Says 267 – Refusal to break habits

I find it interesting that even though Mike died of lung disease caused by his heavy smoking, there are four other men in my building that are still at it. I asked Danny why he doesn’t quit his two pack a day habit and he just shrugs it off. A woman that is a friend of Danny’s told me that he has to stop sometimes when he is walking up the slight hill from Tim Horton’s where he gets his coffee. That should be a wakeup call for him, but apparently not. I spoke to the other guys and they were basically in the same frame of mind. One guy was smoking the E-cigarettes  for a while, but he started coughing so he quit them and went back to tobacco cigarettes. The other guys smoke about the same, from one and an half to two and a half packs per day.

Not only is it a health issue, but the cost as well. Cigarettes in Ontario cost about $12.00/pack of 20, so that is $24.00/day and that works out to $24 x 7= $168/week or $720.00/month. That is more than he pays for rent. Oh Well, it’s their life and their choice.

Says 266 – Mind (Spirit) the Unloving Master

Taken from my Journal – April 16 Monday 9:30 am

Your Mind (Spirit) may have a thought or idea, but there is no real desire or emotion to experience it. This is because the Mind instantly brings up old imprints, programs, and beliefs that say that what was suggested is not appropriate for any number of reasons. In the same breath, false Will (Soul) that is aligned with Minds judgments has no desire to experience it, as unresolved negative emotions come up to validate the Minds judgments. Heart goes along with the Minds assessment and so there is no action, no movement of the original thought or idea that was squashed by old imprints, programs and beliefs that are in reversal to the new thought or idea.  The result is that the same old pattern is repeated as one continues on their not-so-merry-go-round; wondering why things happen as they do and hoping that things will change.

So! How does this apply to the Body? Old imprints, programs, and beliefs that the Mind has, have forced the Body (through habits) to become a slave to the Minds judgments. These are deeply ingrained in not only the Mind, but also the Will, Heart and Body. These are mostly social beliefs, that of being told what to do or not to do, what is right and wrong, good or bad, acceptable or not acceptable.  These beliefs and judgments then form the habits for the Body, which has basically been forced to override its own needs and desires and be a slave to the Minds programming.

So then, to break this old programming, I need to first, get my Mind to recognize what it is doing, and then for it to open to hear what it is that the Body wants and needs.  Hummm… What the Body wants and needs in order to heal itself is the prime objective. But, the trick here is to differentiate between what the Body really wants and needs, and what the Mind thinks the Body wants and needs based on its old habits and quick fix, feel good sensations that give the Mind the false notion that what pleases the Mind also pleases the Body. It’s just like when I was getting my Mind to listen and feel what my Will (Soul) Intuition was wanting to express, so too I need to listen to my Body to not only hear, but also feel and allow it to express what it wants and needs to. As long as my Mind (Spirit) thinks it’s right and has the answer to what my Soul, Heart and Body desire and need, it is the unloving master that is unwittingly not only forcing the other parts of our Being to die, by forcing it’s denials on them, but also itself, as there is no separation.  (9:50 am)

Says 265 – Thoughts on an eternal Body

As a follow up to my previous post, while we all have a Spirit, Soul, and Heart that is eternal, we also have a Body with which we experience physical reality that presently isn’t eternal, but dies and then reincarnates.  So when I got the message to, “Seek the Doorway to Eternal Life,” I took that to mean that it includes the physical Body. The Body IS a part of the Spirit, Soul and Heart, and is not meant to be used, abused and cast off when it can no longer bear the denials it has been receiving and is unable to function in the way that Spirit thinks it should. The Body is also meant to have eternal life also, but, the proverbial but…  Who, what, where, when, why and how?

Just as the Spirit, Soul and Heart are energy, so too is the Body, albeit at a lower frequency or vibration that is necessary to obtain and maintain a state of physical matter.  The Body is made up mostly of water, but it also contains a multitude of different chemicals and minerals. But, all this is the physical RESULT, it’s not CAUSAL, as what is causal and creates all this are the unseen forces that are yet to be brought to our conscious awareness in order to have true understanding. If we knew the 5 W’s we would know how to heal and change our DNA and reverse this process of the body being cast off, (death) and the slow process of the Body dying until it finally reaches the point that it can no longer support life for Spirit, Soul and Heart.  (To be continued)

Says 264 – Thoughts on Death

I was thinking about death and how I’ve been isolated from it. There have only been five times in my life that I have been personally involved, and not really directly. The first was when I was 8 or 9 and the funeral of my grandmother. What I remember was people standing around her grave as she was being buried.  I was at least 100 feet away and wasn’t allowed to go nearer.

The second was when I was when I was in grade 7 and I heard that my friend had accidentally shot himself while hunting gophers. I never went to his funeral as I heard about it after the fact.

The next was when I was 38 years old and I flew home to spend Christmas with my family, as my dad was going into the hospital in a couple of months for a heart operation. After my visit, he drove me to the airport and as we said our good-byes I knew and he knew that we would never see each other again. He died shortly after his surgery and I never went to his funeral.

Years later I went to a neighbors’ husbands wake. IT was a small somber gathering with people I didn’t know except for the wife of the deceased. There was no body present.

