Says 91 – New understanding of the phrase “Mother-fucker”

2012 Sept 18 As I was going into the kitchen to make my breakfast, I met Kyle as he was just leaving. He didn’t say a word as he made his way past me and down the stairs and out to the garage with his coffee. I went to the counter and saw spilled coffee grounds, sugar and water on the counter. He made a mess but either doesn’t have the mentally ability or the desire to clean up after himself. It’s like he expects his mother to look after him.

I was thinking of Kyle and just got a new understanding of the phrase “Mother Fucker.” It’s what most guys want in the way of a woman in their life. They want a woman that will replace their mother, one that will clean and pick up after them, make their meals, wash their clothes, care for them, etc, and as a bonus, one that they can have sex with anytime they want and anyway they want. But when this mother girlfriend is too tired from doing her stuff and looking after him to have sex, he will find another woman just to have sex with, and one that doesn’t play the part of his mother as all he want from her is sex. So now he has the best of both worlds, a girlfriend that is a mother figure to look after him and another fuck buddy that just wants to party and have a good time. “Mother – Fucker!”

Charlie Harper in the TV series, “Two and a half men” is a classic example of this male mental attitude towards woman, where he has a hired housekeeper “Berta” that looks after him, while he sleeps around with other women. Except that in the TV series, Charlie isn’t having a sexual relationship with Berta..