Says 477 – 9/11 – The “plan” unfolds.

2001 – Sept 11 –  I watched it unfold on TV and by the end of the day, things didn’t add up, especially when the third building went down. Years later, I started a blog… Saysame – on the 9/11 cover-up.

9/11 was the precursor to the US/NATO foreign wars that followed, numerous domestic false flags, and the present day plan-demic. “THEY” knew that if the sheeple bought the “official” 9/11 story, that they were ready to believe anything the government told them and would do whatever the government wanted, even if it meant limiting their freedom and eventual demise.

Says 390 – The Canadian Banking System

<quote> New Money – Both chartered banks and the BOC have a legal right to print new money without specific reason. The BOC has held the ability to print new money since its inception; however, chartered banks did not always have this right. Prior to the leadership of Canada’s 18th Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, from 1984 to 1993, all banks in Canada were required to maintain at least an 8% reserve. This allowed the banks to lend out the same money approximately 12 times over. Mulroney dropped the required reserve rate to 0%. Thus, banks are able to lend out any amount of money, whether they have something in the way of reserves to back it or not. Though the BOC (Bank of Canada) is the only institution that can literally print money, chartered banks can create money by entering it into a ledger when they issue a loan. <end quote>

**********************************    My Comment   ****************************************

When the bank loans you money for a personal loan, it doesn’t have to have any reserve money of its own. When a bank lends you money for a Mortgage, it also doesn’t have any money. BUT… when you default on your payment, the bank can foreclose and take your home. thereby gaining your assets (theft). It can also turn around and sell it and make hundreds of thousands of dollars, all…. without investing a single dime… The same thing goes for any item you purchase on credit or any loan.

When you default on a personal loan. the banks don’t lose any money and after a while, they sell your loan to a collection agency for $.10 on the $1.00, who in turn try to go after you for the full amount… Credit cards companies don’t lose money if a person defaults on their payments as they are just a transfer agency. The Banks own the cards and charge 18% + interest, and again, they don’t have to have any money to back the money they use to pay your debts.

The banking system, and I’m not just talking Canadian, I mean any banking system is parasitic in nature, it produces money from nothing and only takes hard earned money from those who toil to earn a living. Politicians know this and are in on the scam as are big business and wealthy individuals, and don’t forget religious organizations.

Food for thought, or not.  – Shenreed.





Says 364 – What you don’t know about Doctors can hurt you

I bet you thought doctors were just trying to help heal you when writing all those prescriptions; Didn’t you?

Of course they also get paid for referrals to other SPECIALISTS and for Ultrasounds, X-rays, MRI’s and CT scans.

I almost forgot, they get paid double for Flu, Measles, Shingles, HPV, vaccinations type shots..
1 – The government
2 – By the pharmaceutical companies, with BIG bonuses if they meet the target… >>>> ESPECIALLY<<<<< with child vaccinations that are repeated…

There is no money in curing a patient … and therefore, it’s BAD for business… But there is money in having repeat customers… and that…. is GOOD for business. Did you catch the use of the words, patients and customers? If you did; good for you. Here are some websites that will open your eyes.

Says 311 – People helping themselves

I’ve been living here for almost 5 years and last night, someone ransacked my vehicle. I did a quick check and all that seems to be missing is a camera film case full of ($72.00) toonies, ($2.00 coins) and some spare coin for parking meters, along with some clothes I was going to donate to the Salvation Army. Also missing is an older canon digital camera that I got on Kijiji for $5.00 and just kept it in the car as a spare. The camera is about all that was taken that I wasn’t going to give away any as I was saving the toonies to give to the next homeless man I met and it appears he couldn’t wait. Oh. he also took my dream catcher.. and that’s a bummer… I was also lucky as he didn’t go into the very back of my vehicle as I have all my camping gear stored there and that is a lot of money. My license and insurance, dash camera, and GPS are still there. There might be other smaller items missing, but I think that is it. There is no point in calling the police as there is nothing that they can really do. I guess I’ll be locking my vehicle from now on.

