Says 240 – I joined a walk, jog, and run club

240-cowan-parkThings have been kind-of slow the past few days in that I feel I’m in an in-between phase. I had a Chiropractic treatment on Friday, Dec. 09 and the next one won’t be until Dec. 30. I’m phasing out my external help, and focusing on listening to my body and what it wants, although I still find myself falling back into my old routines.

On Friday I also joined a local Walk, Jog and Run Club that is part of a local Soccer Club. It has an upper level that overlooks the indoor soccer pitches that has a three lane track. I signed up for a four month unlimited membership that is open 7 days a week from7:00 am to 11:00 pm. The track is basically a 220 yard oval, I tried it out and did a 1k walk. I decided to do 1Km for three times, and then up by .5km in sets of 3 until I reached 5km. I might decide to add a jog or run, if I find that my head doesn’t hurt, but in the mean time, it’s just as brisk a walk as I feel comfortable doing which I feel is about 4mph (6.5km/hour) It’s nice being able to walk without having to watch where you are stepping, or to worry about traffic. When I went today, walking and focusing on my stride reminded me of my teen years and marching in the Air Cadets or Militia

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