Says 224 – No coincidences

214-door-and-keyOn  Wednesday, November 09, I was locked out of my apartment as my key would no longer open the lock. I’ve had to play with it a few times before, but this time it refused to open. I saw the building superintendent and he tried and then got his vice grips and turned the door knob until it opened. I was in, but while the door could still close, I was no longer able to lock it. The situation was reported to the landlord and he will be getting me a new lock.

So what is the message?  What is this trying to show me?

Is it…  Me = Mind         Key = Imprints, programs and beliefs        Apartment = Body

Is it saying that my Mind needs a new mechanism to open the door (key) to my apartment (Body) Humm? Maybe Craniosacral  Therapy is the key to accessing my Body? I have to give this more thought and feeling.

214-craniosacral-therapyLater, I called the Cranialsacrial contact that my Chiropractor had given me and set up an appointment for Thursday at 11:00 am

3:55 am. I woke up and got the message that the old key (way) will not unlock the door to the Body, so a new passage set and key (way) is required.

Says 93 – Another sleepless night and clearing the air

2012 Sept 19 Kyle was up until 2:00 am last night, or that’s the last time I looked at my clock to see what time it was. At one point, I tried to drown out the sound of his TV and vocals by playing my CD player, but it didn’t do much good.

I woke up at 8:00 am tired and pissed off. I started banging doors, dropping my weights on the floor and opening and slamming my dresser drawers so as to wake up the asshole. At around 10:45 am I thought that maybe he had gone out last night, that he wasn’t in his room, and that all my banging was for nothing. At 11:30 I saw him go to the bathroom and when he returned to his room, I stopped him and we had a little chat. During our conversation it turns out that the reason he slams his door is because it won’t close otherwise. I looked at it and found the screws for the top hinge were loose. I got a screwdriver and tried to tighten them, but they were just turning as if stripped. I told him to report it to the owners and have them fix it. I then showed him that if he lifted the door handle as he was closing the door, that it wouldn’t jam at the top and need to be slammed to close.

I asked him why he didn’t say that when I first commented on his door slamming and he said that he had other things on his mind. It was a good chat and cleared the air somewhat. I told him I was leaving at the end of the month and he mentioned that he was also looking for another place.

Says 66 – Owners snooping in my room – Flip-flop trap.

July 16 I had my suspicions that the rental property owners were going into my room when I was gone. To prove my hunch, I placed a flip flop against the door so that I could open the door far enough to get out and back in, without flipping the flip flop. I laid the trap and sure enough when I came back and slowly opened the door only enough to get my head in to take a peer, I saw that the trap had been sprung. Even more incriminating was the fact that the flip flop had not just fallen, it had been neatly stacked up on the other one and not where it should be, had they ,or I opened the door too far.

I went downstairs and rang the doorbell. The male owner came to the door just as his wife was coming up the walkway.I asked them both, “Why were you in my room?” They answered simultaneously, one saying they weren’t in my room, and the other saying that they were just checking the A/C. Busted again. I told them they had no right to go into my room without my permission, or there being an emergency. The A/C is something that can be checked anytime, so why wait until I am out of my room to do your check and what is there to check except to see that my vent is open. More bullshit.
The woman asked me, “So when are you leaving?” I replied, “When I find a place, I’ll let you know.”

Later I looked on Kijiji and found three places that “looked” okay, so I emailed them.