Says 488 – Military panicked when they saw the future

Time-lines are merging, and it’s coming down to the end of the game for the elites that have been in power for eons. They can’t change the outcome; they can only prolong the game, and that is what is happening right now. However… don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re going to be “saved” by some miracle because you aren’t in the “elite” or 1% class, those that are the super rich and powerful and also the behind the scene players.

While I say the 1%, it’s far greater than that. The 1% can be compared to the top of a military organization, and then you have all the rank and file beneath them. The order followers, including those that directly or indirectly offer support in any number of ways. The people involved are in every station and walk in life, and most just consider their reality as normal.

There are presently two realities co-existing on Earth in the same space and time. One reality contains those that are loving and empathic and can feel the energy of love. They are loving, open and expansive. The other reality is what forms the elite and their minions. They are unloving, but “act” loving and caring, and are closed and controlling. The problem is that both groups have been trying to change the other, and so far, the unloving elite group have been in control through the use of the unseen role of denial. The thing that gives them power and control over the loving group, are one’s denials, especially the denial of one’s REAL feelings and emotions towards the energy and actions of the unloving group. Denial of real emotional expression is actually submitting or giving your power away to those that want to control you. The count-down is under way and one’s choices are going to determine which reality you will go with.

NOTE: This post has been edited – 2022-03-02

Here is a link to the ORIGINAL INTERVIEW

Says 457 – Dr. Carrie Madej – Blowing “Covid Vaccine” Interview

A powerful and thought provoking interview with Dr. Carrie Madej regarding the so-called Covid Vaccine and the NWO agenda.   Feel free to share this link, or download the video and re-post it. Get the TRUTH out !

Says 381 – Worship of the state

I saw this meme on my FB page and I felt I needed to share it here. The caption below the image read as follows


“The worship of the state is the worship of force. There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, orvile men. The worst evils which mankind ever had to endure were inflicted by governments.”

~ Ludwig von Mises

Art: unknown”

The caption doesn’t just apply to the state (government), but to any person, place or thing that you idolize and are blindly devoted to. Where you are either attracted to, or are repelled in fear, It really doesn’t matter as the effect is the same;that of an external person, place of thing having power and control over you… And YES, just because you approve and enjoy it, doesn’t mean that you aren’t controlled by it, as the only reason you are attracted to it is because it gives you a quick fix, feel good sensation and a false sense of power and control. And yes, I said FALSE, as you continually need to be re-energized by this external false idol in order to create that feeling again. Fear has the same effect on you, because you believe that the person, place or thing has power and control over you and so you obediently obey to its demands, or be punished. 

Says 211 – Inflammation – A medical mystery – Why?

211-back-injuryAfter my month off to let my Body heal, I began to notice a difference in my Body, although I still had all the aches and pains. My insurance covered my Chiropractic treatments until 2016 June, but my Massage treatments were denied and cut off in March. I felt I needed massage to continue my healing process, so I paid for them personally until June, when the Chiro treatments ended. I then decided to take the summer off, dealing with my physical issues as best I could.

By the end of August, I realized that I was at a standstill. The five months of physio and 18 months of chiro and massage had not helped me get back to the normal pain free life I had before the accident. Even though I had given my Body a month to heal, that wasn’t enough. In hindsight, I felt that the aggressive Physio and massage treatments, and my own ignorance in believing and doing what the so-called medical professionals were saying had contributed to my injuries, not healed them, as I still had inflammation and pain. I decided that I needed to find what I was missing and to try something new.

