Says 259 – Symbolic Dream.

March 28 2:20 am –  I had a distributing dream. I saw a man, (I think it was me) with no legs, swimming and coated in this tar like substance. I say no legs as I never saw them, just his upper torso covered in this slime. He was swimming in a large tank, the size of a R/R car or small rectangular pool, and then would dive under and come up in another one. There were three tanks involved and he would go from one to another. I don’t know what he was looking for or why he was in the tanks and covered in all this gooey slime.

It reminded me of a dream I had years ago when I saw a man with just a head and shoulders and one arm, dragging itself along. Later I recognized that it was me and what I was doing to my body in trying to get the Heart Centre up and running. At the time, my Mind was controlling my body and was not interested in its health. The thing that keeps coming to mind is that I still have old imprints, programs and beliefs attached to me, which is the slime. I’m also locked into (3 tanks) issues that I keep repeating. OK, So what are they?

Home, Car and Money.

2:50 am – House – Vehicle – Money
Are these the three issues (tanks) that I’m locked into and repeating?

House represents Safety – Vehicle represents Freedom – Money represents Power

And yes, these have old imprints, programs and beliefs as I feel I NEED them to live.

WOW! Now there is a statement.

I’m depending on the outside reality, or rather the illusion that I think is real for my life. To support me; my existence, my physical existence.

So what am I missing?

Hummm… Attachments. Just like the slime is attached to me, I’m attached to the slime (imprints, programs and beliefs)

So how can I release them as I have fear of losing anyone one of them as then, what will I do?


I just flashed to the Epigraph in my first book and a poem I channeled back in 2002.


  • You fear what you do not know.
  • You protect what needs no protection
  • You love what you fear,
  • And you fear what you love
  • And do not know the difference.
  • Some say ignorance is bliss
  • Some say ignorance is hell.


Hummm….  Also the “Seek the doorway to eternal life” message keeps popping up in my mind.

I am thinking of the Heart Centre and losing my home and money, and knowing my vehicle was on the way out. And then living with Dave and Irene. Since then, I’ve lived on the edge of being homeless and it wasn’t until I started receiving my pension and then moving into my present apartment just over 4 years ago that things got comfortable. Humm… Keyword… COMFORTABLE.

3:10 am  OK, another thought. Am I on the wrong track or train of thought? Something “feels” off.

Says 45 – Doubles and doppelganger

April 29 Sunday 3:30 AM I awoke from a dream thinking of doubles, of seeing identical twins and also of seeing myself in a mirror. I was going through all the different scenarios of doubles and reflections and then remembered my experience with my doppelganger  when I was working in cable TV years ago. I was working as a service/maintenance man but also had a part time job with the same company as a sales rep at night. I was in the midst of a sale pitch to a potential customer that I knew couldn’t afford cable TV and didn’t really want it, but I wasn’t interested in what he told me and what he wanted, I was more interested in making my commission on the sale.

I almost had him talked into signing up, when out of the corner of my eye, in my peripheral vision, I saw myself leaning against the hallway wall looking at me. He was about 10 feet (3 meters) away from me, and I not only saw this identical image of myself, but I was also aware of what this other me was thinking as I was also in his body looking at me. I was consciously flipping back and forth between being in my Body and in his Body.

One part of me was trying to close a sales pitch while observing this other part of me that was looking at me and wondering how far I would go to make a dollar, if I was willing to sell my Soul to make a buck. I was aware of what I was thinking and seeing, and then in the next instant, my consciousness was in this doppelganger and aware that he was thinking of me and looking at me. Seeing the me that was making the sales pitch to a potential Cable TV customer was unnerving to say the least. It was like this doppelganger was the good side of me, while the me that was trying to close the sale was evil and would do anything for a dollar, even if I had to over-power others to get them to do what I wanted. When I decided to shift my gaze to look directly at this doppelganger self, he disappeared.

When I turned back to talk to the customer, he looked concerned and asked me if I was having a heart attack, or had seem a ghost as I looked white and pale. I didn’t tell him what happened, but I told him that he was right, that he didn’t need Cable TV and left it at that and called it a night. That was also the end to my part-time sales job as I didn’t feel that selling my Soul was worth the few dollars I made selling Cable TV. I had never experienced anything like that before or since.

Says 43 – Dream of a weird implant

April 24 11:10 AM I had a dream that my right arm was itchy and I thought I had a mosquito bite or a small pimple on my forearm. When I looked closer I could see what looked like a miniature computer plug about the size of a sesame seed with what looked like a small electrical connector plug in it. I scratched at it and I could feel something solid with my fingernail. As I continue to scratch I was able to catch hold of one end and began to lift it out of my skin like picking at a scab. As I did the whole thing came loose and it looked like it had fine hair like wires coming out the bottom. There was no pain or bleeding as I removed it.

Now comes the real freaky part. Once I took it out of my skin, it began to grow to about the size of a small shoebox. It was made of a floppy translucent material that had all kinds of multi-color glowing electronics inside. The fine wires had also grown to be about the size of small computer cables and wires and the ends were glowing with different colored lights. I felt that this was the actual size of the unit but that whoever had implanted it in me, also had the technology to shrink it hundreds of times. I woke up thinking that they were using it to gather information and control me.

Says 24 – Dream of shit and litter and putting people in their right place.

2012 March 10, I was at, what once was, a beautiful  tropical resort but recently the people that were in charge of maintenance had walked off the job. They refused to clean up the mess made by the visitors and what was once a beautiful resort was now turning into a toxic wasteland. The visitors at the resort were not only deliberately littering and trashing things, but they were also urinating and defecating on toilets, floors, or anywhere they pleased. To top it off, the water had been turned off because of vandalism and plugged toilets. It had gotten so bad that you had to be careful where you walked and even the beach and water was disgusting and unsafe. Visitors were disgusted that the toilets were not cleaned and plugged and some went to the outside dug toilets but found that they were also filthy. In desperation, some of the cleaners did their business on the grounds and tried to bury it as best they could.No one seemed to know what to do and how to clean up the place.

I talked to the clean up people and showed them what they could do t fix the problem and those that were interested followed my instructions and fixed some of the plumbing and dug new latrines and filled in the old ones. The litterbugs and those that didn’t care still littered and did their business where ever they wanted, even on, instead of in the working and clean toilets.

Finally, I had enough of their antics and I had them removed to their own remote island where they could do what they wanted. They complained to me that I wasn’t treating them fairly, or said that they were sorry and they would change if I just let them come back. I said, “No, there is a right place and time for everyone and you are in yours until you learn to clean up after your selves and your surroundings. You will live by your choices.”

I woke up.