Says 204 – Social Conformity & Programming

Says 204 Social conformityHere is a disturbing link on Social Conformity and how easily we are programed to follow the crowd. Not wanting to be different, centered out, shunned, and not accepted, we all to easily just follow the crowd and in the process, become mindless Sheeple.  Afraid to ask questions or to be seen as different, aggressive or negative, we DENY and subdue our true expression and blindly accept the role that peer pressure dictates we play and act out, as if it were our own idea.

When you’ve seen that one, here is another link on The Power of the Uniform, and how we OBEY and follow orders without asking any real questions, or standing up for ourselves or others.

This programming starts with ones parents and their already programmed mind and the customs, traditions and religious beliefs they have. It’s also being pushed in schools, on TV, Radio, magazines, books, and just about anything that has to do with society.

Says 203 – New Responsive WordPress Theme

Beyond ExpectationsThe old WordPress Twenty Ten theme was not “responsive,” in that it was a fixed template that only looked good and readable on a computer. This new template, Beyond Expectations  is responsive and will  look good on a computer, tablet or mobile.

I was a bit hesitant in changing the theme, given the disaster I had with the SMF Forum changes I recently tried to do. But this time, I made a back up. I also changed the theme to the old free WordPress – Saysame blog  that also had a fixed template, changing it from Twenty Ten to a responsive Twenty Eleven theme.

<<< AND SO THINGS CHANGE >>>  After I changed the theme to Beyond Expectation, I noticed that all the hyperlinks were not showing up in a blue colour. That just didn’t affect my recent post, but all the posts. So after some searching for a solution, I decided to also change this blog to the Twenty Eleven theme, and save myself a lot of time and hassle.

Says 202 – Everything you think you know is wrong

says 202 - Everything You Think Is WrongI found this image and a related article entitled… “Everything You Think You Know About Animals Is Wrong”  on my facebook page. When I saw the image, I immediately felt there was a BIGGER picture that also had to be shared. I used part of the title, but shortened it to give it a new meaning and food for thought.

says 202 some lives matter lessThe sad truth is that most people will have a pecking order (JUDGMENTS) of their fellow humans… before they even get to animals. These judgments are based on race, colour, sex, young, old, religion, nationality, politics, work, wealth, social status, etc., etc., etc…. Who is more VALUABLE has more WORTH than another human being? Who are considered workers, low life, slaves, etc.?  Of course Humankind (in general) considers itself above all other life forms on Earth, including their fellow humans that are not LIKE them. They think that any life form, and the Earth itself are meant to be used and subjugated to serve their purpose.

It’s this mentality that needs to be addressed and removed from our mass consciousness as it is not loving and does not seek or support life. I’m sure that you are aware of the rapid changes happening on Earth, and how denials and unlovingness are being exposed. Those that can see and feel the truth are the ones that will be part of the new Earth. Changes are coming, and either people will let go of their unloving beliefs and judgments, or they will be removed. It’s all a matter of choice and intent.


Says 201 – Christian prayer and dumbed down society

Says 201 - Lord Jesus save mePeople claim to be awake and even Spiritual, and yet they still hang on to their old religious beliefs and recite dogma and rhetoric at infinitum. They give so little thought to what they are thinking and saying, that I find it amazing that they can even tie their shoe laces. This is a classic example of religious (Christian) meme’s that have I have come across on the internet.

First point.. If these so-called Christians believe that they are a child of a God who is all knowing and powerful, and the creator of mankind and all that exists. That he has created everything for a purpose and reason, even though mortal man can’t comprehend or fathom what that is, except to believe that it is so, based on their religious beliefs.

BUT… Stupid mankind who believes all this, also doesn’t want to accept that what they are experiencing is right or good, and that God has fucked up and made a mistake, and that they know what he (note he, as there is no she in Christian God) should do.

Second point… But even that is screwed up as now they pray to God’s son (Jesus) telling him to help and SAVE them from all that they deem is God’s wrongful and hurtful design. They cast up their hands and wail in mournful prayer, commanding to be saved and healed. Advocating that they don’t have any responsibility or power to change the experiences that they deem undesirable.

Talk about a dumbed down society, religion has to be the number one leader in how to do that, and collect a mass following of sheep, followed closely by politics. As the old saying goes.. “Bullshit baffles brains,” and until people can get their mind to question their old Belief System, or BS as I like to call it, they are doomed to remain as they are. The dilemma one faces when questioning religious BS, is that you will certainly be attacked and admonished for such behavior and will most likely be deemed a blasphemous heathen, bound to burn in hell.

