Says 388 – Spontaneous synchronization.

<quote> Metronomes of the same frequency and resting on the same base are started randomly. They synchronize after a short period of time. In this case the base is free to move. In 1657, Christian Huygens was the first to observe this phenomenon in the form of clock synchronization.

The phenomenon of spontaneous synchronization is found in circadian rhythms, heart& intestinal muscles, insulin secreting cells in the pancreas, menstrual cycles, ambling elephants, marching soldiers, and fireflies, among others. <end quote>

As I was watching this, I felt it’s also how we (as individuals) subconsciously and consciously, try to be in sync with those around us (the otherkin). Instead of moving to our own rhythm and frequency, we adapt to be in sync (not different) to what we are exposed to. In other words, trying to be “normal” and fit in to what is considered socially acceptable.

Says 227 – One thing leads to another

My journey is one of self-discovery and of seeking the truth that lies hidden. Body is a manifestation of both our Spirit (+) positive polarity energy and our Soul (-) negative polarity energy. Polarity is the opposing yet expanding attributes of the same power or principal, ie left right, up down, positive negative. Besides the physical Body (matter) which is a lower vibrational or energy frequency, we also have our higher frequency energy chakras that support the physical Body, including our Auras.

227-randolph-stoneHaving experienced Craniosacral Therapy reminded me of my meditation experiences and also of working with the Body that would trigger long lost and denied emotions. That then reminded me of POLARITY THERAPY by Rudolph Stone.  Years ago, a friend lent me three of his books  that intrigued me. I tried to get copies but they were out of print so I photocopied hers. At the time, I saw that he had some valid points, but that he was also missing key elements regarding our Spirituality and especially our feelings and emotions that I was personally working on.227-chart







I feel that now might be the right time to read his work again and take the parts that I feel I can use and try to see what they do in healing my physical and Spiritual bodies. I also feel that I’ll be working more with my Chakras as I feel it’s now beginning to come together, but what the together really is, I have yet to discover.  It’s interesting that Stone also combines aspects of Eastern Spirituality and healing modalities with Western Spirituality and medical concepts. East meets west; much like what I did when I was working on healing my feelings and emotions.

Says 116 – The Word

November 16, Friday. There are more phrases and words that are coming to my awareness, this time it’s the word “Word” itself. I remember a phrase in the Bible, (New Testament) that spoke of the word. I looked it up and it was – John 1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

While I believe that the “word” is a key element of creation and creating what we desire, it’s not in the way that we think. I feel that the word is a combination of thought and feeling, and when spoken, given physical vibration, it manifests our desires. That doesn’t mean that all we need to do is to speak and express what we desire in order to create it, but that it also has to be felt, and that both the thought and the feeling have to be without any denial present, that includes expectation and that is where intent comes into play.
Spirit (our thoughts) is light and electric in frequency/vibration, while the Soul, our feelings and emotions are magnetic. This electromagnetic energy can be raised or lowered in frequency or vibration and has infinite possibilities. Our Body and physical reality that is of a lower vibration, is manifested from this electromagnetic energy. In our physical reality, this energy is stepped down in frequency to create dense physical matter like light, sound and even lower to create gases, water, animals, plants and stone.

While we commonly define frequency as cycles per second, like in the chart, it can be increased to range from (X) cycles / trillionth of a second and higher to infinity. On the other end of the frequency scale, it can be decreased to range to cycles per minute, hour, day, week, year, century, millennium, and beyond and also to infinity. Now how all this relates to the “Word” and Vibration and energy is still a mystery to me, but I feel that all this wouldn’t be coming to my awareness if there wasn’t a good reason for it.