Says 236 – Past and future – Fear and expectations

236-fearFears are what the Mind (Spirit) tries to turn a blind eye to, that it tries to deny as it doesn’t want to deal with them. Part of the reason is that it fears its very survival depends on not re-creating the experience. Fear is rooted in past experiences and projected into the future, and holds the Mind in a state of constant alert, vigilant and fearful of the unknown. The Mind, in a state of fear, is not living in the present “now” moment, but either in the past or the future.

While not a fear, but just as damaging are the Minds desires that are either reenactments of pleasant past experiences, or expectations and projections of future experiences. This includes any number of scenarios, including past pleasant physical or sexual experiences that the Mind would like to re-create. Included in this are regrets and lost opportunities where there was the desire to experience something new, but it was denied and suppressed for any number of reasons, and are now being fantasized and played out in the Mind with re-enactments of what it could be like. In both cases, the Mind is preoccupied with either living in the past or the future, and also misses living in the present “NOW” moment where its true power is, along with the power to manifest its desires.

236-control-yesterday-and-tomorrowIt’s ironic in that both the fear of the past that is projected into the future, and the desire to re-live the past are what keeps the Mind (Spirit) locked in a constant struggle to control and change its outer reality, oblivious that its power lies in the present moment. Trying to live in the past or future means that one is projecting part of their Essence to that space and time, and in doing so, they are not fully present in the now moment.  They live in the present moment with only a fraction of their true Essence and so it is no wonder that they are confused and bewildered as to why they are on this not-so-merry-go-round called life.

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