Says 279 – More pieces of the Puzzle

My view of reality is changing.  A few weeks ago I was chatting with a friend who does work at a hospice, and a few things she said made me question my beliefs. I’ve believed that our “Spirit” is our Mind, that originates our conscious thoughts, ideas, words, etc.. BUT… after our conversation, I felt something was “off” with that concept. That, together with working on healing the other aspects of my Being, my Body, Will (Soul) and Heart, made me think that there is more.

Another thing that has been a recent topic has been Ego that is associated with the Mind and also false Ego. So…. I’m trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and an idea that came up is that while our Mind is connected to our Spirit, it is NOT our entire Spirit, as that is where our “Higher Self” comes in. So… What if a portion of our Higher Self manifests itself in the physical and calls itself Spirit “Mind” or as some might say EGO. BUT… when our Spirit re-incarnated, it gradually forgot who it was and its prime purpose and came to be what I call our “altered Ego,” altered by imprints, programs and beliefs and judgments. Part of our process now is to experience and re-cover our Essence that we lost in past lives, to become whole again. EGO is not bad, as some make it out to be, as it defines us as who we really are.. it’s only our “altered Ego” that does crazy shit.
Now the other parts of our Being, our Soul, (intuition, feelings and emotions) Heart and Body also have their own consciousness and “try” to communicate with the Mind that is basically the “Controller” of our physical reality. But, besides these voices, we also have other incarnate and dis-incarnate voices vying for our attention, including our HIGHER SELF.

OK…Another thing is that for a long time, I’ve had this thought/feeling that I’m here to manifest, or bring down my entire Spiritual Essence into the Earth plane, in this physical body, in the hear and now. To Spiritilize my physical Body. This however, requires unconditional love and a total connection between my Mind (Ego) and the rest of my Being and my “higher self” …

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