It was then that I happened to stumble upon a Chiropractor giving computer based thermal imaging assessments on people that had back and neck issues. I was interested to see and hear what he had to share about my issues and was impressed by how he identified the painful areas in my spine by the amount of inflammation present. While I had been aware a few months ago that I hadn’t given my Body time to heal, it never dawned on me at the time that the real issue inflammation. I also wasn’t aware of what inflammation really was. Here is the medical definition of inflammation  

211-inflamationIt wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I realized that the so-called medical profession simplifies and puts down inflammation as if it’s a side-effect and nuisance, something to get rid of,  yet it’s a KEY factor in the Bodies attempt and ability to heal itself.  While “they” are aware of the presence of inflammation, they haven’t a clue as to what causes the Body to respond and create inflammation, other than it’s related to some other disease or injury that they are also are ignorant to its cause and its natural healing process.

Inflammation: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

<quote> Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection; the aim being to remove harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens – and begin the healing process.<end quote>

211-inflammatiionAnd there is this medical doublespeak definition of Inflammation.

<quote> Inflammation does not mean infection, even when an infection causes inflammation. Infection is caused by a bacterium, virus or fungus, while inflammation is the body’s response to it. <end quote>

Of course the common medical answer to treating inflammation is… you guessed it… DRUGS.  Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs actually suppress the Body’s ability to heal itself and instead, create a false sense of healing which actually makes natural healing to take longer.  Pain killer drugs        Anti-inflammatory drugs

Says 209 – Theory, Assumption and Ignorance.

In my previous post (Says 208) the article I quoted stated that, <quote> The Chemical Imbalance Theory Might Be Incorrect <end quote>

says-209-wrong-scientific-theories-einsteinThe keyword here is THEORY… A theory is an assumption, an idea, but until it has been “personally” experienced and put into practice, ones doesn’t KNOW if their theory or assumption is accurate and valid. Most of the so-called scientific theories are based on OBSERVATION, and not a personal FEELING EXPERIENCE, and therefore is based in ignorance and lacks understanding. Until one has personal experience, it’s just a theory, an assumption, based on ones imprints, programs, beliefs and judgments.

I often use the analogy of a person knowing what a bicycle is, has heard stories, and has even watched others ride one, but until they have personally ridden on, they have no true knowing and understanding of what it feels like to ride a bike. I find it incredible that all the so-called learned intellectuals that support this theory have never questioned it and validated it for themselves.

I just heard a soft voice say, “Most don’t have feelings and emotions, and those that do, think they are wrong, and so they try to follow those that don’t seem bothered by feelings and emotions, naively believing that the others are right in their assumption.” Of course any that are brave enough to question the self-appointed voices of AUTHORITY will not meet their approval and will be ostracized, ridiculed, and called a quack to say the least.

Says 193 – New Websites

Well I’m finally catching up on the major events in my life. I say major, as writing and publishing my books has been front and foremost for a good many years. With the events of the previous post behind me, I started to work on not just editing my websites, but completely re-designing them. The old websites were created back in 2008, and a lot has changed since then. I searched for a new template and found one that was what they call, “responsive design” where it basically can be viewed on a PC, tablet, iPad, or even a mobile device, and not a “fixed” one like the one I had been using.

Shenreed websiteFinding a new template was one thing, the next was re-designing it, editing parts of the HTML5 and CSS3 code, colours, and images to my personal taste, as I planned to use the same modified template for all my four websites, and just change the content. I also decided to simplify my websites and un-clutter them. That done, the next task was copying the material from my old websites to the new template and then getting the bugs out. Next came adding the links to my books and the various parties that were distributing them. After that, it was logging in to my website cPanel and systematically deleting the old files and uploading and installing my new ones. Once I finished one site and it looked good on the web, I then went to the next.

Well I’m glad to say that they are now up and running. The next job will we choosing a Wiki and Forum application, and then installing them on my website. They will be on “The Heart Centre” site. Of course it never ends, as after that I’ll have to begin adding content to my Wiki, and also to the Forum, which will be interactive, and that will also take up some of my time. Both will also have learning curves, as I get to feel my way around using them.

Of course, while all this is going on, I’m still working on healing my body and the other parts of my Being. Not to mention, keeping tabs on my published books and any refinements I need to make in promoting them. Of course, I mustn’t forget my daily activities such as I am presently able to do. And when I have a moment, I’ll also start collecting the material that will be the basis of my next book.