Friends suggested I inform the police and that brought back my last encounter with the local constabulary when I found an expensive knapsack under a tree in the front yard. It contained a iphone, a pair of vice grips and a $5.00 bill. The vice grips looked suspicious so I thought they could find the owner through the iphone.. but when I took it in, the cop began to interrogate me. He wanted me to know my name, where I lived, worked and to show him some identification. I refused and just left. Afterwards, I thought I should have just taken the knapsack back and tried to find the person myself.

Says 270 – New Cause for Depression – NOT

Unexpressed emotions cause a chemical imbalance in the body, not the other way around. – Shenreed

When I first saw this post on my Facebook page and the caption I thought FINALLY….. …… the truth be known. It’s not a chemical imbalance, but an allergic reaction to ABUSE and BULLSHIT.  But then when I opened the link – DAH! Surprise….. It’s not ABUSE and BULLSHIT… it’s INFLAMMATION, which in reality, is a part-truth as that assumption is also BULLSHIT. Because the current anti-depressant DRUGS are not working and have serious side-effects, it’s an attempt to get people with unresolved mental/emotional issues to take anti-inflammatory drugs that are also known to have serious side-effects. But, because it is a NEW and different approach it is being heralded as a medical breakthrough in health care industry.

A patient cured is a customer lost – Shenreed

All this is just moving from one drug (chemical) to another without really looking for the CAUSE. Modern medicine focuses on treating symptoms and not addressing the root cause of an issue because there is no MONEY in a patient that is healed. Even inflammation, the new “boogie man” that the so-called medical establishment is pointing its fingers at is not the cause of illness, as inflammation is the body’s response and attempt to heal itself from an injury or infection, characterized by pain, swelling, redness and heat.  Anti-inflammatory and pain killers just numb the mind to the pain and do nothing to help the body heal. In fact, the body now has to deal the side-effects of the drugs.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my posts, you might want to check out my BOOKS.

Says 259 – Symbolic Dream.

March 28 2:20 am –  I had a distributing dream. I saw a man, (I think it was me) with no legs, swimming and coated in this tar like substance. I say no legs as I never saw them, just his upper torso covered in this slime. He was swimming in a large tank, the size of a R/R car or small rectangular pool, and then would dive under and come up in another one. There were three tanks involved and he would go from one to another. I don’t know what he was looking for or why he was in the tanks and covered in all this gooey slime.

It reminded me of a dream I had years ago when I saw a man with just a head and shoulders and one arm, dragging itself along. Later I recognized that it was me and what I was doing to my body in trying to get the Heart Centre up and running. At the time, my Mind was controlling my body and was not interested in its health. The thing that keeps coming to mind is that I still have old imprints, programs and beliefs attached to me, which is the slime. I’m also locked into (3 tanks) issues that I keep repeating. OK, So what are they?

Home, Car and Money.

2:50 am – House – Vehicle – Money
Are these the three issues (tanks) that I’m locked into and repeating?

House represents Safety – Vehicle represents Freedom – Money represents Power

And yes, these have old imprints, programs and beliefs as I feel I NEED them to live.

WOW! Now there is a statement.

I’m depending on the outside reality, or rather the illusion that I think is real for my life. To support me; my existence, my physical existence.

So what am I missing?

Hummm… Attachments. Just like the slime is attached to me, I’m attached to the slime (imprints, programs and beliefs)

So how can I release them as I have fear of losing anyone one of them as then, what will I do?


I just flashed to the Epigraph in my first book and a poem I channeled back in 2002.


  • You fear what you do not know.
  • You protect what needs no protection
  • You love what you fear,
  • And you fear what you love
  • And do not know the difference.
  • Some say ignorance is bliss
  • Some say ignorance is hell.


Hummm….  Also the “Seek the doorway to eternal life” message keeps popping up in my mind.

I am thinking of the Heart Centre and losing my home and money, and knowing my vehicle was on the way out. And then living with Dave and Irene. Since then, I’ve lived on the edge of being homeless and it wasn’t until I started receiving my pension and then moving into my present apartment just over 4 years ago that things got comfortable. Humm… Keyword… COMFORTABLE.

3:10 am  OK, another thought. Am I on the wrong track or train of thought? Something “feels” off.

