Says 510 – The Dark Future for iPad Kids

This video isn’t just sad, it’s heartbreaking to think of the future these kids will have, and the effect it will have on society.

Says 488 – Military panicked when they saw the future

Time-lines are merging, and it’s coming down to the end of the game for the elites that have been in power for eons. They can’t change the outcome; they can only prolong the game, and that is what is happening right now. However… don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re going to be “saved” by some miracle because you aren’t in the “elite” or 1% class, those that are the super rich and powerful and also the behind the scene players.

While I say the 1%, it’s far greater than that. The 1% can be compared to the top of a military organization, and then you have all the rank and file beneath them. The order followers, including those that directly or indirectly offer support in any number of ways. The people involved are in every station and walk in life, and most just consider their reality as normal.

There are presently two realities co-existing on Earth in the same space and time. One reality contains those that are loving and empathic and can feel the energy of love. They are loving, open and expansive. The other reality is what forms the elite and their minions. They are unloving, but “act” loving and caring, and are closed and controlling. The problem is that both groups have been trying to change the other, and so far, the unloving elite group have been in control through the use of the unseen role of denial. The thing that gives them power and control over the loving group, are one’s denials, especially the denial of one’s REAL feelings and emotions towards the energy and actions of the unloving group. Denial of real emotional expression is actually submitting or giving your power away to those that want to control you. The count-down is under way and one’s choices are going to determine which reality you will go with.

NOTE: This post has been edited – 2022-03-02

Here is a link to the ORIGINAL INTERVIEW

Says 458 – Banned from Facebook… AGAIN.

Well it seems that Facebook fact-checkers are relentless in their drive to censor what they consider; “offends their community standards”. This time it’s for a couple of memes I posted back in 2013. Seems “they” are getting  desperate to suppress an material that exposes their NWO agenda.

PS: It appears that Facebook has had a change of heart and I’m no longer banned. It does make you aware that everything you’ve posted, and the sites you’ve visited and people that you’ve made contact with are all recorded. It’s not only Facebook, but all the other social medial platforms including the ancestry and genealogy sites… that are even more invasive. No use trying to delete it as it’s in the “cloud.” Google is the monster of them all as look at what it offers, search engine, web stats, cloud, apps, emails, maps, images, translation, etc etc.

Says 431 – The CYBERPANDEMIC has begun


If you think the covid-19 pandemic is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Governments and the largest corporations have not only been hacked, but hackers have also created a back door so that they can CONTROL their systems. This affects everything, from communication, transportation, finance, energy, food, medical and the list goes on and on. Here is the link to the Ice.age.farmer

UPDATE: Cybersecurity

Says 341 – Google – A nefarious arm of Big Brother

Google is part of the nefarious elite that seeks to have total control of the masses. Thinking of the power that is in Googles hands, staggers the mind.

1) World’s biggest search engine – meaning that they have access to all your personal data.

2) They can control what you search for like in this “Free thought Project” post.

3) Google translate – It doesn’t matter what language , they know what you are saying.

4) Google images including names and also reverse image identification.  Upload a picture of someone and it will bring up similar images and names.

5) Google Maps. Roads, streets along with address numbers and pictures of almost every home and countryside on the planet.

6) Google space maps of the moon, Mars, and other planets and deep space objects. How did they get them?

7) Google OS (Operating System) and browsers that monitor key words and stokes along with video and audio.

And that’s only what I am aware of at the present moment.