Charlie Brown napOK.. Just thinking of all this makes me want to take a nap. 🙂

Says 189 – Time-Space and reality

train time travellerCan you imagine being able to move as if time did not exist. Where everyone and everything was at a stand still, yet you were able to move outside their reality. I’ve had that experience. I’ve also had experiences of seeing the future before it was actually experienced, just as I foresaw it.  Things that make you go … Hummmmmmmm 🙂    PS: You need to click on the image to see what I mean.

Says 175 – Vehicle coolant issues

175 HyundaiWell my 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe needs a new heater core. Around Xmas I noticed my heat was not like normal. A week or so ago, I noticed the coolant reservoir low, so I bought some anti-freeze and topped it up.. I had heat again. I don’t drive much so it wasn’t that obvious, but a few days later, it was down again. I didn’t see any coolant leaks on the ground or inside, so I checked the rad cap. the rubber looked a little squished on one side and also chipped, so I went to the dealer and got a new cap..

But that didn’t help as the next day, I saw the coolant down again. I checked the ground and nothing, but this time when I checked inside, I realized that I had lifted the winter mat and rubbed my hand over the summer mat. When I lifted the summer mat, the carpet was soaked with antifreeze.

I took my SUV into the dealer this morning and at first they said it was a loose clamp, but then they came back that it was the heater core. They quoted me $649 labour and $440 for the core. I balked at teh prices and they said they would try to get an after market core. They came back with a $120.00 core… They say the labour is high as the whole dash needs to be removed.. I feel I’m caught between rock and a hard place as I can’t drive for very far, and also, I can’t take it to a garage, as things now a days are so specialized, that they refuse to work on newer vehicles, for anything but the basic jobs.

So in total, it will cost me close to a $1,000 dollars to get back on the road again.. Any savings I made when I bought the vehicle have been chewed up with a tune up, timing belt and now this..

Says 168 – The unseen role of denial in guilt and shame

When purchasing the Hyundai Santa Fe, the saleswoman asked me for the copy of the company web page I had brought along, showing the Santa Fe. I saw her then show them to the others she had discussions with that were out of earshot. It wasn’t until she placed the file folder she was carrying on her desk that I noticed the price in the top right hand corner that was higher that what she had quoted me and had agreed upon. While I suspected what had happened, she and they never admitted it or approached me, which was denial on their part. In their denial, they also gave me no choice, as the matter was not up for discussion, unless of course, I listened to Guilt and Shame that were now on me, once I had this realization. They were not there before, and that I was a clue for me that there was more to this experience.

guilt-300x299However, Guilt and shame were on me, but I also knew that if I listened to them, I’d be in denial. Guilt and Shame are not of my Essence, and wold have me try to save and make things right for the people and company that was in denial, and denied anything was wrong. Guilt and Shame would have me try to CONTROL them, to make them tell the truth and end their denials.

It’s not my job or responsibility to CONTROL or FORCE people to end their denials as that is their choice… Trying to do so, even if it benefits me, only puts me back into the same old world of denial that I am slowly breaking out of. I never saw the role that Guilt and Shame played in the unseen role of denial, it’s subtle, using guile and cunning, like the Inner Critic, to get you back into being in denial by being, nice, kind, caring, sharing, co-operative, compromising, loving, yadda yadda.

On Dec. 16 I picked up my vehicle and talked to the saleswoman that had sold me it. When I asked if there was an error on the web page pricing, she told me yes, big time.. but that they felt obligated to let me have it at that price including the $1,000.00 discount. I then told her how Guilt and Shame were on me to refuse the deal, or to not take the $1,000.00 discount, or to buy the drivetrain protection package, even though I didn’t think I needed it. She assured me that it was not my fault and that I was just lucky, in the right place at the right time.. I laughed and said, that yes, even the accident was lucky.. or I wouldn’t be here.. She told me to get in and drive away before the owner changes his mind..

