Says 139 – Yet another ear infection and flu like symptoms

Man-with-Earache2013 Feb 21 On Tuesday I started to get a sore throat and last night around 9:00 pm my left ear started ringing and plugging up. I could also feel my throat and lungs beginning to tighten up… Great, just what I need! I went to bed with a pounding head and earache and tossed and turned for hours, Finally around 3:00 am it got better and I was able to get some sleep. I was thinking that it’s been about nine months since I had my last ear infection.

The next day I still had a sinus headache and ringing in my left ear. I was also off balance and when I walked, I could feel/hear my footsteps in my left ear. After supper, my sinuses began to clear and that carried on into the middle of the night. Good thing was that as it cleared, my headache was also going away. I forgot to mention that on top of this, I still had my back pains, so life is not a joy at this time.

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