Says 295 – Woodstock Ontario Hyundai Service Sucks…

Hyundai Service in Woodstock Ontario gets two thumbs down..

Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!   🙁

I told you about my Santa Fe and how they can’t get diagnostics to work for a e-test… I took it in to the dealer last Monday and they said it was the computer and they order a used one. They called on Wednesday and said it was in. I took it in on Thursday at 9:00 am and after 4 hours, they said it wasn’t the computer, but a wiring problem and gave me an estimate for removing the dash for 6 hours @ $102.00/hour.  I left the car there and they drove me home. They called on Friday at 4:30 pm and said they still hadn’t found the problem. So I was without a vehicle for the weekend.

On Monday, at 4:30 pm, they called and said it was ready, that they had repaired the broken wire and were sending someone around to pick me up. She also told me  that the mechanic was now looking at the three issues I had noted. I explained that on Thursday, I told the service advisor and mechanic about the three minor electrical problems that are under the dash, that happened after I had the heater core replaced, and if they were removing the dash, to also fix those issues. I exclaimed that now that the dash is replaced, I’m not paying to have them take it apart to look for the problems they should have checked when they had the dash apart.. WTF…

When I got there, the service advisor said they had to replace the computer as it had shorted out.. I went into a rant as if that was the truth, then they would also have shorted out the new “used” computer when they installed it.. AND… A broken wire does NOT create a short circuit, it creates an open circuit, no current flowing. I knew they were bullshitting me.

In total, this “broken” wire cost me just over $900.00, that’s with her dropping $150 off the bill. but still..!!!  AND  – I’m not finished. They could have easily ordered an new connector assembly and plugged it into the computer and hidden the cable under the centre counsel.  Takes one minute to pull the panel. The whole job would have taken 15 minutes..

AND… when I went to get my vehicle, the car seats were spotted with greasy dirt spots and oily grime smudge marks in the fabric. The floor mats on the driver side looked like they walked in oil and grime and didn’t care it was dirtying both the top fiber mat. They seemed to have removed the top mat and then did the same to the original carpet.The side panel on my centre counsel were loose and screws missing.

NOT IMPRESSED>>> I wasn’t before…but this is the last time I’m going there,  Woodstock Hyundai  even if I have to drive to London or Cambridge. This is ridiculous.


Says 294 – Hyundai Santa Fe computer issues

2016 Image of Santa Fe dash

After my trip out west with no vehicle issues in almost 10,000 km, I decided to get a compulsory vehicle (emissions) e-test to get a two year vehicle license renewal. The shop I went to said they couldn’t get a reading from my diagnostic plug and suggested I go to the dealer for them to check it out and do the test.

I waited a few days and then dropped into another shop and got the same problem. So now I figure I’d go to the dealer and get it checked out.

I made an appointment and after a couple of hours, they reported the same issue and said it was my computer. A new one was over $1,000.00, but they couldn’t get one so they were able to find a used one in Halifax for $160.00 but that it would take a few days to get here and that the installed cost would be around $350.00.

A few days later they called to make an appointment to get it installed and I made a note to the service advisor that I wanted the old one, as it worked fine except for the diagnostic issue. A few hours later they informed me that it wasn’t the computer, that there was something else causing the problem. She said they re-installed the old one and were looking into it. In the mean time they offered to drive me home. I told the mechanic working on the car that I had the heater core replaced at the beginning of 2016 and that I had three minor electrical issues ever since, but I didn’t think it was worth the hours required to R&R the dash. He said good to know.

They telephoned  me later saying that they would not charge me for the computer, but that the senior mechanic said the issue was behind the dash and that they needed to R&R the dash to solve the problem. They gave me a repair cost of 6 hours @ $102.00/hour for $600.00 plus tax and sent me an email to confirm the repair. I agreed and added the fact that the dash had been removed and I had three minor electrical issues after that, and since they were removing the dash anyway, they could now fix. As of Friday, Aug 18 – 3:30 pm, I’m still waiting to hear from them.

