Says 397 – The 2020 CoronaCrash and things to come

Well here we go… The collapse of the system and the old blueprint of creation and the beginning and implantation of a new blueprint….

This video holds a lot of “Food for thought” regarding the virus and current economic and social conditions and future possibilities. Take what resonates for you, but I suggest you watch at least to the first 25 minutes

Here is the video link.     CORONACRASH: This is the New 9/11 That Will Be Far Worse Than The Great Depression

I posted this video via a youtube link back in 2020 March 13. The video is no longer available due to YouTube’s censorship of the truth… Luckily, I had downloaded a copy, and after some effort, I was able to get it reduced to 142MB, down from 1.3GB so that I could upload it to my blog.

Says 270 – New Cause for Depression – NOT

Unexpressed emotions cause a chemical imbalance in the body, not the other way around. – Shenreed

When I first saw this post on my Facebook page and the caption I thought FINALLY….. …… the truth be known. It’s not a chemical imbalance, but an allergic reaction to ABUSE and BULLSHIT.  But then when I opened the link – DAH! Surprise….. It’s not ABUSE and BULLSHIT… it’s INFLAMMATION, which in reality, is a part-truth as that assumption is also BULLSHIT. Because the current anti-depressant DRUGS are not working and have serious side-effects, it’s an attempt to get people with unresolved mental/emotional issues to take anti-inflammatory drugs that are also known to have serious side-effects. But, because it is a NEW and different approach it is being heralded as a medical breakthrough in health care industry.

A patient cured is a customer lost – Shenreed

All this is just moving from one drug (chemical) to another without really looking for the CAUSE. Modern medicine focuses on treating symptoms and not addressing the root cause of an issue because there is no MONEY in a patient that is healed. Even inflammation, the new “boogie man” that the so-called medical establishment is pointing its fingers at is not the cause of illness, as inflammation is the body’s response and attempt to heal itself from an injury or infection, characterized by pain, swelling, redness and heat.  Anti-inflammatory and pain killers just numb the mind to the pain and do nothing to help the body heal. In fact, the body now has to deal the side-effects of the drugs.

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