Says 267 – Refusal to break habits

I find it interesting that even though Mike died of lung disease caused by his heavy smoking, there are four other men in my building that are still at it. I asked Danny why he doesn’t quit his two pack a day habit and he just shrugs it off. A woman that is a friend of Danny’s told me that he has to stop sometimes when he is walking up the slight hill from Tim Horton’s where he gets his coffee. That should be a wakeup call for him, but apparently not. I spoke to the other guys and they were basically in the same frame of mind. One guy was smoking the E-cigarettes  for a while, but he started coughing so he quit them and went back to tobacco cigarettes. The other guys smoke about the same, from one and an half to two and a half packs per day.

Not only is it a health issue, but the cost as well. Cigarettes in Ontario cost about $12.00/pack of 20, so that is $24.00/day and that works out to $24 x 7= $168/week or $720.00/month. That is more than he pays for rent. Oh Well, it’s their life and their choice.

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