Says 145 – A corporation vs a sovereign human being

License and Registration, PleaseAs an example, a police officer or any public official is an agent or representative working for the government which is a corporation, employing certain people to carry out its mandates. While these people are human beings, (at least most of them are) when they talk to you, you are not really talking with them, but to the corporation that they try to represent. They are not the corporation; neither do they know the articles under which the corporation was formed or what other legislations, rules and conditions they fall under. At best, all they know is what they have been taught and told, and while they, as a corporate representative, may have jurisdiction over your strawman, which is a government representation of you, they have no power over you as a sovereign human being.

A sovereign human being can only have a conversation with another human being, it can’t have a conversation with the corporation, as a corporation exists only on a piece of paper or as some computer file. A corporation was inspired and created by a human being who put their idea to paper, and either by sole proclamation, or with the aid and agreement of others, gave merit and power to this fictitious entity that they then controlled, or they appointed or hired other human beings to oversee its functions.

What a policeman or any government or corporate figure says is really hearsay and is not accurate or the truth as it represents a wishes, rules and conditions of the corporations, and they are merely a mouthpiece repeating what they have been taught or told. A policeman stopping you for traffic offense and informing you that you broke the law, is really no different than the priest coming up to you and telling you that you broke the law or commandment of God. Ten commandmentsIn both cases, the policeman and priest are referring to something written in a book by another person or persons, that they considered to be the law that they believe the other person should obey.

Laws are not cast in stone as if that were the case, then the original law would not be able to be changed, hence, any new law is in violation of itself when it deems a sovereign Being has broken the law.

Going back to the policeman or public figure, at this point I’m prepared to challenge their so called authority over my sovereign Being, while I am willing to discuss my fictitious STRAWMAN that was created by the government that is not me, but is how the government keeps track of my sovereign being. If they try to label me as the same as my STRAWMAN, I am only willing to talk with them after they have gotten out of their uniforms, put aside their badge and credentials, are not on duty or bound in any way shape or form to the corporation that they represent. Then I know that I’m talking to a real human being , one to one.
In writing these last few posts, I feel that I was a brilliant lawyer in a past life and that I was involved with representing the so-called common man and their struggle with a corrupt government and corporations that would enslave them. I also feel that I was assassinated because they couldn’t control me and I was a threat to their empire.

Here is a youtube video about the STRAWMAN

Says 144 – All the world’s a stage

All the World is a stage2013 March 13 I just realized that people put on a mask or cloak of the company or agency that they are working for. As long as they are working and getting paid (rewarded) to do their job, they feel obliged to conform and carry out the rules and duties of their employer. If the person were to take off their uniform or corporate cloak and talk to other non-cloaked human beings, they would act differently.

It’s an illusion. We live in a world where people become what the corporation (a fictitious entity) led by a person or persons that are also wearing a mask or cloak, wants us to be. The result is that it creates our present reality, which in most cases, is unloving. This is especially true in government, military, religions, media, education, etc. The imprints, programs and beliefs are so ingrained in our psyche that it is difficult, and next to impossible to even identify that we’re wearing a mask, a cloak, as it is so interwoven into our daily activities, like walking and talking, where we are not consciously aware of each step we take or word we speak. We think we are normal and natural, totally oblivious to the fact that we are controlled by our imprints programs and beliefs to such a point that we have no concept of what and who we really are. Our reality is like what Shakespeare said in,

“As you like it,” Act II Scene VII

All the world’s a stage,
All the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,