Says 458 – Banned from Facebook… AGAIN.

Well it seems that Facebook fact-checkers are relentless in their drive to censor what they consider; “offends their community standards”. This time it’s for a couple of memes I posted back in 2013. Seems “they” are getting  desperate to suppress an material that exposes their NWO agenda.

PS: It appears that Facebook has had a change of heart and I’m no longer banned. It does make you aware that everything you’ve posted, and the sites you’ve visited and people that you’ve made contact with are all recorded. It’s not only Facebook, but all the other social medial platforms including the ancestry and genealogy sites… that are even more invasive. No use trying to delete it as it’s in the “cloud.” Google is the monster of them all as look at what it offers, search engine, web stats, cloud, apps, emails, maps, images, translation, etc etc.

Says 127 – Moving to a Bachelor Apartment

Bachelor apartment layout2012 Dec 30 Sunday 2013 will not only be a new year but also a new beginning for me as I will have my own personal space.

I called my new landlord tonight and he said that I can probably move in tomorrow Sunday Dec 30. I’m to meet him at 10:00 am tomorrow morning to see what needs to be done to the apartment besides the general clean up.

Needless to say, I’m excited at having my own personal space. The first time in 14 years. 🙂

UPDATE: I got they key at 10:00 am and spend 4 hours cleaning up the place. The guy just took his stuff and left. The landlord was there and tidying up and washing the cigarette smoke off a couple of walls in the kitchen and the bathroom that were the worst. I moved and cleaned up all the furniture including the fridge. I still have to do the stove, but I’ll do that once I officially move in, which will be Monday morning Dec 31, 2012…

It’s nice… it feels like home, at least for a while..