Okay, so now that I’ve shit on this meme PRAYER image, let me say what a person could use this for in a way that would empower them. It’s all about intent and whether it is loving or not. Prayer can be used to tell or command, like in the image above, or it can be used to ask for guidance. If you add the words.. “Help me to…” to the text, that changes the intent to where you take responsibility for your experiences, even though you don’t understand why you are having them, but that you are open to hear what your options might be so that YOU can solve YOUR issues. And to quote the so-called good book, “Ask and ye shall receive.” Food for thought.. Or not

Says 200 – The Root Cause of Addiction – Not !

Says 200 - two people huggingThis article was posted by a friend on Facebook, and I was curious as to what it had to say, and why the statement…



Could the Root Cause of Addiction actually be a lack of Connection?

I watched the video and I have to say it’s a yes and no. It has some part truths, but they are mixed in with a whole lot of do-good hype, misinformation and unanswered questions.

The connection and bonding they are really talking about is basically just a quick fix. If the person that had developed this new “bonding” connection is suddenly separated from that SUPPORT, they would probably revert back to their old habit or addiction, or find a new one. As long as they feel wanted, needed and “loved”, they are fine, but to do that, it takes ANOTHER person or GROUP for them to feel that way about themselves. While this approach appears to work for half of the addicts involved, it’s only effective as long as they get the help they feel they want and need. Sometimes, all that is needed for a person that has nothing to cling to but hope, is to be given a chance to rebuild their lives. Sure, they have a job and are considered to be a useful member of society, but again, it doesn’t address the underlying issue as to why they became an addict in the first place.

Abuse and trauma are the same as a painful experience, and just because they are different words, that doesn’t diminish the effect they have on the person having the experience. People that don’t think they have had a traumatic or abusive experience have just denied and shut it out of their conscious mind. Just because you can’t remember, that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen and is affecting your present experiences. It has been my experience that any so-called unpleasant experiences are directly related to unresolved past traumatic experiences. The cycle is only repeated as a means of a person being given the opportunity to feel and express what they never were allowed or felt they could during their original experience, that imprinted and programmed them to re-act as they do.

Says 199 – Megalithic stone in Baalbek, Lebanon

says 199 - Megalithic stone in Baalbek, LebanonI not only question religious rhetoric and dogma, but so-called science as well, and Archeology is high on the list. There is so much of our history that has been either destroyed, hidden, or presented in a twisted fashion that I’d say that barely .5% of it has any merit of truth.

This is the Megalithic stone at Baalbek, Lebanon. This is a HUGE stone created thousands of years ago by supposedly people that only had simple hand tools. BUT… if you examine the picture… you can clearly see that the block had been CUT and then rolled over to its present position for finishing. HOW did they do that???  And a ton of unanswered questions. The history that we have been taught is a lie and a sham..

Says 198 – Religion Is ‘Made Up’ & Used To Control People

says 198 - Religions around teh worldHere is an good article at Collective-Evolution that exposes religion for what it really is.  It also includes a YouTube video by Jon Shelby Sponge, a retired American bishop of the Episcopal Church

<quote> In the video, Sponge affirms that “religion is always in the control business, and that’s something people don’t really understand. It’s in the guilt producing control business.”

Every church I know claims that we are the true church, and they have some ultimate authority. . .  The idea that the truth of God can be bound in any human system by any human creed by any human book, is almost beyond imagination for me. God is not a Christian, God is not a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu a Buddhist; all of those are human systems which human beings have created to try to help us walk into the mystery of God. <end quote>

Says 197 – You are not your problem – NOT

Says 197 - You are NOT your problem.. NOTWhen I see these types of meme’s being posted by people that believe them to be true, I know that they are ignorant and haven’t analyzed and felt the true implications of the statement, and that they are in denial of their issues. If that statement were a truth, then applying the most basic logic and reasoning to, “you are not your problem” would also apply to every living person on this planet. If you are not your problem, then by denial, you have to blame everyone and anything outside yourself as the problem.

What you are also doing with that belief is making your happiness dependent on another person, place, or thing. In other words, you are giving your power away as they now CONTROL you. Trying to fix the problem using that Belief System (BS) doesn’t work, no matter how hard you try, it is at best a “quick fix.” So if that doesn’t work, you need to do the reverse or the opposite to try to solve the problem by realizing that the problem is not outside yourself, but inside you. If pushing the door doesn’t open it, maybe pulling it will.

For the universe to make you aware of the issues you have chosen to heal by reincarnating, it needs to bring you experiences that will trigger and activate you. The problem is with your Mind that is still running on its old imprints, programs and beliefs, that until it is aware enough to desire to change, will just keep going in circles, trying to apply the same fuzzy and twisted logic that created the problem, in trying to fix it. With self-awareness comes self-empowerment, and until you choose to end your denials and look at you as being the problem to your issues, nothing changes.