Says 64 – Rogers “Pay-as-you-go” a rip off and an outrage!

2012 July 08 I had a cell phone with a pre-paid “pay-as-you-go” plan with Rogers for the past year. I had only used it for emergency calls, and if someone called me, I’d call them back using Skype on the internet where only costs me $3.00/month and I can call any phone in North America, and talk for as long as I want. With the move back to Ontario, I’ve been using it quite a bit and my $100.00 pre-paid card is almost empty. It’s little wonder when I get billed $.40/minute, or part therof, for any local call and $1.20/min or part therof for any long distance call. Rogers’ cell rates are outrageous and a rip off.

I checked around and found that Bell now had the lowest pay-as-you-go rates, that being $.10/min. for local calls and $.30/min. for long distance.
My ex-wife gave me her old phone a Samsung B3410 as she now has as iPhone. It was activated on the Rogers network, so I went online and got cellunlocker to send me the unlock key. I tried it and while it unlocked the phone, when I went to Bell to try to get it activated on their system, but it didn’t work.

I decided to try to buy a used Bell phone on Kijiji. I quickly found a Samsung m320 for $15.00 that had been on the Bell system. It was a flip phone with a camera and voice recorder. I then got it activated with Bell and got a one month card and now I’m good to go and no longer paranoid about using the cell phone longer than a minute.

2012 July 29 Update: This just out…. Rogers profits up again
2012 Aug 09 Update: Rogers battles for right to lie to consumers

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