PS: UPDATE: I got a call at 4:50 pm stating that they were still working on my vehicle and that they would give me an update on Monday.

Says 293 – Religious Shift and Changes

I find it interesting that a few of the New Agers and RUOW people I know are turning toward organized religion. I don’t mean in an exploratory way, I mean getting right into the Christian saved and born again bible thumpers, or into Hinduism, Buddhism, or Muslim religions with a gung ho attitude that they’ve finally found their community, a sense of commonality, and their calling. I feel they were searching for a common thread that would unite them with other like minded / feeling people where everyone had a so-called “positive” attitude and supported one another. A community where they would feel loved, wanted, and protected, and not alone, unwanted, or in fear of being attacked. Once your Spirit is broken and you have given in to the outer reflection that you are powerless, your mind no longer challenges or searches for answers, but blindly accepts what it is told as the truth. You become part of the flock with herd mentality.

On the other hand, I’m also witnessing some friends and family members that were “born again,” saved, church going, praying, and gospel singing Christians  that have lost their “faith” in their church (aka religion) and are trying to come to terms with that. I feel these people have a better chance of healing and empowering themselves, as now they are unsure of their beliefs about what love and life are all about and are willing to question what they previously called truth.

Overall, even if you are not a devoutly religious person, (including atheists and agnostics) there is this social “religious” mindset that while it may not be obvious, has a sinister undercurrent that dictates social morals and behavior. Until one is able to let go of their religious beliefs they will be controlled by them and will also try to control others around them, thus creating conflict. They try to solve the conflict by either changing the rules or adding new and improved ones hoping that it will create peace and that things in their life will change for the better. Besides letting go of one’s religious imprints, programs and beliefs, one needs to explore and let go of, or change the social imprints and programs that are embedded in their mind that unconsciously control one’s thoughts, words and deeds. Politics, government, education, media, police and the military are but a few major players that dictate social experience and reality.

Says 292 – Thriving on anothers fear

I was watching the movie “King Arthur – Legend of the Sword,” and a comment by the present king piqued my interest. I can’t remember the exact words, but they were along the lines that he thrives on another’s fear; that even though they may hate him, it feeds him energy and power. Another comment was, “You have to break his old self completely, wear him down.”

Later, I thought about the comment and the people that feed off your fears and control you and have power over you, can only do so as long as you are denying the fear that they are activating. Say you have a fear (terror) of confrontation, then they will use whatever they can to activate your fear, be it mental, emotional, physical, or any combination thereof. Anything that threatens you; that you are afraid to face or challenge, will and can over-power and control you.

The other things people use to control and over-power you is guilt and shame. They make you think, feel, and believe that your words or actions are wrong and even hurtful to the one that is trying to control you. They are using your minds twisted beliefs of what love is, what is right and wrong, along with your false emotions that are aligned with your minds beliefs to get you to re-act in the way they want you to.

In order to activate you into your denied issues and fear (terror) as a means to control and over-power you, there are four basic tactics that others use. They are the intimidator, the interrogator, the “oh poor me,” and the aloft or withdrawn approach. If one tactic doesn’t work they will try another until they wear you down and break you, and you re-act in one of three different ways according to your imprinting and programming. You either fight, (that you can’t win) run, or you just give in to their demands to stop the conflict. In doing any of these you give them your power.

Says 291 – Reincarnation and Karma

Reincarnation & Karma

Before we reincarnate, we choose what parts of our Essence we want to heal and recover, and the experiences we need in order to do that. Of course all this is forgotten soon after birth, and we need to plod our way through life, pondering why things happen to us and for what reason.

Karma is an Eastern term that describes the experience of things happening in our lives that seem to be repeated, albeit in different forms, places and times. Karma is not a bad thing even though the experiences may be unpleasant and undesired, they are in fact, what we need to address and heal as part of our earthly sojourn. Once we make the connection that our experiences are directly related to our purpose, then our life begins to change. We begin to see things in a different light and ask questions like who, what, where, when, why and how. Of course for every answer you get you also get ten more questions, so the journey takes us deeper into discovering and remembering who really we are and what our purpose is.