Says 279 – More pieces of the Puzzle

My view of reality is changing.  A few weeks ago I was chatting with a friend who does work at a hospice, and a few things she said made me question my beliefs. I’ve believed that our “Spirit” is our Mind, that originates our conscious thoughts, ideas, words, etc.. BUT… after our conversation, I felt something was “off” with that concept. That, together with working on healing the other aspects of my Being, my Body, Will (Soul) and Heart, made me think that there is more.

Another thing that has been a recent topic has been Ego that is associated with the Mind and also false Ego. So…. I’m trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and an idea that came up is that while our Mind is connected to our Spirit, it is NOT our entire Spirit, as that is where our “Higher Self” comes in. So… What if a portion of our Higher Self manifests itself in the physical and calls itself Spirit “Mind” or as some might say EGO. BUT… when our Spirit re-incarnated, it gradually forgot who it was and its prime purpose and came to be what I call our “altered Ego,” altered by imprints, programs and beliefs and judgments. Part of our process now is to experience and re-cover our Essence that we lost in past lives, to become whole again. EGO is not bad, as some make it out to be, as it defines us as who we really are.. it’s only our “altered Ego” that does crazy shit.
Now the other parts of our Being, our Soul, (intuition, feelings and emotions) Heart and Body also have their own consciousness and “try” to communicate with the Mind that is basically the “Controller” of our physical reality. But, besides these voices, we also have other incarnate and dis-incarnate voices vying for our attention, including our HIGHER SELF.

OK…Another thing is that for a long time, I’ve had this thought/feeling that I’m here to manifest, or bring down my entire Spiritual Essence into the Earth plane, in this physical body, in the hear and now. To Spiritilize my physical Body. This however, requires unconditional love and a total connection between my Mind (Ego) and the rest of my Being and my “higher self” …

Says – 278 – The Unseen Role of Denial

Whenever I go shopping and am cashing out, I hear the same robotic message from the cashier as they greet the customers in front of me.

“Hi, How are you?”
The customer smiles and relies, “Fine, and you/”
The cashier says, “Fine. Nice day isn’t it” – or something to that effect.

This is how people set themselves up to carry on being in denial of how they really feel.. Sure, it’s a socially acceptable custom and tradition, but that doesn’t mean it is right, real, or loving. This is part and parcel of the unseen role of denial that literally sucks the life out of us.

The FINE picture is another aspect of the unseen role of denial, and how we unconsciously live our lives as a lie.

Says 277 – Commonality

This post ties in with my earlier post Says – 273 The false idols people worship. What gives people a euphoric high, a sense of purpose, of value, of being accepted, and part of something larger than themselves, and a host of other adjectives, is their interactions with others that share the same exterior group experiences or events. It could be a religious or political gathering, customs and traditions, music, sports games, a club, bar, or whatever or wherever a group of people share a COMMON interest.

This commonality or shared experience is actually an energy, a vibration that draws them together. The saying, “Birds of a feather flock together,” is an accurate metaphor to describe this social phenomenon. It’s also a herd mentality, as they blindly follow others without logic or reason, and do whatever the crowd does, as if in a hypnotic state. This group energy either makes them feel alive and takes them out of whatever issues and problems they prefer to ignore or deny, or… they are actively engaged in what they think is a solution to their common problem. They can play both sides of the fence. It’s similar to a person that is addicted to drugs or alcohol, where they can temporarily escape their undesired reality. While this sense of commonality doesn’t usually involve drugs, it can.



While this is nothing new… it has now reached a new level. The general population has been slowly desensitized, dumbed down and controlled, and so now they have this in COMMON. They have the same dulled mentality, energy, and vibration, and although they may have different beliefs and experiences, what they all share is a lack of conscious awareness, and this is what they have in common. They have a dulled mind and numb feelings, that swings and sways with the herd mentality propaganda that the media continues to pump into their minds. Most would deny they have a herd mentality and are dumbed down, but that too is part of the herd mentality, as DENIAL, and being in denial of being in denial is what they also have in common. Yet another example of the unseen role of denial.

Says 276 – Single Mom builds 3500 sq. ft. home in nine months.

There is this story floating around on Facebook where a single parent mom (working full time) and the mother of four that she has to cook, clean and care for…builds a 3500 square floor home in nine months with no knowledge of what is needed to build a house except for information she gets off the internet.

This story is bullshit, as footings, foundations, framing, electrical, plumbing, heating/AC, drywall, kitchen, bath, tiling, carpeting, flooring, trim, painting, brickwork, siding, roofing… etc. etc. all take years of experience to do properly. Not to mention knowing building codes and getting permits.

Recently there seems to be a flood of this kind of tripe on social media. I’ve responded to a few of them, and have for the most part, been attacked to making so0called “negative” comments. I found it incredible just how many people ate this story up as being real, and even had glowing praise for the woman. Any opposition to it was met with harsh criticism. I guess people get “paid” to plant this sort of bullshit story just to see how stupid and gullible people are in this dumbed down society.

I later realized that without any personal experience, people are gullible and will believe any story that makes them “feel good.” That, and given that most social media users are under 40, and haven’t been exposed to the real world of building and fixing things; it’s understandable that they don’t know what they are looking at and being told.

