Says 196 – The Heart Centre “Forum”

Well it’s finally here and I don’t need to worry about it being deleted or whatever. I say that as over the years I’ve started over a half-dozen Forums, only to have them shut down and deleted by the companies that originally hosted them for free. As one had issues or closed down, I’d open another, and so after a decade or more, only two remain online, but due to numerous site problems they had, active membership dropped off and these Forums became inactive. I never went looking for another free site as I planned to eventually host my own, this one, and now it’s officially active.

says 196 heart centre forumWhile my new website template is “responsive” and can be viewed on either a desktop or mobile device, the SMF (Simple Machine Forum) Forums is a fixed template and doesn’t look good on a mobile device. So I bought and installed a mod theme for the SMF Forums to make it responsive and mobile friendly. It automatically detects if the Forum is being accessed by a mobile device. The Desktop and laptop version will remain as is, although I reduced the width from 90% to 75%.


Says 195 – IRS Tax withholding issues and solution

irs formsWhen I signed up to get my books published with CreateSpace, Amazom, and then later with IngraMSpark and Smashwords, (US Companies) they all had the infamous IRS wanting to claim 30% of any royalties I made, even though I am a Canadian and Canada has a free trade agreement with the US. Originally, they all posted links to IRS and the various ITIN (International Tax Identification Number) forms I had to fill out and get approved in order to avoid this money grab.

I just so happened to be researching this topic on the web and came across Crystal Stranaghan’s website and how to make this process a whole lot simpler by getting an EIN (Employer Identification Number) in as little as 10 minutes. I called the number she had listed, and low and behold, after a 10 minute wait and a 10 minute interview, I had my EIN number.

says 195 bag of booksI had no problem using it with CreateSpace and Amazon, and Smashwords will also accept it, but it needs to be in a print format. The only bug-a-boo was with IngramSpark that wanted me to get a GST (Canadian Goods and Services) number and fill out forms as if I was a retailer going to be buying books to sell. DAH! (Shaking my head) Why do they think I chose them as a POD (Print book) distributor so that they could distribute them to wholesalers or retailers globally. I write books, I don’t plan on carrying a bag of books and knocking on doors all over Canada or the world trying to sell them.

I sent them an email along with copies of the CreateSpace and Amazon approval for them to examine and maybe incorporate into their POD services. I’m waiting for their “favorable” response, as I’d hate to go through all that rigamarole just for one distributor.

Says 194 – How Mass Mind Control Works

says 194 - How mass mind control worksFascinating… How PROPAGANDA changed its name to PUBLIC RELATIONS, and how MIND CONTROL of the masses works, and why the Sheeple love it… as it gives them a source of IDENTITY. Politics, religion, language, customs, sports, product brands etc… are are aspects of mind control..

Here is a like to the YouTube video

How Mass Mind Control Works

Besides the three point in the image above. there was also the comment that …
“Perception is a commodity.” Now that is deep statement… and needs thorough reflection.

Says 193 – New Websites

Well I’m finally catching up on the major events in my life. I say major, as writing and publishing my books has been front and foremost for a good many years. With the events of the previous post behind me, I started to work on not just editing my websites, but completely re-designing them. The old websites were created back in 2008, and a lot has changed since then. I searched for a new template and found one that was what they call, “responsive design” where it basically can be viewed on a PC, tablet, iPad, or even a mobile device, and not a “fixed” one like the one I had been using.

Shenreed websiteFinding a new template was one thing, the next was re-designing it, editing parts of the HTML5 and CSS3 code, colours, and images to my personal taste, as I planned to use the same modified template for all my four websites, and just change the content. I also decided to simplify my websites and un-clutter them. That done, the next task was copying the material from my old websites to the new template and then getting the bugs out. Next came adding the links to my books and the various parties that were distributing them. After that, it was logging in to my website cPanel and systematically deleting the old files and uploading and installing my new ones. Once I finished one site and it looked good on the web, I then went to the next.