Says 158 – Controlled by an illusion, a piece of paper

158 - Articles Of IncorporationCertificate158 - mosantoWhat people don’t seem to realize is that government and big business are only faceless corporations, names on pieces of paper. There is no human being that is the corporation, that can be held accountable. What drives these corporations and is the “power” behind them are flesh and blood people. It’s these people that they need to find and hold accountable, and not a corporate piece of paper, that by the way, these people are only too happy to have you believe is the evil power that you are fighting.

158 - corporate-governance158 - organization-structureThese people have names, faces and live somewhere. They have family, wives, husbands, children, relatives. They have friends and neighbors, Their kids go to school. They go to church or belong to clubs or organizations. They drive cars. They shop in stores. These people not only need to be identified and located, but they but they need to be confronted and become aware that they (and those that support them) are vulnerable and will be held accountable. Once conscious awareness shifts from the faceless corporate identities, to the men and women players behind the veil, (like in the Wizard of Oz) the illusion will be broken and people will begin to regain their power.

158 - federal reserve noteSpeaking of worthless paper, let’s add money to the pile. We have been convinced that we must work, put time and effort into making or earning money so that we can live and buy the things we need and want to enjoy. We have also been programmed that we are defined by the amount of money we have, and that the more money, the better we are and the more worth and respect we acquire, and the further up the social ladder we climb. in the USA, the Federal Reserve is a private banking system that controls the countries financial system, collecting interest on money it creates and prints for circulation.

Says 146 – How the Government controls you

birth certificateMarch 21 Thursday When you were born, the corporate entity known as the government was already formed and was being run by the elected politicians and bureaucrats who gave themselves the power to create government laws, rules and regulations that were supposedly for the benefit of the people. Your parents, being good citizens, believed the manmade law that required them to register your birth. The government then issued you (through your parents) a birth certificate that was then used to identify your sovereign being. They then used your given name to create a fictitious identity of you that they could then use to control you and what you did. death certificateEven when you die your family needs to report your death and you (who are no longer living) are then issued at death certificate, terminating your involvement with the government corporation. As you can see, neither birth or death certificates give you any choice in the matter, you are either too young to understand what is going on, or dead and unable to respond.

I am free - NOTBesides having to register all newborn humans, the government is now having blood and DNA samples taken, as well as footprints, to enable them to physically identify the actual physical being in the future. When you started school, you first learned to print your name in CAPITAL letters. This is important as it imprinted and programmed you to accept your name printed in CAPITAL Letters on documents as being you. Later when you left school to get a job and earn money, you needed to register with the government to get a social insurance number (SIN) which the government then uses to collect taxes from you when you earned money. When you got your driver’s license, you needed to register with the government. If you bought a vehicle, that too needed to be registered and you also needed to get it insured. When you got health insurance, you needed to be registered. Of course each time you registered or got a license, it cost you MONEY. If you decided to get a bank account, credit card, or loan, you needed to register with the bank. Of course that also costs money. If you buy a house, you need to register your title with various levels of government, more money and if you got a mortgage, you also paid interest on that loan. If you start a business, you need to register with the government, more money. Anytime that you register with any form of government, or any one of their agents, your name will always be printed in CAPITAL letters, and not the way you normally write or print it. They have stolen your name to create a fictitious corporate identity of your sovereign physical being in order to have you work and pay interest on a debt you didn’t have. Not only that, your birth certificate also has a hidden agenda in that the identification numbers that were issued in your name is used as collateral on the stock exchange to allow the government to incur debt on your behalf. That is the hidden truth that the government doesn’t want you to know, it’s their dirty little secret.

moneyOne thing to note is that the physical money in circulation is created, printed and owned by the government, but any money in the form of interest is created, collected and owned by the financial institutions and the banks. And you guessed it, there is a whole lot more borrowed money in circulation than real hard cash. Also of note is that while cash currency is considered legal tender, it has no real value, as it’s not based on anything commodity of value like gold or silver, but is simply a promissory note issues by the bank that is an agent for the government. While the government owns the hard cash, it borrows also money and pays interest for this cash. While the government controls the physical currency, there is nothing of value to back it up except you and your ability and willingness to pay for debt and interest you didn’t incur. Another thing is that when you pay your income taxes at the end of the year, you make your check out to (in Canada) the Receiver General, believing that the money is going to the government. This money actually goes to the Revenue Canada Agency which is not an actual department within the government of Canada, but is a private financial Corporation much like the IRS in the USS, that collects tax and interest money from the REGISTERED taxpayers and then loans money to the government and receives interest payment on that debt. As you can see, this system is flawed and democracy is a sham.

