Says 266 – Mind (Spirit) the Unloving Master

Taken from my Journal – April 16 Monday 9:30 am

Your Mind (Spirit) may have a thought or idea, but there is no real desire or emotion to experience it. This is because the Mind instantly brings up old imprints, programs, and beliefs that say that what was suggested is not appropriate for any number of reasons. In the same breath, false Will (Soul) that is aligned with Minds judgments has no desire to experience it, as unresolved negative emotions come up to validate the Minds judgments. Heart goes along with the Minds assessment and so there is no action, no movement of the original thought or idea that was squashed by old imprints, programs and beliefs that are in reversal to the new thought or idea.  The result is that the same old pattern is repeated as one continues on their not-so-merry-go-round; wondering why things happen as they do and hoping that things will change.

So! How does this apply to the Body? Old imprints, programs, and beliefs that the Mind has, have forced the Body (through habits) to become a slave to the Minds judgments. These are deeply ingrained in not only the Mind, but also the Will, Heart and Body. These are mostly social beliefs, that of being told what to do or not to do, what is right and wrong, good or bad, acceptable or not acceptable.  These beliefs and judgments then form the habits for the Body, which has basically been forced to override its own needs and desires and be a slave to the Minds programming.

So then, to break this old programming, I need to first, get my Mind to recognize what it is doing, and then for it to open to hear what it is that the Body wants and needs.  Hummm… What the Body wants and needs in order to heal itself is the prime objective. But, the trick here is to differentiate between what the Body really wants and needs, and what the Mind thinks the Body wants and needs based on its old habits and quick fix, feel good sensations that give the Mind the false notion that what pleases the Mind also pleases the Body. It’s just like when I was getting my Mind to listen and feel what my Will (Soul) Intuition was wanting to express, so too I need to listen to my Body to not only hear, but also feel and allow it to express what it wants and needs to. As long as my Mind (Spirit) thinks it’s right and has the answer to what my Soul, Heart and Body desire and need, it is the unloving master that is unwittingly not only forcing the other parts of our Being to die, by forcing it’s denials on them, but also itself, as there is no separation.  (9:50 am)

Says 221 – Labels (Judgments) on my Body

221-control-your-emotonsI was in a skype conversation with a friend and during our conversation I realized that I have placed unloving labels on my Body, not only present day labels, but also ones that I’ve had since I was born. I or rather my conscious Mind has confused my Will (intuition, feelings and emotions) and my Body as defining who I, or it, was and is. I AM a Spiritual Being consisting of four aspects, Spirit, Soul, Heart and Body and each one of these aspects has its own unique form of consciousness that are NOT subservient to the whims of the Spirit, but are co-equal partners in our Earthly sojourn and experiences. Placing labels (judgments) on our Will, Heart, and Body only act to alienate these aspects of our Divine Being. Basic labels that society and we have on ourselves are related to race, colour, religion, language, gender, tall, short, fat, slim, beautiful, ugly, deformed, intelligent, stupid, talented, not talented and the list goes on and on.

Some of the other labels that I now use on my Body are: too old, aging, sick, injured, feeling discomfort and  pain, lack of mobility, not attractive, not virile, not desirable, gray hair, wrinkles, not youthful, can’t do what I used to do, slowing down, keeping my Mind (Spirit) from having fun and enjoying myself. When I really think about it, I’m in denial of these judgments that I have on my body, in that I am focusing on “fixing” the problems and getting my Body back to the way it was, and even better. On top of all this are my Minds judgments on my denied feelings and emotions that come up with these judgments that I’m also not expressing, or if I am, they are only the false feelings and emotions that are aligned with the Minds judgments, and not the real ones that I’m still denying.

Says 202 – Everything you think you know is wrong

says 202 - Everything You Think Is WrongI found this image and a related article entitled… “Everything You Think You Know About Animals Is Wrong”  on my facebook page. When I saw the image, I immediately felt there was a BIGGER picture that also had to be shared. I used part of the title, but shortened it to give it a new meaning and food for thought.

says 202 some lives matter lessThe sad truth is that most people will have a pecking order (JUDGMENTS) of their fellow humans… before they even get to animals. These judgments are based on race, colour, sex, young, old, religion, nationality, politics, work, wealth, social status, etc., etc., etc…. Who is more VALUABLE has more WORTH than another human being? Who are considered workers, low life, slaves, etc.?  Of course Humankind (in general) considers itself above all other life forms on Earth, including their fellow humans that are not LIKE them. They think that any life form, and the Earth itself are meant to be used and subjugated to serve their purpose.