Sin will find you outAn imprint, program and belief I have that empowers GUILT and SHAME are my old RELIGIOUS teachings that of being a SINNER.. Holy F**K …. as any presence of GUILT and SHAME would mean that I was dammed in HELL.. That I disobeyed God, and would be punished.. Even if I was innocent.. GUILT and SHAME have set themselves up to be judge, jury and executioner and a FALSE form of LOVE… Ah HA!!… Just flashed to my family being excommunicated by the Catholic Church when I was in Grade 7 because I refused to go to confession at school on Monday…as I had been to confession on Sunday (Mother’s Orders) and I had nothing to confess…Later, I had a lot of guilt and shame on me, that things would have been okay if I had just lied and did what they asked..

Says 166 – Lesson in Life… Vehicle accident and new vehicle purpose – 1

Doing a little catch up here, not completely, but an important experience.
On Dec 03, A woman went through a red light and I T-boned her GMC Yukon with my 2000 Honda CRV. I was taken to hospital, X-rayed and released.
Now to my story……..

Well I’m slowly finding out what the car accident was all about, and that it was yet another step in healing and also in manifesting.. The woman that ran the red light had no intent to run it, and to cause me pain and suffering, it was just a momentary lapse of awareness, and it happened because it was meant to happen, for her benefit and mine, although at the time, it didn’t feel that way, and that is because there is more to it, things that had to unfold, to be experienced.

Now the medical system and the insurance company added to my plight and during all this I felt I had no choice, and that I had to just accept what happened as fate, what I deserved for whatever reason.. The insurance company doing their best to reimburse me as little as possible. BTW, in all this self hatred, guilt and shame had no voice, and this is interesting as I will now get to that.

For days, I searched the internet (Kijiji) and after some 90 possible vehicles, and 9 different makes, I decided on three, Hyundai, Mitisubishi and Honda Element, and then narrowed it down to 2005-2006.. Before I contacted any, I looked to see what the car dealers had in Woodstock, and just to see how it felt, I test drove a 2007 Hyundi that was way over priced… On Dec. 11, I contacted the dealer selling a 2006 Hyundai and made arrangements to see the following day.

Now we get to the next phase. Little did I know that it just so happened, that another person in the scheme of things, also had a momentary lapse in awareness and had entered the retail price of the 2006 Santa Fe wrong. Instead of $7,995, they entered $5,995. That mistake didn’t cause me pain an suffering, in fact, the reverse. Now to add to this, the sales lady never picked up on the error, and also offered me an additional $1,000 off the vehicle.. It was only when she pulled the file to write it up my purchase, that she spotted the error.

She said we had to wait for the accountant to come back from lunch, so while I waited, she was talking to other staff. She also asked if she could see the copy of the company web page I had printed and taken with me that showed the listed price, that I had previously shown her. I didn’t know what was going on until later, when she put the folder on her desk and I saw the price in the top right had corner. I was confused and didn’t ask, and she didn’t say anything was wrong, so when the accountant came in, I signed on the dotted line and gave them a deposit. My vehicle had yet to be safetied and e-tested and I was told it would be ready on Tuesday.

Now when I left the dealer, GUILT and SHAME were all over me, saying I was bad, that what I did was wrong, that I should go back and make things right. That I was stealing, that someone is going to get into trouble if I didn’t, and yadda yadda yadda. As all this was going on, I knew I had no intent to steal, and I also had no intent to do as GUILT and SHAME wanted me to do and that was to SAVE another or to reimburse the company. Guilt is NOT love or loving..

