Says 193 – New Websites

Well I’m finally catching up on the major events in my life. I say major, as writing and publishing my books has been front and foremost for a good many years. With the events of the previous post behind me, I started to work on not just editing my websites, but completely re-designing them. The old websites were created back in 2008, and a lot has changed since then. I searched for a new template and found one that was what they call, “responsive design” where it basically can be viewed on a PC, tablet, iPad, or even a mobile device, and not a “fixed” one like the one I had been using.

Shenreed websiteFinding a new template was one thing, the next was re-designing it, editing parts of the HTML5 and CSS3 code, colours, and images to my personal taste, as I planned to use the same modified template for all my four websites, and just change the content. I also decided to simplify my websites and un-clutter them. That done, the next task was copying the material from my old websites to the new template and then getting the bugs out. Next came adding the links to my books and the various parties that were distributing them. After that, it was logging in to my website cPanel and systematically deleting the old files and uploading and installing my new ones. Once I finished one site and it looked good on the web, I then went to the next.

Well I’m glad to say that they are now up and running. The next job will we choosing a Wiki and Forum application, and then installing them on my website. They will be on “The Heart Centre” site. Of course it never ends, as after that I’ll have to begin adding content to my Wiki, and also to the Forum, which will be interactive, and that will also take up some of my time. Both will also have learning curves, as I get to feel my way around using them.

Of course, while all this is going on, I’m still working on healing my body and the other parts of my Being. Not to mention, keeping tabs on my published books and any refinements I need to make in promoting them. Of course, I mustn’t forget my daily activities such as I am presently able to do. And when I have a moment, I’ll also start collecting the material that will be the basis of my next book.

Charlie Brown napOK.. Just thinking of all this makes me want to take a nap. 🙂

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