Says 286 – Going on a little Vacation

I’ve decided to take a little road trip out West to see my family and be there for my mother’s 92nd birthday. It’s been five years since I’ve been out West, and in the past two and a half years (since my motor vehicle accident) all the visiting I’ve done is to see my Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, massage, and hearing specialists.

I’d like to take my canoe and get in a little paddling in Northern Ontario, but that is still out of the question. Instead, I might do a little hiking and get back into my photography. I’m packing my camping gear and hope to get a few nights sleeping under the stars.

I know I have been lax in posting, and I have to admit, it won’t get any better in the next few weeks while I’m on the road, but I’m taking my laptop with me and will post when I get the chance. Until then…

Says 285 – Nothings changed in 25 years – SSDD

I’m in the process of compiling the material I have for my next book, (The Empaths Dilemma) and I thought I’d join a couple of Empath and a lightworkers groups, just to get a feel for what is happening, as it’s been years since I’ve been in any group. I was “removed” from both Empath groups, but re-instated in one. I made a few posts and commented on others, but I have to say that I felt that only two or three people were at what I would call their “quickeing” stage, where I could feel the lights in their Mind and Heart flicker. The rest are still asleep, although all would disagree. Unfortunately, the ones that were open, happened to be in the group that I was deleted from without even a warning.

Sad to say, it’s really no different than what was going around 25 years ago. Light workers are still sending out love and light, and Empaths are busy grounding and protecting themselves.. and both are asking for prayers and energy. I feel that the biggest obstacles people in both groups have is –
(1) They still cling to their religious beliefs, and as such, they think they KNOW what love is, oblivious to the role that denial plays.
(2) They also cling to what they have been taught, either an alternative healing modality, or recycled “quick fix” solutions.
(3) All are afraid to stray from the herd, as they feel safe and supported.

So tonight, I silently removed myself from the groups and will focus on gathering the material for my book.

Says 284 – Labels – Social and Personal

This meme is floating around the internet and it is hogwash, NOT that it isn’t a truth, but that it’s NOT a social truth, far from it. People are socially imprinted and programmed to label (judge) people, places and things. They give other people status and authority and then kowtow or worship them. The pope, Dalai Lama, priest, minister, the Queen, president, a politician, a movie star, singer, sports player, policeman, soldier, fireman, guard, CEO, teacher, manager, supervisor, etc, etc. These are all people that we put ahead of ourselves, that we think and say have more worth or value.

But wait –  there is more! What about the labels you put on yourself. The irony is that in our brain-washed “altered” EGO state of Being, we try to be like, or at least, associate and identify ourselves with the idols we worship. I AM a Christian, I AM a Catholic, I AM a Anglican, I AM a democrat, I AM a Jennifer Lopez fan, I AM a Boston Celtics fan, I AM a patriot and support our troops, I AM Pro life, and the list goes on an on. All these I AM labels separates people and creates inner conflict, as always there will be people better or more important than you. The irony is that religion and even New Agers, put on this false bravado and rhetoric that we are all the same and equal., which is a part-truth, but what is not said, what is denied and already imprinted and programmed into our Minds is that some are more equal than others.

And now, we get to the interesting part. Because you identify yourself with another person that you think is above you; as soon as anyone says anything that appears to attack what you idolize and worship, your “altered” Ego thinks it’s a personal attack and gets it’s Belief Systems (BS) brain cells firing at anything it sees as a threat.

BUT THERE IS MORE….. Now on a more personal level, all this came about with my activation on my previous post ..  and removing the labels I had placed on others and myself, is part and parcel of working on healing my shame issues

Says 280 – Activated into Shame Issues

Says 283 – It’s Magic, I’m back in the group

On Saturday night, I got a PM from the person in the group that I had spoken to previously. They said they had just chatted with the Admin of the group and that he said I wasn’t blocked. I went back to the site and tried to post a comment, and I was allowed. Next, I posted an image meme and that also went through.  It’s funny that someone inquiring if I was blocked and the Admin saying I wasn’t, was enough to change my status and allow me to post. It’s Magic.

Today, Sunday I posted a couple of more Meme topics and had a couple of good discussions.  Also today, In a different group, I had a discussion with a young woman on Spiritual energy attachments, how they are created, and how to remove them. At the end, she made the following comment.

<quote> It’s amazing how something seems so obvious to you normally, but combined with emotional issues, how suddenly your knowledge and understanding of how things should work go out the window. You clearing this path for me is much appreciated and needed. Endless thanks. <end quote>

I found it fulfilling that someone was able to grasp what I was sharing, and also see how their actions had created the situation that they were oblivious to, but now saw clearly.

