Says 276 – Single Mom builds 3500 sq. ft. home in nine months.

There is this story floating around on Facebook where a single parent mom (working full time) and the mother of four that she has to cook, clean and care for…builds a 3500 square floor home in nine months with no knowledge of what is needed to build a house except for information she gets off the internet.

This story is bullshit, as footings, foundations, framing, electrical, plumbing, heating/AC, drywall, kitchen, bath, tiling, carpeting, flooring, trim, painting, brickwork, siding, roofing… etc. etc. all take years of experience to do properly. Not to mention knowing building codes and getting permits.

Recently there seems to be a flood of this kind of tripe on social media. I’ve responded to a few of them, and have for the most part, been attacked to making so0called “negative” comments. I found it incredible just how many people ate this story up as being real, and even had glowing praise for the woman. Any opposition to it was met with harsh criticism. I guess people get “paid” to plant this sort of bullshit story just to see how stupid and gullible people are in this dumbed down society.

I later realized that without any personal experience, people are gullible and will believe any story that makes them “feel good.” That, and given that most social media users are under 40, and haven’t been exposed to the real world of building and fixing things; it’s understandable that they don’t know what they are looking at and being told.

This is a picture of them laying the footings and concrete block for the foundation.. This is what I would expect from the mom and her children… but when you see the finished home.. NO WAY!..  This is a joke… lol