Says 297 – Diagnostic port fixed (?) Passed eTest

Last Thursday I went to Midas for the fourth time to see if my Hyundai Santa Fe engine computer codes had reset and I could get my eTest so that I could re-new my license plates. Well it didn’t pass as two codes were still not registering, but I did notice that the mechanic had to fiddle with the Diagnostic port to get a reading. He said I should go to the Kia dealer and get a tail pipe emissions test, which I did. But the tech there couldn’t get the Diagnostic port to read so the test failed and the report mentioned an error on pin 16.
Now I was pissed and stormed off to  Woodstock Hyundai  as a faulty Diagnostic port is what I paid the $900.00 for. They made an appointment to get the Santa Fe serviced on Tuesday. I went home and looked online and in the second image, low and behold, pin 16 has to do with POWER… (image with red arrow) Now I’m really pissed, as when I first took it in almost a month ago, I told the service advisor and mechanic to check the diagnostic plug as it was intermittent.
I took the car in yesterday @ 10 am and at 1:00 pm they called and said the Santa Fe was ready and that they even got it etested for me. A courtesy van picked me up and when I got in, I asked them what the problem was and now the manager said that they hooked it up to two of their diagnostic computers and reset the codes and everything checked out fine. He said that third party diagnostic testers (like Midas) are not always accurate and other BS. I said that Kia is the same company that failed the Santa Fe on Thursday, and is the same company that you took it to to pass the test.
He said, well it’s working now, and started off on another tangent. I said it passed the etest, but if it diagnostic port gives me trouble in the future I’ll be back. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with him so I just paid for the emissions re-test, $19.78 as that’s all they charged me, and left

Says 296 – SSDD

Well a lot of things have happened and a lot of things haven’t changed. The day after had the vehicle repaired, I took it to Midas Muffler to get an e-test. It failed on four accounts. They told me to take it for a 50km + run and come back, as the vehicle and computer need to run to re-set the computer modules. I did and took it back and there were still two modules that weren’t active. Then told me to drive it for a week or so and then come back. I went to the Hyundai dealer and told them what was happening. I went home and fired off a complaint to Hyundai Canada, telling them what I thought of their dealer service.

During the next week, I noticed a peculiar issue in that my Tachometer would register 1000 rpm and then flip up to 3,000 rpm and then wave in-between the two points. Meanwhile, the engine was revving at a constant rate and the speed was unchanged, so I figure this was one of the “adjustments” that the computer was making. It only lasted a minute or so and then acted normal.  A few days later, I took it in to Midas Muffler and the two modules were still not working. They told me that they can pass an eTest with one module not working, but not two. I went back to the Hyundai dealer and let them know the status and that I wasn’t happy.

So today, Sept 15, I took the Santa Fe in to Midas and they tested it and they had trouble getting the diagnostic port to connect (same issue that I had a few weeks ago) and when they did, the two modules were still not working. They suggested I take it to the Kia dealer and get them to do a tail pipe check for the emissions test. I did, and the mechanic at Kia couldn’t connect to the diagnostic port and so he couldn’t do the test.

FRUSTRATED!. I went back to the Woodstock Hyundai and told them the story and showed them the paper work and demanded that they FIX my vehicle. The service advisor spoke to the manager and I’m taking the vehicle in on Tuesday, Sept 19. What ticks me off is that there are no engine lights on and the vehicle is running like a top, purring like a kitten, so this doesn’t make sense. I still think it’s the cable/connector between the diagnostic port and the computer, which is something that I had told the service advisor and mechanic when I first took the vehicle in for servicing, as the vehicle was running fine otherwise.

More to follow.  🙁

Says 273 – The false idols people worship

In this increasing dumber down society, the role of the media as a tool to control the masses is becoming clearly evident. Distraction is the name of the game, and electronic perception becomes reality. With the exponential development of electronics, there seems no end to the ways and means that the media can use to program whatever message they want into the mindset of the masses.

If the thousands of religions wasn’t enough to worship an external power and distract them from their daily lives, they now have a myriad more to choose from. Don’t get me wrong as I am far from religious, but here are a few images that show how people have become distracted and are fervent followers and worshipers of people, places or things that they hold above themselves. Take away their idol; what gives them a sense of identity and commonality with others of the same beliefs, and their world collapses.

Says 258 – Unexpected visitors

2017 March 17 – 8:40 pm.  I begin channeling and writing.

So what do you, Baal, and Lucifer want?


If that were a truth, then you wouldn’t be here, trying to stop me would you?


Well you couldn’t stop me then and you won’t stop me now.


