny] that it’s not happening and that its normal, going to be OK, that it’s just a dream, that you were wrong, or that they did mean it and were just joking.

I just remembered a poem I wrote in my teens and early twenties, that I shared in my third book. The poem is titled, Temp/Anger, and it’s basically all about this issue. Wow! It’s all about SURVIVAL, and how I have taken in unloving energy and have been holding it in my spine, my chakras, and other parts of my body.

3:10 am I just had a brief flutter of heartbreak but it came and went just as fast, but at least it moved.

I just flashed different [unexpected and unpleasant] experiences that I’ve had, and also good experiences, where I deliberately shot myself down for fear of getting hurt again, so it’s a better that I ended as it will hurt less. This was mainly with relationships, especially female, where I’d either convinced myself they were not interested in me, or that they were too good for me, or that I wasn’t good enough for them. I flashed through my teenage years of feeling ashamed of not only me, but my parents as well for being poor. I didn’t want to have a girlfriend for fear of having her find out how poor we were.

Starting school was a big time shock for me. Besides the physical, mental and emotional abuse, I felt heartbreak and betrayed by my parents, teachers and peers. I also felt an overwhelming feeling of heartlessness being directed at me with no real way of not taking it in. In believing that what was happening to me was my fault, and also based on my religious indoctrination (RC) beliefs of TRUSTING PEOPLE, thinking that they were as loving as I was. Giving them the benefit of the doubt time and time again that I heard known, or convincing myself to wait and see what else they had the say that would clear up my doubts.

230-mind-control3:25 am – This seems like a repeat of what I went through in healing my Will, but yet it seems like on a different level, as the feelings and emotions are more like shadows, and not as strong and powerful like I had previously experience. Aha! – I just realized that while I was able to move my emotions that I had denied expression, I hadn’t moved all the unloving denial energy that I had taken in during and after those experiences. I hadn’t moved the feelings my Body had experienced.  I denied myself even to the point of shutting down my physical talents and gifts so that I wouldn’t upset people, so that they would like and accept me.

I just felt more feelings of heartbreak that came and went again just as quickly.

I feel I’ve cut off and denied so much of myself, my innocence, that if I compare all my Essence when I incarnated to what I have left now, it’s like my physical body compared to my left hand. I’ve lost almost all of me, not lost, more like I can’t find. But yes, lost in that I denied and cut them off. Aha! I just realized that it’s more like this is how much unloving denial energy of others that my physical body is holding in these parts of me, energy that is not mine and is of reversed polarity.

It is my intent to move any and all unloving energy and Essence that is not mine from my body. From my physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies and chakras, and to send it back to where it came from or to its right place, so that I can heal all aspects of me.

I just added that I want to transform my own reversed polarity unloving energy that is in the form of an attachment to people places and things. That while I had no conscious intent to harm or over-power, it still is unloving through the unseen role of denial and needs to be transformed. Connections yes, attachments no.

3:45 am – I was just thinking of how I hated my body for being small, weak, different, and unacceptable. I even remember going through a stage where I wanted to change my name, thinking that would change things. I hated my body for being sick, hurt, or injured as if it was my body’s fault for what it was experiencing and for not being able to do what I (my Mind) wanted it to do.

(Again I felt some emotions move briefly.)

I pushed my body even when it was sick or hurt to do what I felt I needed to do, which was to SURVIVE this fucking cruel world. Humph!!! I have to die to live and isn’t that fucked up?

(Now I’m feeling and expressing some anger and rage.)

230-mind-king-of-dead-bodyWhoa! I just realized that I unconsciously kill my essence in order to do what I believe is needed to live. I cut off and deny parts of me that are hurt and wounded so that the rest of me can go on with this illusion called life. WTF! Now I feel numb. I’m in shock at that realization and how close I’ve come to almost having to leave my physical body and the Essence I’ve abandoned and denied, thereby giving Lucifer what he wants.

FUCK THAT!  FUCK YOU LUCIFER! You’re not going to win.

I just flashed to the light and dark wizards duel and how I lost a major part of my Essence there. I intend to get those parts back also. I’m getting all parts of me that I’ve denied and lost in all time, and dimensions. I intend to recover all parts of my Being. I will not stop until every last part of me that is out there and being held by unloving light is back into my Essence. I will move any and all unloving light back to whom or where it belongs, to its right place. I no longer accept it in and upon me. I ask for help from Mother and Father and all my guides that are here to assist me to help me in whatever way is appropriate and serves  my highest purpose, love, and light.

