Says 186 – Quick fix & Learn what doesn’t work

186 - fill-the-emptiness-in-your-lifeFor all those that are wanting a “Quick Fix” to heal their emotions….. here is a link to four things you can do..         NOTE: I said QUICK FIX…
Before you can know what works, you need to know what doesn’t work. Like learning to ride a bike; you not only need to fall, but you need to have the desire to search for and understand the REASON you fell, and then APPLY that hindsight to your future experiences so see if indeed you solved your problem.
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Says 185 – Denial doesn’t deter negativity

185 Negativity is contagious - notI copied this from a Facebook post a friend made. It’s another example of how society thinks denial can solve the problems in their life.

You don’t get rid of those that are negative (reversed polarity – not loving essence) by keeping your distance, you get rid of them, or rather, they distance themselves from you when you confront them, by speaking your truth..Read the rest