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Well a lot of things have happened and a lot of things haven’t changed. The day after had the vehicle repaired, I took it to Midas Muffler to get an e-test. It failed on four accounts. They told me to take it for a 50km + run and come back, as the vehicle and computer need to run to re-set the computer modules. I did and took it back and there were still two modules that weren’t active. Then told me to drive it for a week or so and then come back. I went to the Hyundai dealer and told them what was happening. I went home and fired off a complaint to Hyundai Canada, telling them what I thought of their dealer service.

During the next week, I noticed a peculiar issue in that my Tachometer would register 1000 rpm and then flip up to 3,000 rpm and then wave in-between the two points. Meanwhile, the engine was revving at a constant rate and the speed was unchanged, so I figure this was one of the “adjustments” that the computer was making. It only lasted a minute or so and then acted normal.  A few days later, I took it in to Midas Muffler and the two modules were still not working. They told me that they can pass an eTest with one module not working, but not two. I went back to the Hyundai dealer and let them know the status and that I wasn’t happy.

So today, Sept 15, I took the Santa Fe in to Midas and they tested it and they had trouble getting the diagnostic port to connect (same issue that I had a few weeks ago) and when they did, the two modules were still not working. They suggested I take it to the Kia dealer and get them to do a tail pipe check for the emissions test. I did, and the mechanic at Kia couldn’t connect to the diagnostic port and so he couldn’t do the test.

FRUSTRATED!. I went back to the Woodstock Hyundai and told them the story and showed them the paper work and demanded that they FIX my vehicle. The service advisor spoke to the manager and I’m taking the vehicle in on Tuesday, Sept 19. What ticks me off is that there are no engine lights on and the vehicle is running like a top, purring like a kitten, so this doesn’t make sense. I still think it’s the cable/connector between the diagnostic port and the computer, which is something that I had told the service advisor and mechanic when I first took the vehicle in for servicing, as the vehicle was running fine otherwise.

More to follow.  🙁

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