Says 215 – Chiropractic – TRT Adjustment (Torgue Release Technique)

215-back-injuries-herniated-discThe new chiropractor that I’ve been seeing does TRT adjustments and uses a tool called an “Integrator,” that is designed to reproduce what the hands do during an adjustment, but with more accuracy and less force. He has been working on my spinal column in my neck and lower back where there is pain and inflammation, where the spine and nervous system were damaged or misaligned (the medical term is subluxation) due to the accident and other factors.

215-inflamed-muscle-and-irritated-nerveThe body, in an attempt to heal the damaged vertebra, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage (discs), and nerves, causes inflammation and the lack of movement, that if disturbed, causes pain. Using the Integrator, he makes a few adjustments to the muscles and nerve endings surrounding the spinal column where nerves are being affected. This basically activates the nerves electrical system, kind of like removing a kink in a garden hose that is limiting the water output. This process relieves the muscle tension and reduces pressure on the nerves to not only that area, but to the rest of the body that depend on this nerve to function. This in turn, allows the Body can begin to heal (reduce inflammation and pain) and return to normal.

This new Chiropractic treatment, coupled with the massage treatments that I’m getting, seem to be reducing muscle tension throughout my neck and back, and giving me more freedom and reduced pain. The question is, is this really helping my Body heal, or is it just another “quick fix” that will fade as soon as the treatments stop, or will they just go so far and then stop being beneficial?

Says 139 – Yet another ear infection and flu like symptoms

Man-with-Earache2013 Feb 21 On Tuesday I started to get a sore throat and last night around 9:00 pm my left ear started ringing and plugging up. I could also feel my throat and lungs beginning to tighten up… Great, just what I need! I went to bed with a pounding head and earache and tossed and turned for hours, Finally around 3:00 am it got better and I was able to get some sleep. I was thinking that it’s been about nine months since I had my last ear infection.

The next day I still had a sinus headache and ringing in my left ear. I was also off balance and when I walked, I could feel/hear my footsteps in my left ear. After supper, my sinuses began to clear and that carried on into the middle of the night. Good thing was that as it cleared, my headache was also going away. I forgot to mention that on top of this, I still had my back pains, so life is not a joy at this time.

Says 67 – Pain in the neck

July 19 Thursday – I awoke yesterday with a stiff and sore neck and I still have it this morning. I blamed it on the way I slept, but I just can’t seem to work it out, even with a massage vibrator. I think I’ll have to go see my Chiropractor to get him to do a little adjustment. It’s mostly on the left side of my neck and shoulder.

July 20 I saw the Chiropractor and he gave my neck and back a few adjustments. He asked me if had been doing any heaving lifting recently and at first I said no, but then when I thought about it, I said yes. I have another appointment next week.

Says 27 – The cause of all illness and aging is denial

2012 March 19, The present issues I’m working on is healing my Body and manifesting my desires and that includes dealing with illness and aging that are manifested by the Body. While there are countless forms of disease, there is only one underlying cause, and that is denial. Denial, the denied energy (reversed polarity) from all parts of the self is what causes the disease and aging. Although it’s not obvious, it’s the unseen role of denial that is the root of our beliefs and judgments, and I’ve found that one of the biggest limitations and judgments on our Being is our social and personal definitions of who and what we are. If you make a list of all your negative “I am” faults, you will have a record of all your limiting beliefs and judgments. Some of my limiting “I am” beliefs and judgments are:

I am getting old because:
I’m not as strong as I once was
I’m not as energetic as I once was
I am getting white hair
I am losing my hearing
I am losing my eyesight
I am feeling pain in my bones
I am feeling pain in my muscles

While I have some knowledge, insights and understandings into the issues in my life from my past emotional healing experiences, I still don’t have the understandings I need to solve this current illness and aging issue with my Body. I have yet to apply my knowledge and experience it in a real life situation, in the “now” or present moment, to see if what I think I know, really works.

The cause of all pain and suffering is denial.