Oh, so you couldn’t stop me and so now you are saying you were happy to put up with me, calling me a nuisance. If I was just a nuisance, then you BIG BOYS would not be trying to stop me again. So what you are saying is all bullshit, like usual.


You’ve said that before. What’s the matter? Don’t you remember? You couldn’t do it then and you can’t do it now. You don’t have the power you once had over me. That is long gone as I can see and feel you for what you are. Denial is your game and so is control.


Keyword, “almost.” That means you don’t have the power to take control and have absolute power. Because if you did, you egg heads would not be here trying to stop this little nuisance as you called me. Right?


If I wasn’t worth it, you wouldn’t be here in the first place, would you?

I feel they are leaving. I’m laughing as I can see through their game of intimidation, but denial has no power against truth.

Where did you go?

What? No come backs or threats?

Interesting, I was at my computer desk and using my pendulum to contact my guides to get an answer as to what I need to do with the idea of adding selected excerpts from my books to my website, either on my main site or using Dokuwiki.

The pendulum (when in contact with my guides) usually responds quickly and in a yes or no manner that leaves no doubt, but this time the pendulum moved slowly and also had mixed and conflicting answers, so I knew something was up and that’s when I felt the presence of Baal and Lucifer and started writing what you just read. BTW, any evil entity that has either directly typed their response to me from another person’s computer, or that I have channeled, has always spoken and typed in CAPITAL LETTERS. I guess they feel it is more powerful.

After they were gone, I got in touch with my guides and the answer was a definite “yes” to add them to my shenreed Book website. So that is what I’ll be working on over the weekend.

Says 203 – New Responsive WordPress Theme

Beyond ExpectationsThe old WordPress Twenty Ten theme was not “responsive,” in that it was a fixed template that only looked good and readable on a computer. This new template, Beyond Expectations  is responsive and will  look good on a computer, tablet or mobile.

I was a bit hesitant in changing the theme, given the disaster I had with the SMF Forum changes I recently tried to do. But this time, I made a back up. I also changed the theme to the old free WordPress – Saysame blog  that also had a fixed template, changing it from Twenty Ten to a responsive Twenty Eleven theme.

<<< AND SO THINGS CHANGE >>>  After I changed the theme to Beyond Expectation, I noticed that all the hyperlinks were not showing up in a blue colour. That just didn’t affect my recent post, but all the posts. So after some searching for a solution, I decided to also change this blog to the Twenty Eleven theme, and save myself a lot of time and hassle.

Says 196 – The Heart Centre “Forum”

Well it’s finally here and I don’t need to worry about it being deleted or whatever. I say that as over the years I’ve started over a half-dozen Forums, only to have them shut down and deleted by the companies that originally hosted them for free. As one had issues or closed down, I’d open another, and so after a decade or more, only two remain online, but due to numerous site problems they had, active membership dropped off and these Forums became inactive. I never went looking for another free site as I planned to eventually host my own, this one, and now it’s officially active.

says 196 heart centre forumWhile my new website template is “responsive” and can be viewed on either a desktop or mobile device, the SMF (Simple Machine Forum) Forums is a fixed template and doesn’t look good on a mobile device. So I bought and installed a mod theme for the SMF Forums to make it responsive and mobile friendly. It automatically detects if the Forum is being accessed by a mobile device. The Desktop and laptop version will remain as is, although I reduced the width from 90% to 75%.


Says 192 – My Print and eBooks are now Global…


Books – global

Whew!!!    What a journey! Writing the books was one thing, then came the editing and more editing and proofing and more editing until I felt they were ready for print. Then it was uploading them to CreateSpace, and making revisions until they passed their on-line reviewer. Next I ordered a print proof copy, and then more editing, and more print proof copies until finally I felt they were acceptable. Now they were ready to to be sold by CreateSpace and Amazon on-line.

