Says 224 – No coincidences

214-door-and-keyOn  Wednesday, November 09, I was locked out of my apartment as my key would no longer open the lock. I’ve had to play with it a few times before, but this time it refused to open. I saw the building superintendent and he tried and then got his vice grips and turned the door knob until it opened. I was in, but while the door could still close, I was no longer able to lock it. The situation was reported to the landlord and he will be getting me a new lock.

So what is the message?  What is this trying to show me?

Is it…  Me = Mind         Key = Imprints, programs and beliefs        Apartment = Body

Is it saying that my Mind needs a new mechanism to open the door (key) to my apartment (Body) Humm? Maybe Craniosacral  Therapy is the key to accessing my Body? I have to give this more thought and feeling.

214-craniosacral-therapyLater, I called the Cranialsacrial contact that my Chiropractor had given me and set up an appointment for Thursday at 11:00 am

3:55 am. I woke up and got the message that the old key (way) will not unlock the door to the Body, so a new passage set and key (way) is required.

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