Says 228 – Second Craniosacral Treatment.

228-headI had my second session on Wednesday and before we started, my therapist stated that this session was about me, and not her, referring to our first session. I mentioned that you didn’t have anything planned and didn’t know what to expect, and neither did I.  I said I had not planned on picking up on her, it just happened and I felt I needed to express it, otherwise, by denial, I’d be holding it in my energy field.  She kind-of nodded her head like she knew what I meant, but I felt she didn’t get it.  I said I have no problem not including you in the session, if that is your intent.  She nodded in agreement and we went into her room.

The session was basically the same as last time, except that my physical reactions to moving energy were a lot less, and lest dramatic. I did however feel heartbreak when she was working on my sacral, and also pain in my right shoulder when she was working on my jaw. The thing that I noticed is when she was finishing up and got to my shoulders, she didn’t stay long and ended the session rather quickly. I felt she didn’t want to give me the opportunity to pick up on her again, but my intuition and her actions, told me she was in fear.

As a footnote:  I’ve also been working on a couple of exercises I found in my Polarity 228-chart-63Therapy book as I’m curious as to what my physical and other reactions will be.

Polarity Therapy Volume 1, Book 2
Chart No. 63 – The Ideal Posture and Rocking Balance Stretch for the Release of the Downward Airy Currents of Energy in the Body Which Govern All Expelling Functions of Gases, Liquids and Solids. Frees the Back Pressure from the Heart.

Chart No. 64 – A Posture Stretch for Youthful Elasticity through the Release of Vital Force and Blocked Energy Circuits in the Heavy Pelvic Muscles, Freeing the Hip Joints by Gentle Stretching through Rocking Motions.

Says 227 – One thing leads to another

My journey is one of self-discovery and of seeking the truth that lies hidden. Body is a manifestation of both our Spirit (+) positive polarity energy and our Soul (-) negative polarity energy. Polarity is the opposing yet expanding attributes of the same power or principal, ie left right, up down, positive negative. Besides the physical Body (matter) which is a lower vibrational or energy frequency, we also have our higher frequency energy chakras that support the physical Body, including our Auras.

227-randolph-stoneHaving experienced Craniosacral Therapy reminded me of my meditation experiences and also of working with the Body that would trigger long lost and denied emotions. That then reminded me of POLARITY THERAPY by Rudolph Stone.  Years ago, a friend lent me three of his books  that intrigued me. I tried to get copies but they were out of print so I photocopied hers. At the time, I saw that he had some valid points, but that he was also missing key elements regarding our Spirituality and especially our feelings and emotions that I was personally working on.227-chart







I feel that now might be the right time to read his work again and take the parts that I feel I can use and try to see what they do in healing my physical and Spiritual bodies. I also feel that I’ll be working more with my Chakras as I feel it’s now beginning to come together, but what the together really is, I have yet to discover.  It’s interesting that Stone also combines aspects of Eastern Spirituality and healing modalities with Western Spirituality and medical concepts. East meets west; much like what I did when I was working on healing my feelings and emotions.