Says 231 – How we kill ourselves

It’s interesting that this Meme came up on my Facebook page as I’m presently working on healing my Body. I don’t mean heal in the present social mindset, I mean heal on all levels. What I’ve discovered before in healing my emotions, was that what we deny, basically begins to die. Now I’m finding out that we do the same with our Body.

When our Body is sick or injured, we THINK we are helping our body by giving it medicine or whatever: However this is what the MIND believes (imprints, programs and beliefs) will FIX the Body and get it back to doing what the Mind wants it to do, so that the Mind can be happy. Illness and injury is the Body’s way of trying to tell the Mind that something is wrong that the Mind needs to look at. When the Mind denies the Body’s needs, the Mind does the same thing to the Body that it does with the Emotions, KILL it.. and so the Body slowly dies, and with it, a part of our Spiritual Essence is lost.

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