Says 218 – Three causes of inflammation in the Body

218-stressSo, what does all this mean? What is the common thread in my previous posts?  What I am beginning to see is that there are three basic causes for inflammation to occur in the Body, or rather, that Inflammation is not the problem, it’s the Body’s messenger that there is a problem.

(1) Physical Trauma

(2) Ingested, injected, inhaled contaminates (Food, water, vaccines, air, EMF) Trauma

(3) Emotional Trauma

Now emotional trauma (3) is associated with number (1) and (2) as when one is experiencing these, there is an immediate reaction and a host of strong emotional feelings, most of which are denied expression, Keyword – DENIED.  (2) Would have more of a delayed effect, but would eventually have the same emotional response as (1) when the Body responds to whatever  is attacking it’s natural healthy way of Being.

In my journey, I’ve discovered that any denied emotional energy is either pushed outside our physical body (fragmentation) or is stored in various parts of the Body. Hummmmm, I just realized that while I’ve worked on healing my fragmentation, but I haven’t really worked on the emotions that are stored in my Body, in my cells and DNA. (Scratching my head, wondering how I’m going to heal this.)

So looking over the list I made, there are two key factors that that need to be explored. They are SHOCK & HABITS. Shock applies mainly to (1) and (3) while Habits applies primarily to (2).

218-ruow-1That prompted me to retrieve and open the book, (RIGHT USE OF WILL – Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body). I searched my personal index and on page 5, it says, “Habits are to the Body what judgments are to the Consciousness.”  So what I take from that (based on my previous work) is that the Spirit consciousness (Mind) has been in CONTROL of both the Will (Soul) Intuition, feelings and emotions, and the Body. And in both cases, it has denied what it doesn’t want to accept, and only accepts what “feels good.” It sets up judgments (right or wrong, good or bad) on both the Will and Body, more so on the Will, but also on the habits for the Body to keep doing what it likes and makes it feel good. Of course any physical or emotional pain is not desired or accepted, but is quickly DENIED.

And here we go again…  LOL … It’s fascinating as I happened to visit my Facebook page and there was a link to the “Hearty Soul” site on feeling stress and how it affects the body. While I don’t agree with everything written, there are some part-truths that need to be explored. Coincidence? Not!

Says 200 – The Root Cause of Addiction – Not !

Says 200 - two people huggingThis article was posted by a friend on Facebook, and I was curious as to what it had to say, and why the statement…



Could the Root Cause of Addiction actually be a lack of Connection?

I watched the video and I have to say it’s a yes and no. It has some part truths, but they are mixed in with a whole lot of do-good hype, misinformation and unanswered questions.

The connection and bonding they are really talking about is basically just a quick fix. If the person that had developed this new “bonding” connection is suddenly separated from that SUPPORT, they would probably revert back to their old habit or addiction, or find a new one. As long as they feel wanted, needed and “loved”, they are fine, but to do that, it takes ANOTHER person or GROUP for them to feel that way about themselves. While this approach appears to work for half of the addicts involved, it’s only effective as long as they get the help they feel they want and need. Sometimes, all that is needed for a person that has nothing to cling to but hope, is to be given a chance to rebuild their lives. Sure, they have a job and are considered to be a useful member of society, but again, it doesn’t address the underlying issue as to why they became an addict in the first place.

Abuse and trauma are the same as a painful experience, and just because they are different words, that doesn’t diminish the effect they have on the person having the experience. People that don’t think they have had a traumatic or abusive experience have just denied and shut it out of their conscious mind. Just because you can’t remember, that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen and is affecting your present experiences. It has been my experience that any so-called unpleasant experiences are directly related to unresolved past traumatic experiences. The cycle is only repeated as a means of a person being given the opportunity to feel and express what they never were allowed or felt they could during their original experience, that imprinted and programmed them to re-act as they do.