Says 11 – Editing my Books introduction

 2012 Feb 13 Monday 11:00 am Yesterday I began gathering the bits and pieces of my introduction to books  2 and 3 that I’ve revised the number of times over the past three years.  The trouble I’ve had is that because my originally manuscript was never published, and because it was quite long, as it also contained an appendix of the tools I use on my journey, I decided to divide it and create two books.  I removed the appendix (no pun intended) and expanded it. This book then became my first self-published eBook. At that time, instead of finishing and publishing the remaining manuscript, I decided to create a third that was directly related to the other two.

So then I was working on a trilogy which means that there will be some points in the introduction that need to be repeated in each book, especially if the books are not read in the order they are published, so that the reader has an idea of what the book is about. Creating these separate yet common introductions is where I’ve been getting hung up.

Today I feel comfortable that I’ve got book3 sorted out, at least as far as the main content of the introduction goes, but I still have book 2 to sort out. Once that’s finished, I can begin in earnest to finalize both books and get them self-published as eBooks. After that I want to look at getting them published as paperbacks.  If you are interested in my free published ebook, and my pre-published versions of ebook  2 and 3 you can download them from my website at