Says 313 – The stage has been set.

People now hide from the truth

I feel the stage has been set and that the show is about to begin. Even though denials, lies and corruption have been, and continue to be exposed, it seems that only a few have been quickened and are aware of the lie and illusion they have been living. It seems that most, unless it’s directly happening to them, continue to live life as if there was nothing wrong in the world. I feel that is all about to change in 2018. It will not happen suddenly, but like a volcano, the pressure is increasing and when it does, there will be few, if any, that will not be directly affected.

The Old System is about to collapse and that affects all elements of society. There will be scrambling to try to maintain and save the old, but it will be short lived and futile. Prepare to see what has been covered up and denied for decades, as more deep seated secrets are being exposed to the light of love. These revelations will rattle social beliefs to their very core.


Says 312 – The Social System – the Matrix

The social system is an artificial construct. It’s a “presence” that has no life essence of its own. It only exists because of the energy that we, as society, are willing to give it. We give it life, a means to exist, by willingly feeding into the programs and beliefs that we accept as truth. The system is a tool used by those that walk among us, pretending to be like us with unloving intent. They are a gang, a brotherhood of thugs whose members have set up different artificial social fronts, that, while they look real and are there to serve society, they are there to serve themselves. While they seem to be independent social constructs, they are all connected to the backroom rulers who are monitoring events unfold. What connects them, besides this artificial network of social reality is the love, their love of power and of control.

The laws, rules, conditions, policies and procedures they write and enforce on the general public do not apply to themselves as they have PIE. Privilege, Immunity and Entitlement. While they may say they are subject to the same laws, what they don’t say is that they aren’t punished if they break them. Politicians, bureaucrats, agencies, police, lawyers, military, education, media, banks, industry, doctors, religions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food, water, energy, gas and oil, etc, etc, all have PIE, when it comes to being responsible for their words and actions that affect the rest of society and the planet. They all have INTERNAL departments that oversee any so-called discretion’s that has caught the public eye. Politicians have an internal review process. Police police the police. Lawyers govern themselves as do those in the list I mentioned. Corporations write bogus policies, claims and policies that instead of being checked and corrected by so-called government agencies for accuracy, health and safety, are instead, rubber stamped and put into law.

Saying that something is illegal or the law is an attempt to get you to acknowledge that they have authority over you and that you are compelled to obey their demands. Laws are arbitrary dictates used to control the general population, and are not universal standards of morality. Until laws and the penalties for breaking them are applied equally to one and all, including the “ruling class” with their Privilege, Immunity and Entitlement, they remain the tools of social injustice.

Says 311 – People helping themselves

I’ve been living here for almost 5 years and last night, someone ransacked my vehicle. I did a quick check and all that seems to be missing is a camera film case full of ($72.00) toonies, ($2.00 coins) and some spare coin for parking meters, along with some clothes I was going to donate to the Salvation Army. Also missing is an older canon digital camera that I got on Kijiji for $5.00 and just kept it in the car as a spare. The camera is about all that was taken that I wasn’t going to give away any as I was saving the toonies to give to the next homeless man I met and it appears he couldn’t wait. Oh. he also took my dream catcher.. and that’s a bummer… I was also lucky as he didn’t go into the very back of my vehicle as I have all my camping gear stored there and that is a lot of money. My license and insurance, dash camera, and GPS are still there. There might be other smaller items missing, but I think that is it. There is no point in calling the police as there is nothing that they can really do. I guess I’ll be locking my vehicle from now on.

Friends suggested I inform the police and that brought back my last encounter with the local constabulary when I found an expensive knapsack under a tree in the front yard. It contained a iphone, a pair of vice grips and a $5.00 bill. The vice grips looked suspicious so I thought they could find the owner through the iphone.. but when I took it in, the cop began to interrogate me. He wanted me to know my name, where I lived, worked and to show him some identification. I refused and just left. Afterwards, I thought I should have just taken the knapsack back and tried to find the person myself.

Says 310 – A powerful example of injustice and a failed system

<Quote> A man accused of killing two Newfoundlanders and seriously injuring another in a 2015 crash in Leduc, Alta., has been found not guilty.

Bobby Bartlett was acquitted in November of two counts of dangerous driving causing death, and three counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

After three days of evidence, the “trial judge” found that the Crown had not met the burden of proof.

Other charges stayed…….

Bartlett had also been charged with two counts of impaired driving causing death, three counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm, and related charges.

But in June, those charges were stayed.

“The Crown” said there was no “reasonable likelihood of conviction.” <end quote>

Find the original CBC article here.

PS – The bold highlights in red are mine for emphasis.

Says 309 – Why the system is as evil as it is

This meme popped up on my Facebook news feed and I felt I need to share it as it expresses my point of view, not only with the police, but in all the ten categories that I identified in my previous post “Says 305 – The Beast.”  that are shown in the second image. As long as the order followers are willing to carry out the orders of the power hungry psychopaths in a position of power, they are bad, “unloving” by way of their choice. As the old cliché states, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

The biggest problem is, and this is my guess-timate, that 60% of the people work in some form of government or in the myriad of agencies that are directly and indirectly associated with the various forms of government. Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are involved with the rest of “the Beast.” and so it affects everything and everyone. Bad corporations hire bad lawyers to make bad laws that are approved by bad bureaucrats and politicians, and enforced by bad police, covered by bad media, and the list goes on and on.