Says 209 – Theory, Assumption and Ignorance.

In my previous post (Says 208) the article I quoted stated that, <quote> The Chemical Imbalance Theory Might Be Incorrect <end quote>

says-209-wrong-scientific-theories-einsteinThe keyword here is THEORY… A theory is an assumption, an idea, but until it has been “personally” experienced and put into practice, ones doesn’t KNOW if their theory or assumption is accurate and valid. Most of the so-called scientific theories are based on OBSERVATION, and not a personal FEELING EXPERIENCE, and therefore is based in ignorance and lacks understanding. Until one has personal experience, it’s just a theory, an assumption, based on ones imprints, programs, beliefs and judgments.

I often use the analogy of a person knowing what a bicycle is, has heard stories, and has even watched others ride one, but until they have personally ridden on, they have no true knowing and understanding of what it feels like to ride a bike. I find it incredible that all the so-called learned intellectuals that support this theory have never questioned it and validated it for themselves.

I just heard a soft voice say, “Most don’t have feelings and emotions, and those that do, think they are wrong, and so they try to follow those that don’t seem bothered by feelings and emotions, naively believing that the others are right in their assumption.” Of course any that are brave enough to question the self-appointed voices of AUTHORITY will not meet their approval and will be ostracized, ridiculed, and called a quack to say the least.