Createspace and Amazon are connected, but.. and it’s a BIG but.. they don’t really serve the brick and mortar retail stores, as everything is done on line. So now I  turned to IngramSpark another POD publisher, to get my books into retail stores around the globe. That was  another frustrating learning curve, as what worked for CreateSpace, didn’t work for IngramSpark. Nothing major, but a pain in the butt none the less. Frustrated, I put that project on hold and focused on getting my eBooks out.

There again it was a learning curve as the formatting that worked for my print books now had to be basically scrapped and each book re-formatted, including images. Not only that, they had to be formatted for kindle and ePub. That meant downloading and installing eBook editors for both formats, and learning how to use them. Not having the Kindle ebook or an iBook or Nook, I also needed to download and install eBook viewers. Next I had to upload my revised books (in a PDF format) to an online converter and download and review and make the necessary changes.  And then repeat the process until they looked good. Next I had to upload them to an on-line validator to see if they passed… and if they didn’t it was back to the drawing board.

Once the  eBooks had the green light, it was off to Amazon and also IngramSpark, that I had put on hold. My initial plan was to have CreateSpace and Amazon handle the on-line POD print books and the Kindle eBook, and have Ingram Spark handle all the retail stores and the ePub eBook format.  Amazon wasn’t an issue, but IngramSpark was, not so much with the eBooks, but with the print books and trying to understand what they required, as while their computer program would say there was a problem, it only in general terms, and didn’t give any specifics. So where to look? Frustrated, I put IngramSpark on hold again and looked to Smashwords for my ePub eBook distribution, as I felt that I could always use CreateSpaces expanded distribution if I couldn’t get the print books accepted at IngramSpark.

Smashwords was yet another learning curve, but I managed to get my books approved after some “political” nit picking things were resolved, like deleting active reference links to Amazon, which I did, as the names and titles were still there. When it came to  deleting my pen name and copyright issues,  I refused to make any changes, as to abide by their “rules” meant not only editing my print and eBooks and re-doing all my book covers, but also applying for new ISBN numbers, and that I wasn’t prepared to do, and so they finally agreed to let them pass – pending my final approval.

I then zipped back to IngramSpark and finally got the print book issues sorted out and ordered a copy of each.  What their computer program had originally complained about was not really a problem, as the page numbers were one line outside their optimal parameters, but still well within their print guide lines. The only difference I could see and feel between the books by CreateSpace and IngramSpark  was that IngramSpark used slightly better quality paper that was also slightly thinner, and it affected the book thickness and cover spine, but I didn’t think it was that big a deal that I needed to rework my covered to make them look better.

It was then that I made a coin toss and decided to let IngramSpark handle my Print books, and  print books only, and that I would try Smashwords, to see how they handled my ePub eBook distribution. With that… my print and ebooks were finally ready for GLOBAL distribution..



Says 156 – A distorted view of our world.

A few days ago I read on a post on Facebook regarding Africa and the Middle East, and stating that Africa was way bigger that was shown on any maps, as was Asia. Today I did a search for “Land area of the continents” and found this link at the top of the list

says 156 - Contineltal Land areas
It shows a small distorted image of the continental land masses, but it also shows a spread sheet with the actual size in square kilometers. You can take all of North America, (Canada, USA, Mexico, central America) and Australia, and it would just cover Africa.. Asia is almost twice the size of North America, yet here it is shown as being equal to North America..

If you do a search with Google Maps you will also see this distorted view of our World. It’s as if the USA (And I’m saying USA as they are the major world power at present) has decided that it is the centre of the World and therefor, North America, of which it is a part of, has to be BIG… (Texas Logic) 🙂

There is no logical reason why the maps can’t be drawn to scale.. It’s a no brainer, especially when you have access to US satellite images, that by the way, are also contributing to this lie.

While I’m on the topic, why is it that you never see any satellite images of the North and South Pole.. They have satellites circling in polar orbits, surely, they can provide images of our entire planet, and in a real and truth manner, not this distorted view that we have come to accept as TRUTH..

This is not the truth. This is yet another bare face lie that needs to be exposed for what it is.