4:10 am – I just realized that taking medicine, pain relievers, and even chiropractic treatments and massage, etc., and even using heat and baths are unloving and controlling. While it APPEARS you are loving yourself, it is in reality [through the unseen role of denial] actually your mind trying to force the body not to be sick, weak, or in pain.

FUCK this is SUBTLE!

But the underlying intent is still unloving if it’s not what the Body is asking for, but what the Mind wants the Body to do so that it can do what it wants and be happy. It’s more unloving light that is actually the Mind that has been imprinted and program; that it is in control, that it is the master, that it knows what is best for all. I now recognize that it is my light that has reversed its polarity and has become unloving light and has been slowly killing me, although it was unconscious and unaware that it was doing so.

Aha! I realize that by denial, I’ve taken in, accepted; unloving light that has imprinted and programmed my Mind to control the rest of my Being. The more I denied, (what I believed was wrong with me) the more I changed from the loving light I was, to become what I am now. I thought my light was wrong and that this unloving light that I took in was right. That I needed to be like the others in order to live and be happy like them and that is totally FUCKED! My intent is to let go of any and all unloving imprints, programs, and beliefs that would have me reverse my lights polarity, from loving to unloving. I ask for help to become aware when I’m doing this so that I can end this action that has been slowly killing me, as what I desire is life and love.

230-i-forgot-to-live4:30 am – Having to go to school to learn things so that you can get a job and earn money, to pay for things that enable you to survive for a few years, until you grow sick and old and are of no further use and die. This reality is forced upon us the day we are born. We grow old and these imprints, programs, and beliefs are what we take to the grave, or rather have been. I’m not buying that reality any longer and I let go of those imprints, programs and beliefs.

You force your Mind to control your emotions, and you force your Body to do the things it does not want to do so that the Mind can get what it believes is the power [money] to enable it to do what it thinks it needs and wants to be happy, and to also support the family with shelter, food, clothing, and the pleasures of this so called life. This reality is actually a hideous energy form sucking the life out of our loving Bodies through our denials and willingness to be like them, the “Otherkin,” those that do not belong in this universe and that need to be moved to the right place.

4:40 am – This is somewhat of a rehash of what I went through and know several years ago, but now it takes on a new feeling and meaning. I’m also beginning to feel a new life force rising in me, a new conviction and determination, and new purpose, or maybe it’s just a rekindling of an old flame that has been put aside to finish the books and that part of my journey. Whatever it is, I like it.

4:50 am – I asked my Body to show me what it needs to show me, to move any unloving light that it is holding and help me transform any reversed polarity parts of my light. I asked it also to show me any lost Will energy that it is holding and the unloving energy that is associated with it, so that I can recover lost Will Essence and move out unloving energy.

230-baal5:05 am -I closed my eyes and saw several dark forms moving before me. Lucifer, Baal, Melchizedek, and others, hovering over me, cussing and name calling, stating that I can’t do what I’m doing and that they are not through with me, that they will stop me. I smiled as that was what they were saying the last time I was close to a breakthrough. This time I rolled over and went to sleep, and woke up at 9:15 am.


To understand what life is, you need to understand what Death is.

Says 229 – Death and Dying

I didn’t post this before as I felt confused, and felt it had no bearing on the material I was presently sharing, but with what I experienced on Nov, 20, that I will share later, it is very relevant.

2016 Nov 11 Friday

229-near-death-experience3:35 am – I woke up thinking about death that I had been dreaming about. The only reason people feel a profound sense of peace when they die, (and then come back to life) is that they’ve only experience the sensations of their Spirit (Mind), as all else, the things that were troubling Spirit like feelings and emotions and physical aches, pains and disease have been left behind, and the Spirit (mind) is no longer aware of them. The only feelings and emotions that they take with them when they temporarily die are the ones they have acceptance for, the ones that gave them pleasure. All the rest are not accepted, are denied and become lost essence and will be what they will add to the other essence they cast off and  rejected in past lives that they will again try to reclaim in their next reincarnation.

