Says 311 – People helping themselves

I’ve been living here for almost 5 years and last night, someone ransacked my vehicle. I did a quick check and all that seems to be missing is a camera film case full of ($72.00) toonies, ($2.00 coins) and some spare coin for parking meters, along with some clothes I was going to donate to the Salvation Army. Also missing is an older canon digital camera that I got on Kijiji for $5.00 and just kept it in the car as a spare. The camera is about all that was taken that I wasn’t going to give away any as I was saving the toonies to give to the next homeless man I met and it appears he couldn’t wait. Oh. he also took my dream catcher.. and that’s a bummer… I was also lucky as he didn’t go into the very back of my vehicle as I have all my camping gear stored there and that is a lot of money. My license and insurance, dash camera, and GPS are still there. There might be other smaller items missing, but I think that is it. There is no point in calling the police as there is nothing that they can really do. I guess I’ll be locking my vehicle from now on.

Friends suggested I inform the police and that brought back my last encounter with the local constabulary when I found an expensive knapsack under a tree in the front yard. It contained a iphone, a pair of vice grips and a $5.00 bill. The vice grips looked suspicious so I thought they could find the owner through the iphone.. but when I took it in, the cop began to interrogate me. He wanted me to know my name, where I lived, worked and to show him some identification. I refused and just left. Afterwards, I thought I should have just taken the knapsack back and tried to find the person myself.

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