Says 221 – Labels (Judgments) on my Body

221-control-your-emotonsI was in a skype conversation with a friend and during our conversation I realized that I have placed unloving labels on my Body, not only present day labels, but also ones that I’ve had since I was born. I or rather my conscious Mind has confused my Will (intuition, feelings and emotions) and my Body as defining who I, or it, was and is. I AM a Spiritual Being consisting of four aspects, Spirit, Soul, Heart and Body and each one of these aspects has its own unique form of consciousness that are NOT subservient to the whims of the Spirit, but are co-equal partners in our Earthly sojourn and experiences. Placing labels (judgments) on our Will, Heart, and Body only act to alienate these aspects of our Divine Being. Basic labels that society and we have on ourselves are related to race, colour, religion, language, gender, tall, short, fat, slim, beautiful, ugly, deformed, intelligent, stupid, talented, not talented and the list goes on and on.

Some of the other labels that I now use on my Body are: too old, aging, sick, injured, feeling discomfort and  pain, lack of mobility, not attractive, not virile, not desirable, gray hair, wrinkles, not youthful, can’t do what I used to do, slowing down, keeping my Mind (Spirit) from having fun and enjoying myself. When I really think about it, I’m in denial of these judgments that I have on my body, in that I am focusing on “fixing” the problems and getting my Body back to the way it was, and even better. On top of all this are my Minds judgments on my denied feelings and emotions that come up with these judgments that I’m also not expressing, or if I am, they are only the false feelings and emotions that are aligned with the Minds judgments, and not the real ones that I’m still denying.

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