While this first glimpse of the afterlife may feel euphoric and peaceful, if they don’t come back, it’s another story, as they eventually realize what they’ve lost and it is then that they choose to try to reclaim this lost essence by reincarnating again. Unfortunately, the knowing of what needs to be done and how to do it is lost when the Spirit and Soul reincarnate. And by the time they are old enough to be able to begin the recovery, they’ve lost almost all memory of what they knew when they were in the nonphysical reality of spiritual energy. And so they have to physically, mentally and emotionally experience the issues that they reincarnated to heal and reclaim. To them it will feel like a burden, a curse, and being a victim with only pain and suffering to endure until such time as Spirit feels it can no longer stay with an aging or diseased body, and chooses once again to shed the physical Body it does not desire and return to the nonphysical realm of existence.
229-organ-donation6:33 am –  Spirit (Mind) has never experienced death and that is the reason society has the belief that death is nothing to fear, that it’s a welcome transition from the drudgery and dreariness of the physical body (for any number of reasons) to that of the peace and serenity of the afterlife. Once the Spirit has truly crossed over with no chance of returning to the physical Body and Soul it has abandoned, it reconnects with this higher self, the part of its Being that has remained in the higher vibrational energy of the Spirit realm. The Soul however, remains with the physical Body after Spirit and Heart have left, and slowly begins to withdraw her essence from the Body through a process that lasts from 3 – 5 days. The Soul first withdraws from the limbs and then the internal organs. By the way, the medical community does not transplant dead organs; they harvest and transplant living organs that still have Soul essence in them. That is why some people that receive a organ feel some of the emotional memories of the donor.  That’s also why there is the custom of not burying a person for at least three days following their death.

To understand what life is,

you need to understand what Death is.

Says 228 – Second Craniosacral Treatment.

228-headI had my second session on Wednesday and before we started, my therapist stated that this session was about me, and not her, referring to our first session. I mentioned that you didn’t have anything planned and didn’t know what to expect, and neither did I.  I said I had not planned on picking up on her, it just happened and I felt I needed to express it, otherwise, by denial, I’d be holding it in my energy field.  She kind-of nodded her head like she knew what I meant, but I felt she didn’t get it.  I said I have no problem not including you in the session, if that is your intent.  She nodded in agreement and we went into her room.

The session was basically the same as last time, except that my physical reactions to moving energy were a lot less, and lest dramatic. I did however feel heartbreak when she was working on my sacral, and also pain in my right shoulder when she was working on my jaw. The thing that I noticed is when she was finishing up and got to my shoulders, she didn’t stay long and ended the session rather quickly. I felt she didn’t want to give me the opportunity to pick up on her again, but my intuition and her actions, told me she was in fear.

As a footnote:  I’ve also been working on a couple of exercises I found in my Polarity 228-chart-63Therapy book as I’m curious as to what my physical and other reactions will be.

Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2
Chart No. 63 – The Ideal Posture and Rocking Balance Stretch for the Release of the Downward Airy Currents of Energy in the Body Which Govern All Expelling Functions of Gases, Liquids and Solids. Frees the Back Pressure from the Heart.

Chart No. 64 – A Posture Stretch for Youthful Elasticity through the Release of Vital Force and Blocked Energy Circuits in the Heavy Pelvic Muscles, Freeing the Hip Joints by Gentle Stretching through Rocking Motions.

Says 227 – One thing leads to another

My journey is one of self-discovery and of seeking the truth that lies hidden. Body is a manifestation of both our Spirit (+) positive polarity energy and our Soul (-) negative polarity energy. Polarity is the opposing yet expanding attributes of the same power or principal, ie left right, up down, positive negative. Besides the physical Body (matter) which is a lower vibrational or energy frequency, we also have our higher frequency energy chakras that support the physical Body, including our Auras.

227-randolph-stoneHaving experienced Craniosacral Therapy reminded me of my meditation experiences and also of working with the Body that would trigger long lost and denied emotions. That then reminded me of POLARITY THERAPY by Rudolph Stone.  Years ago, a friend lent me three of his books  that intrigued me. I tried to get copies but they were out of print so I photocopied hers. At the time, I saw that he had some valid points, but that he was also missing key elements regarding our Spirituality and especially our feelings and emotions that I was personally working on.227-chart







I feel that now might be the right time to read his work again and take the parts that I feel I can use and try to see what they do in healing my physical and Spiritual bodies. I also feel that I’ll be working more with my Chakras as I feel it’s now beginning to come together, but what the together really is, I have yet to discover.  It’s interesting that Stone also combines aspects of Eastern Spirituality and healing modalities with Western Spirituality and medical concepts. East meets west; much like what I did when I was working on healing my feelings and emotions.

