Says 238 – Hyundai Santa Fe and Physical Body

238-mind-circuits2016 Dec.03 – Today is the second anniversary since my car accident.  I just realized that for the past year, ever since I had the unexpected heater and electrical issues with my Hyundai Santa Fe, that my MIND has been looking at used vehicles on Kijiji. I just realized that my Mind is doing the same thing to my Body. Both have issues that are triggering the Minds (Spirit) imprints, programs and beliefs, that they are falling apart, dying,  and that it’s time to get rid of them rather than work on fixing the issues. It’s so subtle how things are inter-related, yet the Mind isn’t consciously aware of what it is doing and why.

As I was making my way to the bathroom, I realized that my Mind was thinking of yet another quick fix, of seeing another alternative medicine facilitator that he had heard was good at stretching and manipulating the neck. Again, the Mind is looking for outside help instead of seeing what his CAUSAL role is with the damage to the neck and to allow the Body to heal itself naturally.

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