Says 235 – Healing the body and expectation

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and she said that I needed to go into a meditation and see and release the blockage, the kink on a nerve in my spinal column that is affecting my neck, shoulders, back and legs. I did a meditation in the afternoon and tried to access my neck and the pinched nerve but I feel I didn’t get there.

235-optic-cableLater that morning I meditated again and I didn’t feel I succeeded as I wanted to see what was wrong and heal it like I did for a woman years ago. That time, I experienced myself as a infinitesimally small speck of light. I saw the cells in her body that were as big as apartment buildings and I could easily move between them like a person would. I saw her spinal cord damaged and some fine strands were emitting bright coloured lights. The strands on the other side of the break had the same colour hue, but were dull and pale. It reminded me of a fiber optic cable. I knew I had to rejoin then, so just using my mind; I matched colours and rejoined then, and then looked for the reason they had been cut and found a bone spur that I simply dissolved. I then scanned her body and found a green blob like growth that I also dissolved. I scanned her body again and found nothing so I returned to my body. With that, I came out of my meditation. Hummmmm? Maybe my issues in healing my body are EXPECTATION.

235-guidesLater that afternoon I had my fourth craniosacral therapy session. This session was different that all the rest. While I had a few body twitches and spasms, they were mild compared to what I have been experiencing. And overall it was quite peaceful.

Before the session, I told my therapist of my friends advice and said that I would like to use this session to try and access and heal my damaged discs and nerves and she agreed. Early in the session I tried to meditate and do the healing as to how my Mind thought it should be done. I then realized that I did have EXPECTATION and so I stated out loud that I release my expectations on how healing should be and to just allow it to be. I took a deep breath and relaxed.

As I relaxed, I felt an energy move into the room and I told my therapist what I was picking up. A moment later I told her it was my guides and that this was all a lesson to see what doesn’t work. To get the Mind to try the things that it believes should work or that others have told the Mind works, and that everything it thinks and believes should work, is not working because it is wrong. I chuckled as I heard my guide say, It’s only taken you two years to figure that out.” I told my therapist that and she laughed too.

Says 116 – The Word

November 16, Friday. There are more phrases and words that are coming to my awareness, this time it’s the word “Word” itself. I remember a phrase in the Bible, (New Testament) that spoke of the word. I looked it up and it was – John 1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

While I believe that the “word” is a key element of creation and creating what we desire, it’s not in the way that we think. I feel that the word is a combination of thought and feeling, and when spoken, given physical vibration, it manifests our desires. That doesn’t mean that all we need to do is to speak and express what we desire in order to create it, but that it also has to be felt, and that both the thought and the feeling have to be without any denial present, that includes expectation and that is where intent comes into play.
Spirit (our thoughts) is light and electric in frequency/vibration, while the Soul, our feelings and emotions are magnetic. This electromagnetic energy can be raised or lowered in frequency or vibration and has infinite possibilities. Our Body and physical reality that is of a lower vibration, is manifested from this electromagnetic energy. In our physical reality, this energy is stepped down in frequency to create dense physical matter like light, sound and even lower to create gases, water, animals, plants and stone.

While we commonly define frequency as cycles per second, like in the chart, it can be increased to range from (X) cycles / trillionth of a second and higher to infinity. On the other end of the frequency scale, it can be decreased to range to cycles per minute, hour, day, week, year, century, millennium, and beyond and also to infinity. Now how all this relates to the “Word” and Vibration and energy is still a mystery to me, but I feel that all this wouldn’t be coming to my awareness if there wasn’t a good reason for it.