Says 226 – Canada Remembrance day issue

226-poppyAfter my massage treatment, I decided to stop in at McDonalds and have a coffee and a muffin.  When I went in, I found the people watching TV and standing, waiting to the minute of silence at 11:00 am to remember and honour the Canadian and Commonwealth armed forces killed in WWI and WWII.    The counter girl refused to take my order, citing that it was almost time. I don’t believe in the traditions of Remembrance Day, any more than I believe in Xmas, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, Canada day, etc. etc. so I turned and left.

I decided to drive a few blocks to Giant Tiger and pick up a few items they had on sale. When I walked in, there were people standing at attention waiting for 11:00 am. I was confused. I was going to turn around and leave, but the exit door was on the other side of the store. I started to walk down the aisle and a young female clerk, turned and put up her hand up for me to stop. She gave me a stern look looked and showed me her poppy, and pointed to a TV in the corner of the store. Not wanting to make a scene, although I felt controlled and trapped, I stopped, but casually looked at display bins beside me until the “patriotic” moment was over.

Later when I got home, I was feeling pissed off and I thought I had maybe picked up energy from my massage therapist, McDonalds, or the people at Giant Tiger. I tried to remove them, but it wasn’t them.

226-confusedIn hindsight I realized that it was my denials. What set me up was my confusion when I entered Giant Tiger as I was sure the televised propaganda was over, as they were into it when I was at McDonalds, and when I pulled into Giant Tiger my SUV said it was 11:05 am, so I was sure it was over as it only lasts one minute. Another was that of OBEYING the young woman and observing a patriotic tradition that I no longer believed in, and of not wanting to have her make a scene, and just because it only lasts a minute I also thought it’s no BIG deal, and not something to make a scene about as there were other customers nearby, and some were wearing poppies. It just goes to show that any denial is a BIG deal.

Later, I felt that this experience was just a dry run, a test for things to come, to prepare me that so the next time I experience something that confuses me, and I may think it’s no big deal, and I don’t want to make a scene, I’ll remember this experience and choose not to deny myself again.

226-greatest-fearPS: So guess what popped up on my Facebook page this morning..? Coincidence? … NOT !

Says 225 – First Craniosacral Therapy treatment.

225-groundingI had previously searched the internet for what cranial therapy was, and there were several descriptions, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I’m not going to go into all the details I wrote in my journal, just enough to give you an idea of what I experienced. I had booked a 45 minute session and so after about 15 minutes of chit chat, she began the session. She said she had no idea what she was going to be doing and was just going to see what happens. I was fully clothed, shoes off, and lying on my back on a massage table.  She began by placing her hands on my feet and after a couple of minutes, I felt myself becoming grounded, a feeling that I’m familiar with during meditation.  After a few minutes, I felt my arms, shoulders begin to twitch and spasm, without pain. I wasn’t getting any feeling as to what they were related to past physical trauma.

225-internal-energyNext she placed her right hand under the sheets and under my sacral lower back and again after a couple of minutes, I began to run energy from my arms and chest, down to my legs.  She then moved to my neck and it was at this point I told her of the door and key issue and what I felt it was, and I felt another shift in my body.  As I did, I realized that what I was releasing was SHOCK energy that was stored in my body; shock at a being hurt either physically, or of experiencing something not pleasant and unexpected.  After that, she moved to my head (temple) where I felt the sensation of gratitude and also excitement from my body. She then moved to sides of my jaw, where I felt I was holding all the things that I should of said but didn’t.

225-fearFinally she placed her hands on my shoulders and while I still had a few muscle twitches and spasms, I began picking up on the therapist.  I told her I was and mentioned that it was fear, and at that, my body reacted with a series of the yet most violent full body spasms and twitches, that lasted several seconds. I commented that these went back to when she was three or four years old, at which point I felt her feeling all alone and unloved, so I reached back with my left hand and placed it on hers for a minute or so as my body slowly returned to normal.  I didn’t feel I was talking on her energy, just allowing it to move though me and into the Earth.

We finished the session and she didn’t say a word about what she experienced. She left the room and after a minute or so, I sat up, put on my shoes, and left to pay for my session and make another appointment for next week. Afterwards I felt good, (for a while) and then around 3:00 pm, I crashed for an hour. Afterwards, I felt a whole lot better than I was before I saw her, as I was in a lot of discomfort and pain.


Says 224 – No coincidences

214-door-and-keyOn  Wednesday, November 09, I was locked out of my apartment as my key would no longer open the lock. I’ve had to play with it a few times before, but this time it refused to open. I saw the building superintendent and he tried and then got his vice grips and turned the door knob until it opened. I was in, but while the door could still close, I was no longer able to lock it. The situation was reported to the landlord and he will be getting me a new lock.