Says 282 – More people seem to have a problem with me.

A couple of days ago, I posted a comment on a Facebook Empath group I’m in, and another member started posting (copy and paste) dogma from books that he had read regarding on clearing your energy field. The material he was sharing was old school material that has been around for at least 30 years, and either doesn’t work, or is a temporary quick fix as I have been there done that, tried them. He argued that since he was a “trained professional” with “credentials” he knew what he was talking about. I challenged him, stating that it was simply book knowledge and that if he had ever tried to apply the methods he was presenting, like, smudging, crystals, salt, bubble of protection, mantras, etc. he would know that they don’t offer a permanent solution. I explained that I had tried those methods years ago, and that what I’m sharing is what I have personally experienced and does work, permanently, and in any situation.

My last comment was that this discussion was good in that it showed others the difference between rhetorical book knowledge with no personal application or experience, verses information based on personal experience.

Well the next morning, I posted another picture and comment, and waited for admin approval. By 6pm, it still hadn’t appeared on the site. What I also noticed was that neither were there any comments on the previous threads I had posted on. I got the feeling that I’ve been blocked on interacting, as all that I see are posts that are days old. I never received a PM from the Admin stating there was a problem with the content of my posts.

It appears that any conflicting or opposing ideas disturbs the status quo and is a no-no. It’s too bad as while there were a few people that were clueing in to what I was sharing, the “Administration” obviously didn’t like it. It’s not really any different than a few years ago, except that now, a few more people were conscious to what I was saying and were actually interacting. Maybe I’m being paranoid and there’s something wrong with Facebook or their page.

On Saturday, I chatted with a person still in the group, and they said everything was fine and normal, so that means I’m history.

Says 281 – Neighbor angry at me.

A couple of days ago, I was outside, on the other side of my apartment building, talking to a woman tenant, when the man that lives between us walked by. I said, ”Hi,” but he never acknowledged me, and just walking with his head down. I felt he was ticked off at me as I was sure he heard me.  We used to chat and tell jokes last fall, but over winter, I only saw him a few times on the street and we never talked. With spring coming and spending more time outside, I’d see him having a cigarette in the back yard, but when he’d see me, he’d turn and go back inside, At first I just thought he had finished and was naturally going in, but a couple of times, I called out to him but he never answered back. So this meeting today was a sure sign that something was amiss.

So the next day, when I heard him in his apartment, I went around and knocked on his door. After the third knock, he answered with a hostile,”What do you want?”

I asked, “Do you have a problem with me, as you feel you are ignoring me and angry about something?”

He angrily replied, “Do you want a problem?

I said, “Whoa, so you do have a problem with me. What’s up?”

He barked, “If you want one you can have one?”  as he postured himself to make himself look bigger than he was.

I knew there was no talking to him in his denied rage, so I turned to leave and he, snarled, “You’re the one who knocked on my door, I didn’t knock on yours. You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine.”

I didn’t say anything as I walked around the corner and then around the building to see the landlord and his helper, that was working in the apartment of the man that had recently died.  I told them what had just happened and asked if they knew why he was angry at me. They looked surprised and said they never heard anything from him. We left it at that. What the hell is going on?

Says 280 – Activated into Shame Issues

The other day I met a woman on Facebook that was in a group I was in. She liked my posts and comments and contacted me, and we chatted for over two hours. She’s an attractive 45 year old widow, with three grown children. She lives in the US; is an artist, musician, dancer, and was a child actor. She owns her own home and her father runs a new age church and her mother has her business.

We got talking about relationships and she made a comment that age doesn’t matter, and with  the other comments and questions, and I got the feeling that she was interested in me. As we chatted, I noticed and felt shame coming up for me. Feeling that I wasn’t good enough, not talented, not popular, not good looking, no money, no home, too old and the list goes on and on.

These shame feelings and judgments that I was experiencing now were similar to the shame I had in my childhood. On top of that, I also remembered being shamed by my mother if a girl showed interest in me. I took her shame comments as having a girlfriend was a bad thing and that I was wrong and bad. This was also associated with my religious beliefs at the time that you had to honor your father and mother and they knew what was good for you.

The next day, I spoke with her again and thanked her for activating me into my shame and childhood memories, and that I was working on it.  We chatted off and on, but we never got into any lengthy discussion.