Says 186 – Quick fix & Learn what doesn’t work

186 - fill-the-emptiness-in-your-lifeFor all those that are wanting a “Quick Fix” to heal their emotions….. here is a link to four things you can do..         NOTE: I said QUICK FIX…
Before you can know what works, you need to know what doesn’t work. Like learning to ride a bike; you not only need to fall, but you need to have the desire to search for and understand the REASON you fell, and then APPLY that hindsight to your future experiences so see if indeed you solved your problem. If not, then you need to analyze the problem again and apply a different solution to see if that works.  If you don’t, guess what? ………  SSDD
Food for thought … or Not…

Says 185 – Denial doesn’t deter negativity

185 Negativity is contagious - notI copied this from a Facebook post a friend made. It’s another example of how society thinks denial can solve the problems in their life.

You don’t get rid of those that are negative (reversed polarity – not loving essence) by keeping your distance, you get rid of them, or rather, they distance themselves from you when you confront them, by speaking your truth.. A simple, “what is your intent?” is enough to start this process.

     Food  for thought – or Not!

Says 184 – Imprints, Programs and Beliefs

184 - Born - Imprints,Yet another powerful image I found on the internet.  These imprints, programs and beliefs form the foundation of what and who you presently think you are, and also your worth and value as a human Being.

It’s time to awaken to your true identity.

Food for thought… or NOT…

Says 183 – People don’t need to be saved

183 People rescuedI found this image-text on the internet and felt I needed to share it on my blog as it has a powerful message.  While it has a message, if it doesn’t make you ask a ton of questions, it’s of no value to you.

Why do I say that?

Now if you had thoughts as to why I would say something like that, then your consciousness is beginning to stir and you are entering what I call the quickening, the precursor to awakening.

You started asking… now keep asking…  and by the way; don’t be satisfied with one of your old Belief System (BS) answers… Question them too.
  Food for thought… or not…

Says 182 – Cognitive Dissonance

182 - cognitive dissonanceThis is the current image-text definition of cognitive dissonance that is flooding the internet. The original definition of cognitive dissonance is when you know the truth, but have been “persuaded” to change your mind, and accept and promote the lie as the truth. The most common examples can be found in politics and religion.

This is a video from the mid 1950’s that explains, by example, what cognitive dissonance is and HOW it is created…  As you can see, this modern definition twists that into something entirely different. The meaning of cognitive dissonance has now been changed, just like the word psychopath and been changed to sociopath.. Don’t be fooled by word or definition changes. Bullshit is still bullshit, even if you call it a mud pie.

Says 181 – Love is not an emotion

LOve is not an emotionContrary to popular opinion, Love is not an emotion. It is a energy, a frequency or vibration that can be felt by not just empaths, but by animals, plants and the Earth itself. Not all energy is loving  and unloving (reversed polarity) love energy seeks to close, compress and control, while Unconditional Love is open, expanding, and evolving. Love, is the essence of life, while denial of love seeks death.

This concept will put an entirely new spin on what you thought love is, and the words, “I love,” will take on a different meaning and dimension. Love with conditions, or when denial is present, is what we are presently experiencing in varying degrees, and is also why we have disease and death.  Ending our denials and expressing the truth is what will enable us to create the life we desire, and yet to dream, here on Earth.

Says 180 – Diet and lifestyle – the root cause of Anxiety?

180 anxiety and dietYet another post on my facebook page that I disagree with .. Anxiety Drugs Cause Anxiety, Weight Gain And Even DEATH, This is How To Treat The ROOT Cause that was written by a holistic psychiatrist practicing in New York City.  He goes on to say that <quote> I think anxiety is first and foremost a physiologic disorder; that is, it’s a disorder of the body, not just the mind. <end quote

Anxiety is a mental/emotional issue, with the person either worrying about what happened in the past, or what will happen in the future. If the good doctor gave his hypothesis  more thought, he would realize that the issues related to past or future, have NOTHING to do with your diet and lifestyle.

However, there is a link in that the denied mental and emotional energy is stored in the Body, creating imbalance and disease, but the ROOT cause is not changing ones diet or lifestyle, but in finding and healing the root cause of ones anxiety. Changing ones diet and lifestyle will be at best, “a quick fix,” as the feelings and emotions will still be there.


Says 179 – Medical Community searching for cure, not cause.

In the  course of my journey, I’ve come to discover that the so-called medical community is 95% out of touch with reality and have no interest in finding the CAUSE of a medical or emotional problem, but to find a CURE… which… BTW, are not one and the same.  Of course, the bottom line is to not heal the patients, but to create CUSTOMERS and make MONEY.
179 painI came upon this post…
The Connection Between Your Thyroid and Chronic Pain That Doctors Miss Every Time on a friends facebook page and after reading the article, I felt I needed to make a comment and also post it to my blog.

That this is another part-truth… Sure there is a connection between your thyroid and chronic pain. but what the so-called Dr. Westin Childs, a so-called leading expert in thyroid health fails to address, is why the thyroid is not functioning properly. And it’s NOT… repeat…. NOT…. because of a T3 or T4 level problem.

<quote> He linked tissue level hypothyroidism as one of the main causes of Fibromyalgia. And he did this through a concept known as ‘deductively formulated theory‘. <end quote>

This academic egotistical moron likes to compare himself to Albert Einstein. <quote> (This is the same logic that Albert Einstein used to come up with his hypotheses – like the theory of relativity)<end quote> but he isn’t even close. He hasn’t looked for the fundamental CAUSE. The thyroid is part of the much larger endocrine system and any mental, emotional and physical stress on the Body, affects this system, and in turn, the entire body.