Says 92 – The last straw – Eating my Food

2012 Sept 18 6:20 pm. Well that’s it, the last straw. Last night I made a double supper of Chicken fingers, baked potatoes and vegetables, so that I wouldn’t have to cook tonight. Shaneese was in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of wine. Neither of us spoke. I went to the fridge to get my leftovers and when I opened the Tupperware container, my chicken strips were gone. Everything else was still there, but no chicken. When I saw that I exclaimed, “What the fuck!” Shanreese took off like a shot. In an instant she was down the hallway to her bedroom, glass of wine in hand. I then thought, well I’ll just have a piece of Turkey Kielbasa that I hadn’t opened yet. I went to get it and it was also gone. That was 3-4 suppers gone… I ended up frying an egg.

9:00 pm Frank, the owner told me yesterday that he was going to call a house meeting tonight. Previously, I had emailed a woman regarding renting a room so I went to see her tonight. I met the middle-aged woman that was on disability and while the place was okay, I told her I’d get back to her as I wanted to see what would happen at the meeting.

11:00 PM Well the meeting that was supposed to take place, didn’t happen. Frank didn’t get home until 10:00 pm and was having supper when I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. He came up to me, looking exhausted and told me that he was too tired, physically and mentally to have a meeting. I didn’t say anything as I poured the hot water into my cup, but as I turned to leave, I told him that someone was into my food. He looked surprised and disgusted but didn’t say anything. I left it at that and went back to my room.
Frank has an issue with confrontation and doesn’t have the balls to confront his wife and the young tenants, as she “mother” them, as they are her drinking buddies that eagerly agree with everything she says. Later I emailed the woman and told her that I had a few more questions, but that I was seriously interested in the room.

Says 91 – New understanding of the phrase “Mother-fucker”

2012 Sept 18 As I was going into the kitchen to make my breakfast, I met Kyle as he was just leaving. He didn’t say a word as he made his way past me and down the stairs and out to the garage with his coffee. I went to the counter and saw spilled coffee grounds, sugar and water on the counter. He made a mess but either doesn’t have the mentally ability or the desire to clean up after himself. It’s like he expects his mother to look after him.

I was thinking of Kyle and just got a new understanding of the phrase “Mother Fucker.” It’s what most guys want in the way of a woman in their life. They want a woman that will replace their mother, one that will clean and pick up after them, make their meals, wash their clothes, care for them, etc, and as a bonus, one that they can have sex with anytime they want and anyway they want. But when this mother girlfriend is too tired from doing her stuff and looking after him to have sex, he will find another woman just to have sex with, and one that doesn’t play the part of his mother as all he want from her is sex. So now he has the best of both worlds, a girlfriend that is a mother figure to look after him and another fuck buddy that just wants to party and have a good time. “Mother – Fucker!”

Charlie Harper in the TV series, “Two and a half men” is a classic example of this male mental attitude towards woman, where he has a hired housekeeper “Berta” that looks after him, while he sleeps around with other women. Except that in the TV series, Charlie isn’t having a sexual relationship with Berta..

Says 82 – Getting organized – Generation Gap

2012 Sept 02 Sunday, I never bought any food on Saturday as I hadn’t been able to talk to Nancy or Frank as to where I could put my stuff in the refrigerator, as well as where I was going to store my non perishable food stuff. I talked to Nancy this morning after they got up around noon and she gave me some cupboard and fridge space, enough to keep my basics. Other foodstuff and some of my utensils I can keep in a cupboard in my room.

2012 Sept 07 Friday It’s kind of weird as the two young people that also room here usually eat when and what Frank and Nancy eat. No one eats breakfast and supper isn’t until 8:30 – 9:00 at night. It’s like a communal kitchen, but where it’s Nancy (depending on what shift she works) or Frank that does the cooking, and Frank doesn’t get home until after 8:30pm, and the young ones just wait until supper is ready. The young guy make spaghetti for himself the other day, but he didn’t just make one of two servings, he used the whole package, enough for 10 people, and then he stuffed the pot in the fridge as leftover’s. He then eats at it during the day for days, trying to get rid of it as no one else wants it. He told me I could help myself, but I already had my spaghetti feed a day before he made his, so I wasn’t interested.

I’ve also noticed that the two young people seem lost. They both have jobs, but they are in their own little world that doesn’t include the basics of living and caring for themselves. It’s just like they are large toddlers. They leave their bedroom door open at times and I can’t help but notice how littered and messy the rooms are. When they use the bathroom, whatever falls on the counter or floor, stays there, same goes for the kitchen and even the patio. Maybe it’s just the three generation gap at work, but there seems to be this hopelessness or indifference that is reflected, not only by their rooms, but in their general attitude. They look clean and as normal as present teens can be when they go out, as that is the public perception that they want to portray, but that is not what they are really like. The young guy had his girlfriend (mother figure) over the other day and she cleaned up his room, but a few hours after she left, he had things on the floor again.

The other part of the generation gap is with Frank and Nancy as they are in their later 40’s and are consumed with their jobs, Nancy working a rotating three shift schedule, mornings, afternoons and nights, while Frank works 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week. Both of them have very little time for each other, or to do things around the house, other than prepare meals and clean up after the toddlers. Nancy also tries to be this cool mother figure to them, cleaning up after them (once a week) and driving them to the store to get beer, cigarettes, or maybe some food. I know the young ones are also smoking weed, but they’re not toking up in the house or yard. They are what they are, and I just do my own thing.

I don’t know what these young kids would do if no one cleaned up after them or prepared their meals and did their laundry. They are like a hoarder or litterbug that would eventually be living in and eating their own excrement. I’m not saying that one needs to be a clean freak, BUT!….

Ahhh! I just got it… It’s all about choice. People are going to be toddlers and litterbugs as long as there are people that are willing to mother them, to pick up after them and take care of them. It’s all about power and control and of course, denial, free Will and choice.

Nancy hooked up my internet, (25 character password). Apparently, the TV and movies are also available via the computer but that hasn’t been activated as yet. I don’t rally miss TV….