Says 165 – Ebola and the US Government

Police, fire and medical services take pEbola is in the news and main stream media is playing it up for all it’s worth.. BUT.. what the main stream media is not saying and what you need to know is that this virus is man made, and that the USA Government registered and owns the patent on it… Here are 3 links on the patent..

PS: A new wrinkle in this sorted Ebola story.. Turns out that Canada owns a patent on an Ebola vaccine… Officials with the Public Health Agency of Canada have maintained that the contracts are confidential, but they affirm that Canada still owns the patent and the intellectual property.

Says 164 – Eliminate Talking and Texting while driving

texting-and-driving I had this idea today that a quick, easy, and cost efficient way to put an end to this dangerous practice is turn off the cell phone.. I don’t mean for the person that owns one and is driving, I mean for the Cell phone carriers, like Rogers, Bell, Tellus, etc., to do it..

Since Cell phones are equipped with GPS, it should be no big deal for the carriers to design and install software in their facilities that would turn off any phone that it detects as moving. With no phone service while a vehicle is in motion, that would put an end to this problem.. If you NEED to talk or text.. pull over and stop..

The only people that would bitch are the ones that are the problem.. The Carriers could also have it so that you would know if you had a call or message.. just that you can’t call out unless your phone is not moving..