Says 53 – Got a new vehicle and a change in plans.

2012 May 15 I wanted to get a good look at a Toyota Rav’s and Honda CR-V as I’ve never really checked them out. I decided to stop in at Regina Honda and struck up a conversation with a used car salesman. It just so happened they had three used Hondas on the lot, a 2004, a 2000 and a 1997. The 2004 was out for a test drive for the rest of the day so I looked at the 2000. It looked in good shape and only had 134,000 km on it. I took it for a test drive and liked it so I picked up some money to make an offer. After the third offer, I got it for 10% more than I wanted to pay, but 33% less than he the dealer was asking.










As I don’t live in Saskatchewan, I had to get a temporary vehicle permit (either 1 day or 8 days) so that I could get the Honda back to my sisters place,. I took the 8 day permit as that  would also enable me to drive it a few days to see if any problems pop up. The permit is only good for Saskatchewan so I can’t take it on my trip out West. Furthermore, I need to get another 7 day inter-provincial permit that is only good from Saskatchewan to wherever my home province is. That means I can’t sell my Tercel before my trip and that I’ll have to take my Toyota Tercel out West and then come back and sell it before I leave for Ontario. With all this, I decided to delete my planned trip up to the Yukon, as that will cut off 3 – 4 days of my trip and give me some time to sell the Tercel when I get back to Regina.

As you can see in the picture, the 2000 Honda CR-V is quite a bit bigger than my 1999 Toyota Tercel. Now I’ll have room to move.

Says 52 – Getting ready for short trip out West before heading back to Ontario

On may 22 or 23, I’ll be heading further out West, and I’ll be traveling light, meaning that I’m not taking all my stuff on this trip. The first (1) leg of my journey I’ll be heading up to Edmonton to see a friend and from there, I’d like to take a trip up to the Yukon, just to say I’ve been there.  From there, I plan to make my way South through British Columbia to Vancouver and then take the ferry over to Vancouver Island, where I plan to do a little sightseeing.

After that (2) I’ll take the ferry back to Vancouver and begin to make my way back East to Lethbridge to see a friend, and then drop in to see my sister in Calgary, (if she is back from her Regina visit) before heading back to Regina by the end of the month.  My plan is then to take a couple of days to pack up all my stuff and then (3) leave Regina around June 4, or 5 and make my way back to Ontario, stopping in at a couple of friends in MIdland before heading back to Woodstock and area. All this is tentative in not having any more car issues.

Says 47 – Working on finishing editing Book2

May 01 I’ve been working on editing Book 2 and I’m now up to chapter 19 and 144 pages (8.5×11 pages) I’m trying to put a push on it as I plan to be leaving Regina to head back to Ontario in the early part of June. Before I do, I also plan to take a short trip up to Edmonton, Alberta, then maybe head up to the Yukon just to have a look at the countryside and say that I’ve been there done that. From there I plan to head down to Vancouver and then take the fairy over to Vancouver Island and take a short tour of the Island before beginning my trip back to Regina. Once I’m back in Regina, I’ll pack up all my stuff and then make my way back to Ontario. I plan to drop in to a couple of friends before I make my way back to Woodstock, or area, where I plan to rent a room. Where I’ll go from there, I don’t know.

Says 46 – Oxygen sensor issues with my car

May 2 Tuesday Last Friday, my mother had been over for a visit and I drove her home. When I left her apartment building, I drove over a speed bump and my 1999 Toyota Tercel hit bottom. A of couple blocks later, I noticed my engine light was on, and my first thought was that something jiggled loose when I hit the bump, even though I didn’t hit it very hard. When I got home, I called the local Toyota dealer, Taylor Motor Sales in Regina, Sask. and made arrangements to take it in on Monday.

I took it in on Monday morning and told them the story of when the light came on. They checked it out and told me that an oxygen sensor was faulty and that they would have to order it. While he told me that, he also presented me with an invoice for $137.50.

I asked the service rep, “Did he check to see if it was a loose connection.”
He said, “No, that they would check it when they put a new one in and that they had to order one.”
I asked, “How does the mechanic know if it’s not just a loose wire and not a faulty sensor if he never physically checked it? I told you I went over a bump and the engine light came on shortly after that.”
His reply was, “If it’s just a loose wire, he’ll see it when he replaces the oxygen sensor.”

I got off my chair and pointing to the invoice he had just given me, and with a sarcastic tone to my voice, I asked. “Why would I pay $556.60 for an oxygen sensor, plus labor, plus taxes, for a part that I don’t need, if the problem is just a loose wire. And that’s not counting the $137.50 that you’re charging me today for this report. I’ve had an oxygen sensor replaced by a Toyota dealer before and it was just over $200.00 in total. This is ridiculous.”

Anyway, we got into a little argument and I tossed my debit card on his desk. As he was processing it, I exclaimed in a voice that was loud enough so that all five of the service reps and their customers would hear, as well as others in the open area, that I would never come back for service and neither would I recommend anyone else to do so. He then tossed the card back at me in an act of defiance and I caught it before it slid off the desk. I asked him why he was angry; he wasn’t the one that was being gouged? He didn’t say anything, but glared at me.

The next day I went to see my sister’s mechanic and arranged for them to do the work. He quoted me $210.00, parts, labor and taxes. I also decided to call Toyota Canada and let them know that I was not happy with their dealer. I gave them all the details, including invoice number, service representative, etc.. That’s just bullshit, and as long as car dealers that can get away with gouging, they will.