This is a picture of them laying the footings and concrete block for the foundation.. This is what I would expect from the mom and her children… but when you see the finished home.. NO WAY!..  This is a joke… lol

Says 275 – Confusion between Mind and Spirit

I continued reading my RUOW book, and when I turned the page, there was another paragraph that stood out to me.  RUOW  Book 1 – pg 112  


I  also want everyone that is wanting to stay on Earth to agree to end personal denial and accept the self completely.

You need to start with yourself and make an unconditional acceptance of how it really feels to be you. Instead of feeling you must heal everything immediately, you need not. You must however, have a completely committed intent to end denial and heal all the separations of consciousness that this created. This includes:Pain of experiences that the Body holds. Pain of emotions that the Will holds. Loss of Love that Heart holds. Misunderstandings and limitations that the Mind holds disconnection from the Spirit that originated all of it.


What really caught my attention and got me thinking was this sentence.
<> Misunderstandings and limitations that the Mind holds disconnection from the Spirit that originated all of it. <>

I had associated Mind as Spirit, but I’m now thinking/feeling it in a whole new way. That Mind is our Ego or rather Altered Ego, altered by our imprints, programs and beliefs and also by “misunderstandings,” “limitations,” and judgments. That maybe the “Spirit” that is referred to, is really our Higher Self that is trying to guide and heal our Mind (and the rest of our Being.)

We associate our mind/Spirit as our I AM being, but it’s really just an aspect of our Higher Self made manifest in the physical world.  While our Higher Self KNOWS things, (past, present and future)… our mind is ignorant, as part of the process of understanding and healing is to unravel the puzzle of love and life, and not have another do it for us. To do that we need to know all the aspects of denial that have created our present situation

When we originally manifested in the physical, we were not as disconnected from our Higher Self as we are now, and it’s our denials that have created this fragmentation that now needs to be healed in order to recover lost Essence and the lost parts of our Being. This is getting deep, but I know there is a lot more to it.


Says 274 Emotions are not something Exterior

I’ve begun re-reading my RUOW books  that I haven’t read for years… I began a few weeks ago and while passages stood out to me, this is the first I’m sharing. This is a quote (in part) from Book 1 – pg 111

Feelings are not something exterior like other experiences….

The increase in denial has mainly taken place in this way: rather than rejecting experiences that did not feel good, many Spirits rejected their feelings toward these experiences instead. Feelings are only responsive. They do not cause an experience to be unpleasant.


Says 273 – The false idols people worship

In this increasing dumber down society, the role of the media as a tool to control the masses is becoming clearly evident. Distraction is the name of the game, and electronic perception becomes reality. With the exponential development of electronics, there seems no end to the ways and means that the media can use to program whatever message they want into the mindset of the masses.

If the thousands of religions wasn’t enough to worship an external power and distract them from their daily lives, they now have a myriad more to choose from. Don’t get me wrong as I am far from religious, but here are a few images that show how people have become distracted and are fervent followers and worshipers of people, places or things that they hold above themselves. Take away their idol; what gives them a sense of identity and commonality with others of the same beliefs, and their world collapses.

Says 272 – A reversal of thought on food.

It’s interesting how the universe sets the stage and then slowly begins to shift your conscious awareness to what it wants to show you. A few days ago it was the banana thing and worrying about the food I eat. This morning I woke up thinking of food and how its been contaminated by GMO’s and chemical pesticides We worry if the food we buy will harm our bodies and so we take as many precautions as possible and keep informed of the lasted round of tainted food.

As I was thinking this, I suddenly had a thought that instead of worrying if a food is safe or not why not use INTENT and sound energy to remove anything that doesn’t serve our body’s highest purpose and good. This is not really new as Dr Emoto researched the effect of emotions and sounds on water and so have many other scientists.

Our bodies and the food we eat are made up of mostly water and other chemicals, and – common to all is that they are all energy, but at different frequencies. So there is this LINK between us, our human bodies, and food and water that we presently need to survive, that needs to be explored. Even plants respond to the human energy field that either helps them flourish, or shrivel and die. For that matter, the same holds true for animals. As I’m typing this the word that keeps popping into my head is LOVE… LOVE is LIFE and everything is connected by love, including its absence in varying degrees or what is commonly referred to as “conditional” love.

Says 271 – Bananas Infected with AIDS Virus?

I love bananas but recently I’ve found two with weird stuff in them like in the picture. I don’t know if I have inadvertently eaten any, but I know that from now on, I will be cutting my banana in half lengthwise before taking a bite.

I saw a red-purplish spot in the banana after I peeled it and thought it was a bruise, but there was no indication of one on the peel. I broke off a chunk and saw this inside. I can’t remember the banana brand, but it was either Chiquita or Dole. It’s bad enough that we have GMO products, but now they are purposely injecting disease into our food. WTF is the world coming to?

PS: Seems I was jumping to conclusions – and that it “appears” to be a fungus…  None the less, I’ll be more wary of this issue..