Well I’m glad to say that they are now up and running. The next job will we choosing a Wiki and Forum application, and then installing them on my website. They will be on “The Heart Centre” site. Of course it never ends, as after that I’ll have to begin adding content to my Wiki, and also to the Forum, which will be interactive, and that will also take up some of my time. Both will also have learning curves, as I get to feel my way around using them.

Of course, while all this is going on, I’m still working on healing my body and the other parts of my Being. Not to mention, keeping tabs on my published books and any refinements I need to make in promoting them. Of course, I mustn’t forget my daily activities such as I am presently able to do. And when I have a moment, I’ll also start collecting the material that will be the basis of my next book.

Charlie Brown napOK.. Just thinking of all this makes me want to take a nap. 🙂

Says 192 – My Print and eBooks are now Global…


Books – global

Whew!!!    What a journey! Writing the books was one thing, then came the editing and more editing and proofing and more editing until I felt they were ready for print. Then it was uploading them to CreateSpace, and making revisions until they passed their on-line reviewer. Next I ordered a print proof copy, and then more editing, and more print proof copies until finally I felt they were acceptable. Now they were ready to to be sold by CreateSpace and Amazon on-line.

Createspace and Amazon are connected, but.. and it’s a BIG but.. they don’t really serve the brick and mortar retail stores, as everything is done on line. So now I  turned to IngramSpark another POD publisher, to get my books into retail stores around the globe. That was  another frustrating learning curve, as what worked for CreateSpace, didn’t work for IngramSpark. Nothing major, but a pain in the butt none the less. Frustrated, I put that project on hold and focused on getting my eBooks out.

There again it was a learning curve as the formatting that worked for my print books now had to be basically scrapped and each book re-formatted, including images. Not only that, they had to be formatted for kindle and ePub. That meant downloading and installing eBook editors for both formats, and learning how to use them. Not having the Kindle ebook or an iBook or Nook, I also needed to download and install eBook viewers. Next I had to upload my revised books (in a PDF format) to an online converter and download and review and make the necessary changes.  And then repeat the process until they looked good. Next I had to upload them to an on-line validator to see if they passed… and if they didn’t it was back to the drawing board.

Once the  eBooks had the green light, it was off to Amazon and also IngramSpark, that I had put on hold. My initial plan was to have CreateSpace and Amazon handle the on-line POD print books and the Kindle eBook, and have Ingram Spark handle all the retail stores and the ePub eBook format.  Amazon wasn’t an issue, but IngramSpark was, not so much with the eBooks, but with the print books and trying to understand what they required, as while their computer program would say there was a problem, it only in general terms, and didn’t give any specifics. So where to look? Frustrated, I put IngramSpark on hold again and looked to Smashwords for my ePub eBook distribution, as I felt that I could always use CreateSpaces expanded distribution if I couldn’t get the print books accepted at IngramSpark.

Smashwords was yet another learning curve, but I managed to get my books approved after some “political” nit picking things were resolved, like deleting active reference links to Amazon, which I did, as the names and titles were still there. When it came to  deleting my pen name and copyright issues,  I refused to make any changes, as to abide by their “rules” meant not only editing my print and eBooks and re-doing all my book covers, but also applying for new ISBN numbers, and that I wasn’t prepared to do, and so they finally agreed to let them pass – pending my final approval.

I then zipped back to IngramSpark and finally got the print book issues sorted out and ordered a copy of each.  What their computer program had originally complained about was not really a problem, as the page numbers were one line outside their optimal parameters, but still well within their print guide lines. The only difference I could see and feel between the books by CreateSpace and IngramSpark  was that IngramSpark used slightly better quality paper that was also slightly thinner, and it affected the book thickness and cover spine, but I didn’t think it was that big a deal that I needed to rework my covered to make them look better.

It was then that I made a coin toss and decided to let IngramSpark handle my Print books, and  print books only, and that I would try Smashwords, to see how they handled my ePub eBook distribution. With that… my print and ebooks were finally ready for GLOBAL distribution..



Says 191 – Government – A blind faith religion

Government – a blind faith religion – An unquestionable belief in invisible corporate entity that, through elected and hired people, (officials) CONTROL the masses through authoritative indoctrination and brainwashing.
It’s time people… Time to wake up…