I find it amazing how the universe responds when you ask to heal your issues and move forward. It might not be in the way you think it should be, and it will be painful, BUT, if you look deeper, you always find the hidden gem, the part of you that now is set free. In this case, that I deserve to be happy, and that I am not responsible to make other people happy, and that what they do, or don’t do is their choice. Everything happens for a reason, and of the 90 vehicles I could have looked at, this happened with the very first one I was really interested in and bought. Coincidence.. NOT 🙂

More realizations are coming up. The dealer and its employees did what they did and sold me the vehicle, either because they were afraid I would sue them, or they genuinely felt that I deserved a break. It’s not for me to question their decision or to alter it as GUILT would have me do, but to accept it as their choice… And that it’s my choice not to follow GUILT as some misguided form of love, of being nice, kind, considerate, compromising, ethics, principles, morality, righteousness, or religious values and judgments etc, etc..

11:45 am While my first thought about having the accident was that I had no choice, that I was the innocent victim, when I really think and feel into it, I realize that (on a Spiritual level) I made an agreement with the woman to have the accident and she with me. Not that the accident was the lesson, but that it would open the doors for what I needed to touch and heal.. So instead of blaming the woman, what I now feel is gratitude and love…

For those that don’t really know me, what I’m doing here is sharing my healing process and journey.. The trials and tribulations I need to go through before I “get it” and am able to move on to the next mountain I need to climb..

Says 164 – Eliminate Talking and Texting while driving

texting-and-driving I had this idea today that a quick, easy, and cost efficient way to put an end to this dangerous practice is turn off the cell phone.. I don’t mean for the person that owns one and is driving, I mean for the Cell phone carriers, like Rogers, Bell, Tellus, etc., to do it..

Since Cell phones are equipped with GPS, it should be no big deal for the carriers to design and install software in their facilities that would turn off any phone that it detects as moving. With no phone service while a vehicle is in motion, that would put an end to this problem.. If you NEED to talk or text.. pull over and stop..

The only people that would bitch are the ones that are the problem.. The Carriers could also have it so that you would know if you had a call or message.. just that you can’t call out unless your phone is not moving..

Says 163 – Book Proofs finally here

Well it’s taken a while but I finally have my first three books in print. that is to say, these are first proofs that I now need to look over and make any final corrections before they are made available publicly through my POD (Print On Demand) publisher and distributor.

IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006

IMG_0007 IMG_0008

Says 12 – Another Apple fast/cleanse

2012 Feb 15, Today I started my three day Apple fast / cleanse  and for some reason it’s really affecting me quickly. Usually my Body doesn’t start to react until the second day, but today I have a dull headache and I’ve had three, one-hour catnaps today. That may also be due to the fact that I have very little to eat after breakfast yesterday. I also feel cold and my bones and my muscles are aching. During my last catnap I was feeling the heartbreak of lost innocence and the following words came to me.


 Lost innocence: 

When you realize that telling the truth is not acceptable, but telling a lie is.

When you become ashamed of your body, and how you look.

Says 11 – Editing my Books introduction

 2012 Feb 13 Monday 11:00 am Yesterday I began gathering the bits and pieces of my introduction to books  2 and 3 that I’ve revised the number of times over the past three years.  The trouble I’ve had is that because my originally manuscript was never published, and because it was quite long, as it also contained an appendix of the tools I use on my journey, I decided to divide it and create two books.  I removed the appendix (no pun intended) and expanded it. This book then became my first self-published eBook. At that time, instead of finishing and publishing the remaining manuscript, I decided to create a third that was directly related to the other two.

So then I was working on a trilogy which means that there will be some points in the introduction that need to be repeated in each book, especially if the books are not read in the order they are published, so that the reader has an idea of what the book is about. Creating these separate yet common introductions is where I’ve been getting hung up.

Today I feel comfortable that I’ve got book3 sorted out, at least as far as the main content of the introduction goes, but I still have book 2 to sort out. Once that’s finished, I can begin in earnest to finalize both books and get them self-published as eBooks. After that I want to look at getting them published as paperbacks.  If you are interested in my free published ebook, and my pre-published versions of ebook  2 and 3 you can download them from my website at