Says 119 – Dumbed down Society – Frat boy mentality

December 3 Monday, On Saturday night Paul was in his room smoking weed and playing loud music until just past 11:00 pm. On Sunday morning, he and his girlfriend went out for breakfast and when they returned they smoked up again. I was getting a headache and decided to get out of the house for a while. I went downstairs to put on my shoes and his girlfriend was vacuuming the carpet by the front door. As I put my shoes on, I sarcastically said to her that Paul must really have a sore hand today with all the pot that he’s been smoking. She looked puzzled at first but then got to gist of my words as he had told me he only smokes because his right hand hurts and has arthritis. After supper, they smoked another doobie. It’s like now that I’m moving out, he doesn’t care what he does . I’ve also noticed that when I’m around him and he knows he’s did something, like smoking weed in the house, he whistles or hums which is also a sign of being activated and in denial.

Today, a roommate that was returning from work brought in a hand-delivered letter that had been stuck in the front door, and put it on the kitchen counter. I glanced at it and saw that it was from the local hydroelectric company and had the word URGENT stamped on it in big red letters. It was addressed to the owner and in the lower right hand corner of the address box, I could clearly see the words arrears and disconnect in bold red letters. For him to get such a letter, he has to be a good 2 to 3 months behind in payment. A couple of weeks ago, it was the Internet that was cut off, and now this. That makes me wonder what else is he behind in paying, his mortgage?

It’s interesting that all this is happening as I’m observing that he has a self-centered frat boy mentality and only pretends to be interested in other people if it serves his purpose. While he has a construction type job where he says he is making $25.00/hour, he is just in it for whatever money he can make to help keep him in his life style. I assume that it’s not enough because he also has three room-mates that help pay the bills. What he really likes is just to have fun with his buds, get high, have some drinks, get laid, play sports, add bling to his car, and pretend he has all the money in the world. His girlfriend, that I’ve talked to and call Cinderella, is his lover and mother figure as she picks up after him and cleans the house, while he busies himself looking over his stuff. Besides smoking, he is also brushing his teeth in the kitchen sink again as well as dirty dishes in the sink and on the counter. l know he isn’t stupid, and that what he is doing or not doing is what he has learned and has gotten away with as being acceptable behavior and all this self-centeredness is compounded by the use of pot, hard liquor and beer that clouds his thinking, reasoning and problem solving abilities.

Says 110 – Feeding on energy and the money illusion

2012 Nov 04 Sunday. People feed on our energy, just as we are feeding on others. They feed on our energy by what we do, work, play, shop (consumed products) and of course money. It’s in the exchange of money that most of our energy is either given or taken. Everything is energy and we exchange our physical and mental energy to get a piece of paper (money) that we then use to get energy (things) from others.

 In all this there is always the middleman, the moneylenders, that feed on the interest they charge for the use of money that they fabricate without really putting anything of their energy into it.  The problem with this system is in the governments, corporations, banks and other financial institutions especially the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Canada that charge interest on the money they fabricate. The personal energy it takes to print a $1 or $1,000 bill is the same, yet the interest charged is 1000 fold and doesn’t represent any real work or energy by the people authorizing the printing of it. This interest charged is energy that one needs to provide that is above and beyond what they originally expended. The people receiving this interest payment of energy do so without lifting a finger as it comes from the blood, sweat, and tears of those that are slaves to the system.

Even more of a problem is that people borrow money to buy things that they can’t afford and so they are locked into working to pay the interest on the money they borrowed.  They have to work at what they don’t like so that they can have what they desire. They give up years of their lives just to pay interest on the debt they owe so, that the moneylenders can have the life they desire without having to work and do what they don’t want.

The irony is that while we desire to have the ”good life” like the moneylenders and the fat cats in big corporations and government positions, little  do we know that by our buying into the mindset they have given us, that we are the ones that have put them in that position, while we have to struggle.