Going in Circles

2020 Nov 19 I channeled this poem that is the epigraph of my second book, almost 20 years ago. I didn’t know what it meant back then, but 2020 has brought it’s meaning into focus. It’s unbelievable to see just how easily people are willing to be controlled and led to their own demise.  The mask wearing, hand sanitizing, social distancing and self-isolating people blindly follow orders for what they are told is the common good, unaware they are, like sheep, being led to the slaughter.








Going in Circles

Circling the tree
running round and around.
Looking for answers
That can’t be found.

Bewildered and confused
they toil and they strife.
Trying to find
the meaning of life.

While silently sitting
rubbing hands in glee.
Is the evil bushwhacker
hiding up in the tree.

Watching his subjects
beat a path in the ground.
Feeding them part truths
calling them valid and sound.

And so they do run
all day and all night.
Not even aware
of their sorry-full plight.

Joined in commonality
for this it is true.
As are the animals
caged in a zoo.

Afraid to challenge
or unable to think.
In circles they’ll go
until they all sink.

And ponder how life
has passed them all by.
Now comes to late
a tear in their eye.

Channeled by – John Rieger/Shenreed – 2002 Jan. 19