Years later, after I got divorced, my girlfriends aunte died and I went to her wake. This time there was an open casket and I saw my first dead human being. The thing that struck me at the time was that she seemed like an empty vessel as the life had been sucked out of her. I compared her body to a dried corn plant like the ones you often see as a Halloween decoration.  Other than that, I have had friends, auntes, and uncles die, but I have never gone to their funerals for any number of reasons.

So this thing called death is rather an unknown to me, but I also realize that disease and aging are on the path that leads to it. I just thought of the message I got on Says 255 – Seek the Doorway to Eternal Life . I feel  that INCLUDES physical life and our Body but where it is healthy and youthful. It’s kind of like the memory you have inside yourself when your physical Body is getting older and you don’t  look like it did, or are able to do the things you used to do.

I’m planning on heading back out West to see my family this summer as I feel that my mother, who is going to be 93 in July will be passing soon, as will one

Says 263 – And Life Slips Silently Away

11:00 am – I got the news today that Mike, the man I mentioned in my previous post “Death Comes Knocking” died yesterday afternoon. The comments were that if he had lived, he would need to be in a Nursing Home as he would need a constant supply of oxygen just to breathe. He would also need a colostomy bag and constant care and monitoring. The person that told me the news said that Mike said he could not live like that and so he chose to leave.

3:00 pm – While I don’t feel any grief over Mike’s passing, it does leave me pondering our physical body and life.  Our Body is our temple, our form, with which we experience life. Once it is gone, so is that part of our journey, our experience. It makes me realize just how precious our physical body is and how ignorantly and carelessly we abuse it for any number of reasons.

What if? What if we knew we only have one Body and one chance to explore and experience physical reality? Would we be so careless with our Body? We take death of the physical body for granted, as part of life, but death is NOT a part of life; it is the absence of life.  When you really think about it it’s also the absence of love. I don’t mean the micro birth and death of the cells in the body that maintain it, I mean on a macro scale, our entire physical form, when we do things that directly affect our Body in a negative way.  I don’t know where this is going but I’m just writing what is coming to my awareness.

Mike’s family was here this morning cleaning out his apartment and loading his stuff onto a couple of pickup trucks. I don’t remember seeing any of them visit him in the four plus years I’ve lived here, but they seemed to know what he had that they wanted as they asked other tenants where this and that were.  It was like they were just waiting for him to die, like vultures. Even though his rent is paid up for the month, it’s not even 24 hours and they are at it, like vultures.

Says 262 – A Shift in Energy – A New Reality

10:40 pm – I’ve noticed a subtle shift in energy with the people in the building that I live in.  At first it was just Bob. We used to talk and joke around last summer, but by late fall, I sensed him pulling away and avoiding me. Mike, who is now dying, was also acting strange at the time.

Yesterday, I noticed other tenants and the landlord in the backyard. I joined them as they were discussing Mike’s situation. The whole conversation felt “off,” in a way that is difficult to describe. He wasn’t dead, yet they were talking about potential tenants, and getting rid of his “stuff.” Within a couple of minutes of me joining the group, the conversation changed topic. The whole situation felt odd and I felt estranged, out of place, like in a different reality, one that I didn’t belong in or one that they didn’t want me to be in.  I can’t really put my finger on it, but it felt weird.

11.30 pm – Now that I’ve reflect on it, it’s not just these people but others as well. As people that were chatty before have suddenly gone silent, while others that were silent, have become talkative and engaging. Is this the beginning of the separating of the denial Spirits and the Spirits in denial, from those choosing to end their denials? Is this the separation of the two realities, the duality that we have been living in for eons? This isn’t just being intuitively aware of loving and unloving energies, but actually sensing and seeing unloving denial energy people move away from you, or loving ones being drawn to you on a physical level.  Is this a step in creating our new reality, our new world?  Moving out of the world of illusion and into the real world. Things that make you go… hummmmm?

Says 261 – Death comes knocking

Back on March 21, the man who is acting superintendent of the building I live in was taken to the hospital. He was complaining of being dizzy, nauseous, and having low energy.  He was a heavy drinker and smoker, and not in the best of physical condition, so this trip to emergency was not unexpected. They admitted him and after four days, the doctors finally diagnosed him with double pneumonia and started the appropriate treatment.

After a week, he was still in the hospital and they were doing further tests as he was not responding to their treatments. On April 04, his brother knocked on my door, looking for the landlord so that he could get into the apartment to get some things that his brother wanted. He told me that his brother didn’t look good and that the doctors were waiting to transfer him to the nearest BIG city hospital as soon as a bed was available.

Today, I heard that he had been transferred a couple of days ago, and that they had put him into an induced coma. I also head that yesterday, they brought him out of the coma to operate on him and that his heart had stopped two times during the operation. After the operation, they again put him back into a comatose state.  The doctors told his brother to get his things in order as they felt he was not going to make it, with no further comment.

I have mixed feelings with this. Not that he and I were friends as I really didn’t know him, but my issue is with the hospitals and doctors and the way they have handled the whole thing. I just have an uneasy feeling  that while he was sick, he was not on deaths door….