So what is the message?  What is this trying to show me?

Is it…  Me = Mind         Key = Imprints, programs and beliefs        Apartment = Body

Is it saying that my Mind needs a new mechanism to open the door (key) to my apartment (Body) Humm? Maybe Craniosacral  Therapy is the key to accessing my Body? I have to give this more thought and feeling.

214-craniosacral-therapyLater, I called the Cranialsacrial contact that my Chiropractor had given me and set up an appointment for Thursday at 11:00 am

3:55 am. I woke up and got the message that the old key (way) will not unlock the door to the Body, so a new passage set and key (way) is required.

Says 222 – The Beast – Revelations 12:2 & 13:2

I felt I needed to share this today (2012 Nov 08). There are major changes coming, including a shift in consciousness for those that are awakening. The imprints,programs and beliefs that are presently keeping the old system alive are slowly being exposed for what they are, and the Beast, will try to do everything to maintain control. Denials are ending, and the truth is revealing the unloving corruption that has been in power for eons, and is beginning to collapse.

PS: No, I am NOT a Christian, nor do I follow any organized religion. I do however, take note of certain phrases and passages (in any religion) that strike a chord in me. Later, when I feel more into it, I express what I feel it means to me.

Says 221 – Labels (Judgments) on my Body

221-control-your-emotonsI was in a skype conversation with a friend and during our conversation I realized that I have placed unloving labels on my Body, not only present day labels, but also ones that I’ve had since I was born. I or rather my conscious Mind has confused my Will (intuition, feelings and emotions) and my Body as defining who I, or it, was and is. I AM a Spiritual Being consisting of four aspects, Spirit, Soul, Heart and Body and each one of these aspects has its own unique form of consciousness that are NOT subservient to the whims of the Spirit, but are co-equal partners in our Earthly sojourn and experiences. Placing labels (judgments) on our Will, Heart, and Body only act to alienate these aspects of our Divine Being. Basic labels that society and we have on ourselves are related to race, colour, religion, language, gender, tall, short, fat, slim, beautiful, ugly, deformed, intelligent, stupid, talented, not talented and the list goes on and on.

Some of the other labels that I now use on my Body are: too old, aging, sick, injured, feeling discomfort and  pain, lack of mobility, not attractive, not virile, not desirable, gray hair, wrinkles, not youthful, can’t do what I used to do, slowing down, keeping my Mind (Spirit) from having fun and enjoying myself. When I really think about it, I’m in denial of these judgments that I have on my body, in that I am focusing on “fixing” the problems and getting my Body back to the way it was, and even better. On top of all this are my Minds judgments on my denied feelings and emotions that come up with these judgments that I’m also not expressing, or if I am, they are only the false feelings and emotions that are aligned with the Minds judgments, and not the real ones that I’m still denying.

Says 220 – Psychological head games.

This is a little off topic, but I saw this link to Thinking Humanity  on my FaceBook page, and the words of the 17th century philosopher Blaise Pascal. As I read it, I was immediately aware of this devious Mind control ploy to manipulate another’s behavior and actions. I can see where this has been used, or tried on me by doctors, lawyers, teachers, cops, priests and ministers, used car salesman and even some politicians to name a few.

220-blaise-pascalBy having the person agree with your perception and comment, you get the false feeling that you are understood, and so you feel less threatened and defensive. But that is just a ploy to set up the framework to create self-doubt, and for you to question your point-of-view, especially if it was just a so-called “gut feeling.” This self-doubt then allows you to be persuaded to listen to and accept their point of view as also being valid, even to the point of negating, over-riding and even denying yours. It’s similar to the tools that a magician uses to get you to see what he wants you to see and believe. Distract, confuse and befuddle, but the intent now is to twist the words and truth to their advantage. If their first maneuver fails, then they may accuse you of not being willing to see their side, the opposite, the bigger picture, or not focusing on the details. Other phrases might be that you are too sensitive, too emotional, unreasonable, narrow or closed minded in not seeing and agreeing to their side of the argument, since they see yours.

While at first I thought this was off topic, I now see that it is another aspect of how our Mind controls our Will (intuition, feelings and emotions) and our Body, by implying that what they are suggesting is not accurate or appropriate, and that the Mind is correct in its assessment of the situation and that its decision is the justified and right action for all involved. Of course the Mind is not only running on its old imprints, programs and beliefs, but is also being coached by other “voices,”  like that of denied anger and rage, guilt, shame, and of course, unloving voices from other realms. I say unloving as any loving Spirit guide would not be looking to get the Mind to CONTROL the other aspects of its Being.