It’s this mentality that needs to be addressed and removed from our mass consciousness as it is not loving and does not seek or support life. I’m sure that you are aware of the rapid changes happening on Earth, and how denials and unlovingness are being exposed. Those that can see and feel the truth are the ones that will be part of the new Earth. Changes are coming, and either people will let go of their unloving beliefs and judgments, or they will be removed. It’s all a matter of choice and intent.


Says 27 – The cause of all illness and aging is denial

2012 March 19, The present issues I’m working on is healing my Body and manifesting my desires and that includes dealing with illness and aging that are manifested by the Body. While there are countless forms of disease, there is only one underlying cause, and that is denial. Denial, the denied energy (reversed polarity) from all parts of the self is what causes the disease and aging. Although it’s not obvious, it’s the unseen role of denial that is the root of our beliefs and judgments, and I’ve found that one of the biggest limitations and judgments on our Being is our social and personal definitions of who and what we are. If you make a list of all your negative “I am” faults, you will have a record of all your limiting beliefs and judgments. Some of my limiting “I am” beliefs and judgments are:

I am getting old because:
I’m not as strong as I once was
I’m not as energetic as I once was
I am getting white hair
I am losing my hearing
I am losing my eyesight
I am feeling pain in my bones
I am feeling pain in my muscles

While I have some knowledge, insights and understandings into the issues in my life from my past emotional healing experiences, I still don’t have the understandings I need to solve this current illness and aging issue with my Body. I have yet to apply my knowledge and experience it in a real life situation, in the “now” or present moment, to see if what I think I know, really works.

The cause of all pain and suffering is denial.

Says 09 – My Body is trying to tell me something!

2012 Feb 05 Sunday 7:45 am I’m not feeling well. I have a cold, stuffy nose, sore throat, earache and my hearing is partially blocked in my left ear. I also feel sick to my stomach, tired, exhausted and weak. As I was feeling all these things in my body, I also felt how my Mind does not like what it feels. It wants the body to be fine, healthy, active, useful, and is disappointed with the Body when it can’t do what the Mind wants it to do. The Minds rejection of the Body is similar to its rejection of the Will (intuition, feelings and emotions) when it doesn’t like what the Will is feeling and so it rejects and denies her.

This is why there is an alliance between the Will and Body as the Body and Will both feel things and sensations. When the feelings and sensations are pleasant, the Mind (Spirit) has acceptance for them, but when they are not pleasant or don’t agree with what the Mind desires, or expects, the Mind rejects and denies them. When the Mind (Spirit) rejects the Will or Body, what they receive is not Spirits light, but either a mix of light and denial, or total rejection and denial. Denial is nothing, is death. So when the Mind does not like what it feels from the Will/Body polarity it is, by its non-acceptance, giving them denial and death to hold in their energy field.

The more the Mind denies, the more the Body becomes sick and ages and the more numb the Mind feels, thinking that numb is better than the unpleasantness it would feel if it accepted what the Body and Will was telling it. The Body gets sick and ages as it is not only holding the Minds denial energy of the Body, but also the Minds denial energy of the Will, as this energy has no place else to go, as the Mind will not accept it and allow it to be expressed (released). Showing illness and aging is also the Bodies way of showing the Mind what it is being forced to hold by the Minds denials and the more the mine hates and denies what the Body reflects, the more is being shown.

What used to give the Mind pleasure was the body sensations of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch along with an adrenaline rush and sexual orgasm. But with all the repeated denials through time this has since accounted for the Body’s diminished ability to respond in the same manner it did when it was younger, and holding less denial. All of the body’s ability to provide pleasure for the Mind have gradually diminished. It can’t see, hear, taste or touch like it used to and the Body is not as agile and quick so it can’t do the things that used to give it an adrenaline rush, and the sexual drive of youth and orgasm has also diminished. All these negative issues also leave the Body with Minds judgments on the Body of what’s the use. I’m getting old. I’m no good, useless. I’m not wanted, not desired, and the list goes on and on. These are similar judgments that the Mind has given the Will that is also denied and rejected.

So how do I heal this?

  • Do I need to feel everything that the body is holding and feeling?
  • Do I need to find a release to judgments the mind has on the Body?
  • Do I need to go back in time to find the original cause?

I’ve gone blank

I don’t feel that it’s only acknowledging what the body is feeling now, but also going back like I did/do with the Will to find the original cause.