Says 43 – Dream of a weird implant

April 24 11:10 AM I had a dream that my right arm was itchy and I thought I had a mosquito bite or a small pimple on my forearm. When I looked closer I could see what looked like a miniature computer plug about the size of a sesame seed with what looked like a small electrical connector plug in it. I scratched at it and I could feel something solid with my fingernail. As I continue to scratch I was able to catch hold of one end and began to lift it out of my skin like picking at a scab. As I did the whole thing came loose and it looked like it had fine hair like wires coming out the bottom. There was no pain or bleeding as I removed it.

Now comes the real freaky part. Once I took it out of my skin, it began to grow to about the size of a small shoebox. It was made of a floppy translucent material that had all kinds of multi-color glowing electronics inside. The fine wires had also grown to be about the size of small computer cables and wires and the ends were glowing with different colored lights. I felt that this was the actual size of the unit but that whoever had implanted it in me, also had the technology to shrink it hundreds of times. I woke up thinking that they were using it to gather information and control me.

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