PS: It’s laughable.. I just thought of some future archeologist’s digging up some ruins and finding the present day version of the world map.. They would have a good laugh, in the same way we laughed at the middle age thinking the world was flat.. They would also be puzzled in that they would also discover modern day satellite images of the moon and other planets, yet Earth is so mis-represented..

The problem appears to be that the so-called Cartographers haven’t found a way to transfer the size and shapes on a sphere to a 2 dimensional layout. Given all the modern satellite technology and powerful computers, it should be child’s play, but no, they still appear to be using the same technology that Christoper Columbus did when he proved the Earth was round. Even without satellites and computers, they have the known land areas for each continent, yet these blind buffoons are unable to even make an educated guess and give each continent the proper proportions to make a realistic map. So much for modern Science..

PS: I made this composite of two satellite images of Earth, of North and South America, and Africa and Europe, with the Earth being the same diameter..
Image converted using ifftoany

Says 151 – I’m back and there are some changes.

151 - Book 2  coverWell having my website hacked was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back as I haven’t posted for months. I had been gradually cutting back on posting to my blog for a while and when I did, it was always playing “catch up.”  This put a lot of pressure on me, as I was also trying to finish editing my 2nd and 3rd books so that I could publish them. Having my entire website hacked, make me feel what’s the use, and who really cares anyway, except the creeps that hacked me.

After getting things back on line, I slowly focused on editing my books.  There were a lot of things I had over looked, like checking my grammar and formatting.  I thought I had no grammar errors until I happened to open another Word document that said I had too many errors to continue checking my grammar. This made me wonder, so I divided my books to make them shorter and then corrected the grammar issues. I’m almost there and hope to have them available as free ebooks (PDF or.doc  format) in the next couple of weeks.

151 - Johnny AppleseedI’ve also decided to change what I post on my blog. I have been posting my personal experiences as well as what is happening in the world today, trying to wake people up.  I’m no longer going to do that as becoming aware as to what is wrong with this world , then doing something about it is a personal choice.  Instead, I’m going to use my blog as a means to plant a seed in the minds of those reading it, so that they too can begin to heal their issues and create the reality they desire. This realization came to me as I’ve recently been collecting seeds, and it occurred to me that I need to sow the seeds that I have. Not the physical seeds, like Johnny Apple Seed, but the Word seeds, that will grow and be taken in to change people’s Minds and Hearts. I’m still going to post my personal stuff and any issues I’m going through as well as healings and insights  I experience in creating  a new world reality, Heaven on Earth.

Says 150 – WordPress blog and my website hacked…

Web blog hacked2013 May 12 A friend emailed me to tell me that my blog had been hacked. I checked it out and sure enough, I got a black screen and a “not to pleasant” welcome message. When I clicked on the message, it displayed a picture, along with music and animated GIF’s boasting their success. I was in shock, as why would anyone want to target me, but then I realized that to these “otherkin,” it’s all a game and that creating chaos and misery is what turns them on.

HackerI reported my problem to my website host “Save on Hosting” and they took my website off line.  . I immediately began to scan my computer for any virus or Trojan that might have infected it. I ran my AVG, Malwarebytes, Spybot – search and destroy and even downloaded Microsoft security essentials and Kasperesky and ran them to check if anything had been missed but my machine was clean. After a few emails, they stated that WordPress had a vulnerability and that was how the hackers got into my site. We exchanged a few more emails and they re-stored a backup version of my website and had me back up and running. So while it was a shock and an inconvenience, it wasn’t a big deal.

Says 143 – Safer Surfing – making snooping on you more difficult

startpageIt’s time to give Google and Yahoo search engines the boot….. Here are three search engines that protect your privacy while surfing that you can quickly add to your web browser.. Opera and Firefox provide safer surfing than IE (Internet Explorer) or Google Chrome..

