Says 132 – Things coming together

way of working out





2013 Jan 11 Well things are coming together. I’ve done more cleaning and organizing. I’ve been working on editing book 2 and it’s going nicely. Yesterday I picked up a used bookcase to replace an old one-drawer dresser that is big and bulky and of little use. I also picked up an old home movie screen for $4.50 at a thrift store, which I intend to use as a backdrop when I begin to do YouTube videos. Later that morning the property owner came back with the re-finished cupboard doors that I later re-installed. He also took the one-drawer dresser away. I unpacked a couple of boxes, including my books that haven’t seen daylight for quite some time. The ceiling fan and light have been repaired, (faulty receiver). I also got hooked up to the internet that is being shared in the building. So now, I’m basically set up and settled in, and I must say, it feels good, like a home… For how long, I don’t know but for now, I will enjoy it. I’ve also begun to do my exercise again and I can even do my indoor running and jumping as there is no one below me..

Says 115 – Internet cut off

2012 November 12 The Internet went off around noon today and after supper I went downstairs to the kitchen where Harry was using his laptop. I asked him if he had the Internet and he said no and mentioned that he tried to reset the modem but it didn’t work. Just then Paul came in and overheard the conversation and said that he knew what the problem was and asked if we could live without the Internet for a few days. With that comment, I assumed the Internet service was cut off because he hadn’t paid his bill. After 7 PM I went to Tim Horton’s and accessed the free WiFi Internet to check my e-mails.

UPDATE: The internet wasn’t reconnected until Nov. 21.

Says 68 – Tenants internet off and on – Tennant cleaning up after others – Owner asks me when I was leaving

July 21 A couple of days ago, the woman that has a room down the hallway from me, asked if the internet was working. I checked my computer and told her it was. She asked me again yesterday and said she just couldn’t figure out what the problem was as it was working fine and she never made any changes. Today she came to my room and told that this morning she ran her Windows internet repair program and it came back saying that she had been manually discounted. She said she went downstairs and raised hell, saying that she wanted to be re-hooked up instantly. She didn’t go into all the details, but suffice to say, her internet is now working. More owner hanky-panky.

I went to make breakfast this morning and found the youngest tenant cleaning the kitchen. He had already cleaned the bathroom and was now half way though cleaning the kitchen. I asked him why he was cleaning and he said that if he didn’t do it, nobody would. I said that I clean up after myself and I expect others to do the same. I know you do, so that only leaves a couple of people that are the problem. I said that if you keep cleaning up after them instead of confronting them, then they will just be happy to let you continue to be their mother and clean up after them. I said I’ve purposely let it get dirty as I wanted to make a point and confront them, but now that you have destroyed the evidence, there is nothing I can do. I told him how I got fed up with the dishes being left in the kitchen sink and how I removed them and put them and put them on a bottom shelf. After a couple of times he got the message and as you have noticed, there are no more dirty dishes in the kitchen sink.

I said some people are stupid and don’t know any better and if you stop to educate them, they will learn and change their ways. Other people only pretend to be stupid, not notice, or admit they can’t do certain things, but when asked if they want to learn, they quickly find some excuse as they have no intent to clean up after themselves as they are too happy letting others do it for them. It’s then that you need to take a stand and stop enabling them by doing it for them. In both case, if nothing is said and if you don’t make a stand to stop abusing yourself by doing it for them, then nothing changes and you will continue to be the victim.

He disagreed and then got upset when I mentioned that he could remove the stove knobs, instead of trying to clean under them like he was doing. He said, I know! Do you think I’m a child? With that outburst, he left without finishing what he had started. It’s not the first time we have had an exchange and he has left, but later, after thinking about it, he has always come around.

Later the owner was up to see me today and asked me when I was leaving. I said I had no immediate plans to leave. We had a little chat and for now, things appear to be quiet. I’m looking for another place but there is nothing new that is suitable. They are either looking for students or females only, or its smoking, or it’s just a repeat of one that I have seen and am not interested in, and it appears, neither are others.

Says 48 – Fixed outstanding Windows XP issues

May 2 Tuesday. Tonight I fixed an outstanding computer issue that I’ve had for a couple months after a software utility program altered some files that I couldn’t restore. I’ve been getting an error message every time I start my computer where one of my programs “Dragon Naturally Speaking” that stopped working and when I start my computer, it automatically tries to find some program that it can’t find. It continues in this loop until I finally have to use task manager to shut the program down. I was seriously considering doing a complete OS install, as I couldn’t even use the REPAIR function in my Windows XP install disc as the system also affected its running.

Today I copied down the exact message, “Could not access network location %ALLUSERSPROFILE% Desktop,” and then did an Internet search to see what the problem was as I couldn’t install or even remove programs as this glitch was also affecting that aspect of my computer. I found a website by Microsoft that says the problem is an ERROR 1606. I was apprehensive in doing any Windows directory registry changes, but the “how to” procedure was well worded and the images helped a lot. I went through the procedure of deleting corrupted entries and adding the proper or missing registry files and entries into my Windows software. I had two issues that I fixed and to my pleasant surprise when I re-booted the computer everything worked like new.