Says 240 – I joined a walk, jog, and run club

240-cowan-parkThings have been kind-of slow the past few days in that I feel I’m in an in-between phase. I had a Chiropractic treatment on Friday, Dec. 09 and the next one won’t be until Dec. 30. I’m phasing out my external help, and focusing on listening to my body and what it wants, although I still find myself falling back into my old routines.

On Friday I also joined a local Walk, Jog and Run Club that is part of a local Soccer Club. It has an upper level that overlooks the indoor soccer pitches that has a three lane track. I signed up for a four month unlimited membership that is open 7 days a week from7:00 am to 11:00 pm. The track is basically a 220 yard oval, I tried it out and did a 1k walk. I decided to do 1Km for three times, and then up by .5km in sets of 3 until I reached 5km. I might decide to add a jog or run, if I find that my head doesn’t hurt, but in the mean time, it’s just as brisk a walk as I feel comfortable doing which I feel is about 4mph (6.5km/hour) It’s nice being able to walk without having to watch where you are stepping, or to worry about traffic. When I went today, walking and focusing on my stride reminded me of my teen years and marching in the Air Cadets or Militia

Says 239 – Spirit (Mind) and False Pride

239-proudDec. 05 – 6:10 pm – I just did a meditation and again it was Heart speaking to Spirit (Mind)  and how Mind and it’s altered ego controls the body to do what it wants out of false pride and vanity, and stubbornness to admit defeat and not be ashamed and ridiculed. I wish I had written this all down right after the meditation as now most of it is gone from my memory.  I know that Spirit also answered  and asked for help in letting of its imprints, programs and beliefs that control it, and in turn, control the Will, Body and Heart.  That it wants to know what it needs to see and feel in order to heal all aspects of self.

Body also spoke, telling Mind where it had pain. That there was pain in the head, neck, shoulder, back, lower back and legs and that Mind was to also look at the aneurysm, prostate and sex drive issues.  My Body was doing some major movement during these dialogues.

I also flashed back to the contest between the light and dark Wizards and how I was stuck in dense matter, in the Amethyst Crystal and that I couldn’t get myself out. At the time, I blamed Form (Body) but I realize it was my expectations and my false pride and denials that dis-empowered me and allowed me to become stuck, and where I lost a good part of my Essence.

239-make-us-proudAs I was typing and editing this for my Blog I realized that I was imprinted and programmed by my mother and father to “Make them proud.” With that program, I had to do everything in my power to not disappoint them, and to make them ashamed of me. That’s heartbreaking and I feel it in this moment.. What a burden to put on a child that is just starting school and doesn’t know how to speak the language, or even have a clue as to what school was about and what was expected of me. Everything negative that happened to me, I tried my best to deny and not show it, as I didn’t want to disappoint them. Self sacrifice and a false pride to maintain an image that I felt was acceptable. Sadly, that program carried on throughout my life affecting not only my feelings and emotions, but my body as well, as it too had to be strong, even when it wasn’t.  And that is what I’m now in the process of uncovering and healing..

Says 238 – Hyundai Santa Fe and Physical Body

238-mind-circuits2016 Dec.03 – Today is the second anniversary since my car accident.  I just realized that for the past year, ever since I had the unexpected heater and electrical issues with my Hyundai Santa Fe, that my MIND has been looking at used vehicles on Kijiji. I just realized that my Mind is doing the same thing to my Body. Both have issues that are triggering the Minds (Spirit) imprints, programs and beliefs, that they are falling apart, dying,  and that it’s time to get rid of them rather than work on fixing the issues. It’s so subtle how things are inter-related, yet the Mind isn’t consciously aware of what it is doing and why.

As I was making my way to the bathroom, I realized that my Mind was thinking of yet another quick fix, of seeing another alternative medicine facilitator that he had heard was good at stretching and manipulating the neck. Again, the Mind is looking for outside help instead of seeing what his CAUSAL role is with the damage to the neck and to allow the Body to heal itself naturally.

Says 237 – Heart speaks to Spirit (Mind)

237-heart-mindDec 01 3:35 pm – I began what I thought would be a meditation and suddenly became aware that my Heart was talking to my Spirit (Mind). I’m writing this after the fact as I didn’t want to disrupt the dialogue. Heart was asking it to stop running and busying itself with things that didn’t matter and to do what it says it wants to do, that of healing the Body and Will and that every time the real issues are brought up, it runs and distracts itself.

What Spirit is afraid of is DEATH and so a weak, ill and hurting Body is a sign that death is near and as Spirit has never experienced death as the Will (Soul) and Body have, it is terrified to even try to understand what is happening and why, and how its denials of the Will and Body have been causal and have created the illness, injury and aging and the slow decent toward death.

It’s time that Spirit honor its INTENT to heal the Will and Body and to see and feel what it has never seen and felt because it was afraid it would not survive if it did. But now, if it doesn’t, there is a good chance that it will just keep repeating the cycle of reincarnation.

237-every-issues-in-the-bodyHearts message was that it is also time to heal all aspects of our Being, Will, Body, Heart and Spirit that has also lost Essence, power, gifts and talents. That it is now time to accept all things that Spirit has feared, rejected, denied and cut off from its love and light. All lost parts of the Will are scattered and held in the Body. That where Spirit and Spirit Heart had judgments on the Will and Body, that there are either only partial connections there or none at all and only Heartlessness and indifference. There was no bonding and so there isn’t any love or life in these areas, only unlovingness and mistrust.

I can’t remember all that was said as I just went with the flow and was feeling and expressing any emotions that were coming up. But afterwards, I did feel a shift in energy, now how it plays out will need to be seen and felt.

Says 236 – Past and future – Fear and expectations

236-fearFears are what the Mind (Spirit) tries to turn a blind eye to, that it tries to deny as it doesn’t want to deal with them. Part of the reason is that it fears its very survival depends on not re-creating the experience. Fear is rooted in past experiences and projected into the future, and holds the Mind in a state of constant alert, vigilant and fearful of the unknown. The Mind, in a state of fear, is not living in the present “now” moment, but either in the past or the future.

While not a fear, but just as damaging are the Minds desires that are either reenactments of pleasant past experiences, or expectations and projections of future experiences. This includes any number of scenarios, including past pleasant physical or sexual experiences that the Mind would like to re-create. Included in this are regrets and lost opportunities where there was the desire to experience something new, but it was denied and suppressed for any number of reasons, and are now being fantasized and played out in the Mind with re-enactments of what it could be like. In both cases, the Mind is preoccupied with either living in the past or the future, and also misses living in the present “NOW” moment where its true power is, along with the power to manifest its desires.

236-control-yesterday-and-tomorrowIt’s ironic in that both the fear of the past that is projected into the future, and the desire to re-live the past are what keeps the Mind (Spirit) locked in a constant struggle to control and change its outer reality, oblivious that its power lies in the present moment. Trying to live in the past or future means that one is projecting part of their Essence to that space and time, and in doing so, they are not fully present in the now moment.  They live in the present moment with only a fraction of their true Essence and so it is no wonder that they are confused and bewildered as to why they are on this not-so-merry-go-round called life.