Using Opera or Firefox along with one of these search engines is a good hedge against being being tracked and monitored…. Why make it easy for ISP’s, crooks and the government… Oh Golly Gee… . there is no difference ..:) lol

Dont track us

I forgot to mention a great little free software called Ghostery that you can install on your browser that notifies and blocks any trackers that try to follow you on any website that you happen to land on.. It’s surprising to see how many SNOOPS are out there trying to get info on you…

Says 125 – Potheads doing what potheads do best


woman-smoking-marijuana2012 Dec 27 I was working at my computer when I began getting a headache. I thought I had it because I had been at the computer too long. I decided to take a break. As I opened my bedroom door to go to the bathroom, I was greeted with a blast of the odor of marijuana that was overpowering. I immediately felt nauseous and began to cough . Paul and his girlfriend were toking up in his bedroom. This was the third time in the past week and a half that he has intentionally smoked his shit in the house. I guess he figures that as I’m leaving anyway, he can do whatever he wants.

The smell of weed not only makes me cough and wheeze but it also makes me feel sick, dizzy and disoriented and gives me a splitting headache that is focused behind my eyes and lasts for 6 – 10 hours. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper as I had to stop working on editing my book as I couldn’t focus. I hope to get the keys to my bachelor apartment this weekend and I’m out of this shit…   Hopefully… 🙂

Says 79 – Editing book 2 realizations

It’s funny how you can read or listen to something several times and not pick up on the mistakes. There was one topic that I wrote where I noticed that I was switching between different subject pronouns like, I, you, we and they, all in the same paragraph. I was staying on topic, but using the different pronouns made it confusing.

The other thing was that I thought my last edit would be the final one, yet as I’m going through it again, I’m not only picking up sentence structure and grammar errors, but also errors in content, where I missed or added a word that changed the meaning of the sentence. I only noticed it a couple of times, but it was important and I’m glad I caught it when I did. I’m also wondering what other things have I missed?

Ahhhh, I just heard, “You were too busy trying to type what you were reading from your journals and remembering. Your fingers were not keeping up with your Mind and you were not focused on sentence form and structure at the time. Also the program you are using auto-completed some words, thereby giving the sentence a different meaning .”

Says 64 – Rogers “Pay-as-you-go” a rip off and an outrage!

2012 July 08 I had a cell phone with a pre-paid “pay-as-you-go” plan with Rogers for the past year. I had only used it for emergency calls, and if someone called me, I’d call them back using Skype on the internet where only costs me $3.00/month and I can call any phone in North America, and talk for as long as I want. With the move back to Ontario, I’ve been using it quite a bit and my $100.00 pre-paid card is almost empty. It’s little wonder when I get billed $.40/minute, or part therof, for any local call and $1.20/min or part therof for any long distance call. Rogers’ cell rates are outrageous and a rip off.

I checked around and found that Bell now had the lowest pay-as-you-go rates, that being $.10/min. for local calls and $.30/min. for long distance.
My ex-wife gave me her old phone a Samsung B3410 as she now has as iPhone. It was activated on the Rogers network, so I went online and got cellunlocker to send me the unlock key. I tried it and while it unlocked the phone, when I went to Bell to try to get it activated on their system, but it didn’t work.

I decided to try to buy a used Bell phone on Kijiji. I quickly found a Samsung m320 for $15.00 that had been on the Bell system. It was a flip phone with a camera and voice recorder. I then got it activated with Bell and got a one month card and now I’m good to go and no longer paranoid about using the cell phone longer than a minute.

2012 July 29 Update: This just out…. Rogers profits up again
2012 Aug 09 Update: Rogers battles for right to lie to consumers

Says 50 – USA Military and Homeland Security consider 2GB RAM for notebooks as “dual use” and sales need to be registered.

2012 May 09 I thought that if the increase in RAM helped my netbook, why not update my old Toshiba. I did a search and found that my old 2007 Toshiba Satellite A100 TA6 can be upgraded to 4GB of RAM. Originally it came with 1GB, but a couple of years after I got it I upgraded to 2GB, as that was as large a RAM I could get at that time. With this upgrade and my previous hard drive upgrade, I’ll now have a 2007 dual core laptop with 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive that is comparable to present laptops. The only difference is that I’m still running Windows XP (SP2).
I called Staples, but they didn’t have any 2GB PC2-4200 200-PIN DDR2 533MHz SO-DIMM RAM so I went on-line and found a company in the USA called Pro Memory upgrade that had what I needed so I placed my order for 2 sticks of RAM.