Says 219 – Life is a dance

219-lifes-a-danceLife is a dance, with the Spirit (Male, mind) leading, and the Soul (Feminine – Will Intuition, feelings and emotions) following or rather, RESPONDING to the Spirits direction. But to do this dance of life the Feminine needs to not only do the reverse, but also the opposite of what her male partner does. If the man moves his left foot forward, then she must move her right foot backward for them to be in unison, in the flow of the dance.The same holds true if the man steps backwards on his left foot

So where is all this going?

My first thought was that Spirit (male – mind) is imprinted and programmed to think that his approach is the right one and so it ignorantly believes that the Soul needs to do what he does in order to be in sync with him, but that is not how this dance works. I’ve taken international ballroom dance lessons, and while the male leads and the female follows, the male also needs to be willing to accept and move when the female sees something that the males doesn’t and be willing to trust her feedback and adjust the move accordingly. In other words, it’s not all one way. I’ve copied a few seconds from a Foxtrot Video on youtube,  to illustrate what I mean.

Ok, but how does this relate to the Body?

Says 218 – Three causes of inflammation in the Body

218-stressSo, what does all this mean? What is the common thread in my previous posts?  What I am beginning to see is that there are three basic causes for inflammation to occur in the Body, or rather, that Inflammation is not the problem, it’s the Body’s messenger that there is a problem.

(1) Physical Trauma

(2) Ingested, injected, inhaled contaminates (Food, water, vaccines, air, EMF) Trauma

(3) Emotional Trauma

Now emotional trauma (3) is associated with number (1) and (2) as when one is experiencing these, there is an immediate reaction and a host of strong emotional feelings, most of which are denied expression, Keyword – DENIED.  (2) Would have more of a delayed effect, but would eventually have the same emotional response as (1) when the Body responds to whatever  is attacking it’s natural healthy way of Being.

In my journey, I’ve discovered that any denied emotional energy is either pushed outside our physical body (fragmentation) or is stored in various parts of the Body. Hummmmm, I just realized that while I’ve worked on healing my fragmentation, but I haven’t really worked on the emotions that are stored in my Body, in my cells and DNA. (Scratching my head, wondering how I’m going to heal this.)

So looking over the list I made, there are two key factors that that need to be explored. They are SHOCK & HABITS. Shock applies mainly to (1) and (3) while Habits applies primarily to (2).

218-ruow-1That prompted me to retrieve and open the book, (RIGHT USE OF WILL – Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body). I searched my personal index and on page 5, it says, “Habits are to the Body what judgments are to the Consciousness.”  So what I take from that (based on my previous work) is that the Spirit consciousness (Mind) has been in CONTROL of both the Will (Soul) Intuition, feelings and emotions, and the Body. And in both cases, it has denied what it doesn’t want to accept, and only accepts what “feels good.” It sets up judgments (right or wrong, good or bad) on both the Will and Body, more so on the Will, but also on the habits for the Body to keep doing what it likes and makes it feel good. Of course any physical or emotional pain is not desired or accepted, but is quickly DENIED.

And here we go again…  LOL … It’s fascinating as I happened to visit my Facebook page and there was a link to the “Hearty Soul” site on feeling stress and how it affects the body. While I don’t agree with everything written, there are some part-truths that need to be explored. Coincidence? Not!

Says 217 – Concussion & Inflammation

217-head-injuries217-concussion-symptoms2Besides the issues with my neck, back and legs as a result of the accident, I also received a concussion, brain injury. The concussion wasn’t just forward and back, but also to the left and right. As a result, I immediately lost a good part of my hearing in both ears. I also have a constant headache behind my eyes and at the back of my head, which, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being an ice cream freeze, would be a 2. I can’t run, as running jars my head and increases the headache to unbearable levels. I need to weak soft sole shoes to lessen the impact when walking. If I shake my head, I get the same reaction. Added to that is a loss of memory, like how to spell words that I know I know, or in mistyping others Sometimes I look at or hear a word and I’m at a loss to know what it means. Another example is seeing and picking up an apple, but calling it an orange. I lost my ability to whistle and enunciate certain words like celery. I had my jaw dislocated for 15 months. All these symptoms are caused by damage and inflammation of the brain and connective tissue. I had MRI and Cat scan, and while they identified certain areas as “mild patchy white areas, they suggested they were related to age.