Says 270 – New Cause for Depression – NOT

Unexpressed emotions cause a chemical imbalance in the body, not the other way around. – Shenreed

When I first saw this post on my Facebook page and the caption I thought FINALLY….. …… the truth be known. It’s not a chemical imbalance, but an allergic reaction to ABUSE and BULLSHIT.  But then when I opened the link – DAH! Surprise….. It’s not ABUSE and BULLSHIT… it’s INFLAMMATION, which in reality, is a part-truth as that assumption is also BULLSHIT. Because the current anti-depressant DRUGS are not working and have serious side-effects, it’s an attempt to get people with unresolved mental/emotional issues to take anti-inflammatory drugs that are also known to have serious side-effects. But, because it is a NEW and different approach it is being heralded as a medical breakthrough in health care industry.

A patient cured is a customer lost – Shenreed

All this is just moving from one drug (chemical) to another without really looking for the CAUSE. Modern medicine focuses on treating symptoms and not addressing the root cause of an issue because there is no MONEY in a patient that is healed. Even inflammation, the new “boogie man” that the so-called medical establishment is pointing its fingers at is not the cause of illness, as inflammation is the body’s response and attempt to heal itself from an injury or infection, characterized by pain, swelling, redness and heat.  Anti-inflammatory and pain killers just numb the mind to the pain and do nothing to help the body heal. In fact, the body now has to deal the side-effects of the drugs.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my posts, you might want to check out my BOOKS.

Says 269 – Being Positive is Really Negative

Denying anything that is negative and undesirable is not how you go about solving a problem. – Shenreed

I’m posting this as I’m tired of the – “Positive Attitude” BS that has been going on for as long as I can remember. It’s the same BS that was around when I was a child and is still being regurgitated. Whether it’s religious people or New Age Spiritual people; the problem with having a positive attitude is that it is based on religious imprints, programs and beliefs, as well as social customs and traditions. Even if you don’t consider yourself religious, you have unknowingly been imprinted and programmed with religious views through social dogma, morals, scruples, and ethics that contain the unseen role of denial. The irony is that the people that say they are being POSITIVE are in fact, the ones that are being NEGATIVE and unloving, because of their hidden denials. If you challenge and question their Belief System (BS) then you are not accepted as one of “them” and are considered negative, wrong, and a naysayer.

For the person saying this, it’s really, “Do as I say and make me happy.” – Shenreed

Some of the most popular so-called positive clichés used to justify and support their negative and unloving words and actions are:

  • Be positive and not negative.
  • Look at the bigger picture.
  • We all need to make sacrifices.
  • Make the best of a bad situation.
  • The best of two evils
  • Everyone makes mistakes.
  • They are not perfect.
  • They are only human.
  • Look on the bright side.
  • They are only “doing their job.”
  • Forgive and forget.
  • You are not to judge others.
  • You have to give love to get love.
  • If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
  • And the list goes on and on.

All religions have the same basic Golden Rule of… “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” This is just another way of saying it. – Shenreed

Being so-called “positive is what is wrong with society today. This is the same social mentality that lets presidents, governments, military, police, religion, corporations, etc., get away with the shit they do. The Media, including social media, is full of clichés and excuses used to justify any wrong doings by these groups, and any voice against their unlovingness is considered negative and wrong. The outer reality is but a reflection of the inner reality, so when society (social consciousness) denies any so-called negative feelings and emotions, they will be reflected and experienced in their outer reality. In other words, their denials will come back and bite them in the ass. Why do you think the people and groups I previously mentioned are getting more blatant and outrageous in the shit they are doing and getting away with it. Social consciousness is a collective of individual consciousness, and until people begin to take personal responsibility for all of their Being and end their denials, their reality (life and freedom) will become more and more compressed and limited.

Says 268 – Allergic to Toxic GMO Food

On Wednesday, May 3, I bought some red grapes from Food Basics, a local grocery store. I didn’t look closely at the packaging except to see that they were from Chile, so I thought them to be OK. Before eating any, I did my usual vinegar/water solution soak, followed by adding baking soda to the soak, and finally rinsing them off. By Wednesday evening I started having stomach issues that carried on yesterday and today. I was thinking that I might have picked up a bug as I also felt a slight headache and nausea and felt tired and this morning I was visiting the bathroom.

Today at noon, I felt like a light snack and went to the fridge and pulled out the package of grapes. I saw the PLU #4499 number and beside it, the name GESEX and thought that was an odd name for a fruit company. I then noticed, in pale red letters, the words… CRIMSOM red seedless grapes… Then it hit me, they were GMO…

I did a quick internet check and sure enough, and to my surprise, Chile has been moving away from traditional grapes to GMO… I try not to buy any fruit or vegetable from the USA, especially California, and usually pick Mexico, or another foreign country, naively thinking that they haven’t been corrupted by the GMO industry… WRONG…

Usually if a food is toxic, I get cankers on the inside of my lips, I mean in seconds. But not this time… Unless it’s something else, but the grapes are the only thing that are new in my diet. It’s a weird physical feeling and sensation that really doesn’t fit any pattern I’m familiar with. As of the time I’m posting this, I’m feeling better, but now I feel bloated. I’m just going to have some of my homemade vegetarian soup for supper and see how things go.