The next day I got an email asking me to fill out a form with the title…. “The U.S. Department of Commerce requires adherence to the following guidelines when exporting goods from the United States.” Apparently, a stick of 2GB Ram falls under military use “dual use” and so it has to be registered with numerous USA government agencies, including HomeLand Security. I just wanted to upgrade my laptop, not get involved with any military operation or be subject to military scrutiny and whatever other paranoid operations these military based agencies have. Anyway, I wrote an email back, politely telling them to cancel my order, as I don’t need the RAM that badly.

The irony and utter stupidity of all this is that 95% of all RAM and Hard Drive memory are either made in Thailand or China. Yet these idiotic bureaucrats and military robots focus to maintain control on products specifically designed for public use. Dah!

Says 49 – TuneUp Utilities and upgrade to 2GB RAM for Netbook

2012 May 04 A couple of days ago I download a trail version of TuneUp Utilities and I was really impressed with how it cleaned up and sped up my Windows operating system on both my Toshiba laptop and my Toshiba Netbook. TuneUp Utilities also monitors and maintains the Windows operating system, and the nice feature is that if you think that it make a mistake, you can easily undo what was done, not like some programs I’ve tried that screwed up the registry to the point where even a system restore couldn’t fix the problems it created.

Another great feature is that it temporarily disables any programs that are running in the background, but that aren’t needed…. including bloatware in Windows 7. That feature is a big part of what makes the computer run faster. It really doesn’t interfere as when you want that program, like MS-Word, it automatically activates it and monitors it and when it is idle for 10 minutes, it disables it without you losing any data. Otherwise, even though you haven’t opened the software, it is running in the background and taking up RAM space that leaves less for other programs to use.

One recommendation the program had for my Netbook was to increase the size of the RAM from 1GB to 2GB. Later I went to Staples Business Depot and bought a 2GB RAM that they just happened to have on sale for $24.95. I went home and installed the RAM and now between the TuneUp Utilities and the 2GB RAM, my netbook that was a snail, is now a speedy rabbit. It used to take about 6-8 minutes to boot up and it would often “hang” when I was using it. Now it fully boots in around 2 ½ minutes and it doesn’t hang like it used to, and it’s a lot faster now, even when I open multiple programs.

Says 48 – Fixed outstanding Windows XP issues

May 2 Tuesday. Tonight I fixed an outstanding computer issue that I’ve had for a couple months after a software utility program altered some files that I couldn’t restore. I’ve been getting an error message every time I start my computer where one of my programs “Dragon Naturally Speaking” that stopped working and when I start my computer, it automatically tries to find some program that it can’t find. It continues in this loop until I finally have to use task manager to shut the program down. I was seriously considering doing a complete OS install, as I couldn’t even use the REPAIR function in my Windows XP install disc as the system also affected its running.

Today I copied down the exact message, “Could not access network location %ALLUSERSPROFILE% Desktop,” and then did an Internet search to see what the problem was as I couldn’t install or even remove programs as this glitch was also affecting that aspect of my computer. I found a website by Microsoft that says the problem is an ERROR 1606. I was apprehensive in doing any Windows directory registry changes, but the “how to” procedure was well worded and the images helped a lot. I went through the procedure of deleting corrupted entries and adding the proper or missing registry files and entries into my Windows software. I had two issues that I fixed and to my pleasant surprise when I re-booted the computer everything worked like new.

