Says 205 – Society Social Consciousness

says 205 - sway 1000 by preducice than 1 by logicsays 205 - The power of stupid in large groups

Now ain’t that the sad truth of the state of the world today. And they are all happy because they fit in, are accepted, and are in agreement with the other sheeple… And even sadder is the fact that they all believe that their commonality is the universal truth. And if you haven’t figured it out, politics and religion are the two biggest mind controllers that shape social mass consciousness.… Read the rest

Says 204 – Social Conformity & Programming

Says 204 Social conformityHere is a disturbing link on Social Conformity and how easily we are programed to follow the crowd. Not wanting to be different, centered out, shunned, and not accepted, we all to easily just follow the crowd and in the process, become mindless Sheeple.  Afraid to ask questions or to be seen as different, aggressive or negative, we DENY and subdue our true expression and blindly accept the role that peer pressure dictates we play and act out, as if it were our own idea.… Read the rest

Says 133 – Land of Pan and Sandy Hook

dark Wizard2013 Jan 19 The Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut reminds me of a story in the RUOW books and the dark Wizard (Lucifer) Book 1 (Chapter – The Land of Pan). The story is about how the Dark Wizard had organized duel contests, where he defeated every wizard that challenged him by denying the validity of the others wizards approach, and by insisting that the duels had to be done according to his rules.… Read the rest