Says 132 – Things coming together

way of working out





2013 Jan 11 Well things are coming together. I’ve done more cleaning and organizing. I’ve been working on editing book 2 and it’s going nicely. Yesterday I picked up a used bookcase to replace an old one-drawer dresser that is big and bulky and of little use.… Read the rest

Says 115 – Internet cut off

2012 November 12 The Internet went off around noon today and after supper I went downstairs to the kitchen where Harry was using his laptop. I asked him if he had the Internet and he said no and mentioned that he tried to reset the modem but it didn’t work. Just then Paul came in and overheard the conversation and said that he knew what the problem was and asked if we could live without the Internet for a few days.… Read the rest

Says 68 – Tenants internet off and on – Tennant cleaning up after others – Owner asks me when I was leaving

July 21 A couple of days ago, the woman that has a room down the hallway from me, asked if the internet was working. I checked my computer and told her it was. She asked me again yesterday and said she just couldn’t figure out what the problem was as it was working fine and she never made any changes.… Read the rest

Says 48 – Fixed outstanding Windows XP issues

May 2 Tuesday. Tonight I fixed an outstanding computer issue that I’ve had for a couple months after a software utility program altered some files that I couldn’t restore. I’ve been getting an error message every time I start my computer where one of my programs “Dragon Naturally Speaking” that stopped working and when I start my computer, it automatically tries to find some program that it can’t find.… Read the rest