Says 47 – Working on finishing editing Book2

May 01 I’ve been working on editing Book 2 and I’m now up to chapter 19 and 144 pages (8.5×11 pages) I’m trying to put a push on it as I plan to be leaving Regina to head back to Ontario in the early part of June. Before I do, I also plan to take a short trip up to Edmonton, Alberta, then maybe head up to the Yukon just to have a look at the countryside and say that I’ve been there done that. From there I plan to head down to Vancouver and then take the fairy over to Vancouver Island and take a short tour of the Island before beginning my trip back to Regina. Once I’m back in Regina, I’ll pack up all my stuff and then make my way back to Ontario. I plan to drop in to a couple of friends before I make my way back to Woodstock, or area, where I plan to rent a room. Where I’ll go from there, I don’t know.

Says 44 – MacBook now working

April 28 Saturday ever since my MacBook bit the dust  Says 42 I’ve kept going back to it to see if it would work. I had a couple of email inquiries about the Macbook that I had posted for sale on Kijiji and today a guy wrote me again, asking me what the model number was. In looking for the number, I decided to give it one more try. I had previously removed the RAM, hard drive and battery, so after re-installing them, I flipped the laptop over, open the cover, pressed the power button,  pressed the keys to reset the PRAM, and voilà…. it sprang to life. I turned it off and on and it was still working. I waited for a half an hour and then turned it on again and it still worked. I then ran a system check and there were no problems. I also ran a hard drive check and that was fine too. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m happy that I have my MacBook back. I wrote the guy back saying that I was no longer selling my Macbook as it was now working.

Says 42 – MacBook issues

A couple of months ago I bought some used laptop computer RAM from a guy on the internet through Kijiji. Last night I installed a 1GB and 2BG RAM module into my MacBook. I pressed the power button and it didn’t turn on. I checked to see that it was installed properly and tried again, it still didn’t work. Thinking that the RAM was faulty, I then reinstalled the old RAM and tried again. It still wouldn’t turn on. I went back and forth a half a dozen times and still nothing. My MacBook was dead. I was angry and at a loss for words as I just screwed my MacBook that was working fine.

I never turned the MacBook on before I installed the RAM to see if it was working, but I had just used it a couple of days ago, and I even charged up the battery so I had no reason to think there was a problem. So now I’ll have to take it to a computer shop to see what happened. Fuck! It was working great with the 2GB RAM it had, so why did I need to force it to 3 GB, just to max out the specs.

11:30 AM, I called a local computer repair shop and talked to a tech that told me that the problem might be that I needed to reset the computer PRAM settings to accommodate the new RAM. He suggested that I install the old RAM and then reset the PRAM and see if that worked, and he told me how to do it. I tried several times, but it didn’t work. Frustrated, I packed it up and took it down to the shop where he had a look at it and said that it looked like my logic board was toasted and that it would cost close to $1,000.00 to fix it, and that it wasn’t worth it. So now my Macbook that was working great, is basically a pile of junk and only good for parts. I took it home and during the next couple of days I tried different things to see if it would boot up, but nothing worked. Finally I decided to post it on Kijiji and sell it for parts.

I’m feeling at a loss, frustrated and angry in that my wanting the computer to be bigger, better and faster, caused me to turn it into a pile of junk. instead of just accepting it as it was, I destroyed it.

Dah! I just realized that’s also what I’ve been doing to my Body. Ever since I was young, I wanted to be bigger, faster and better. I was/am not happy with the way my Body is as I have judgments and expectations on it. I’m comparing myself to others that I think are better than me. Ahhhh! This also goes back to lost hopes dreams and desires and that I never did the things I wanted in my youth, and now that I’m older, my Body isn’t able to do that, and so I feel cheated and robbed. It’s my Mind that wants my Body to be this way or that way, to do this or that. It’s my Mind that is always nudging and pushing my Body to do more, and then when it does more, my Mind wants even more, as it’s never satisfied. Each time the Body digs deeper to do more, it kills itself little by little in the process, and is able to do even less that it did before.

It’s just like I’m thinking of getting another vehicle that’s bigger and better than the Toyota tercel that I’m now driving as I’m not happy with it. Fuck! This is insane. What’s with this insane drive for more, better, faster?