Says 126 – Dumb as a bag of hammers

packing2012 Dec 28 Friday. Paul saw me take stuff out to my Honda and asked me if I was moving out today. I said I wasn’t, that I was just loading some stuff while the weather was nice as it was supposed to snow the next few days.

Later he asked me again when I was moving out. I said the end of the month , maybe sooner but I have to wait until the guy moves out before I can move in. He said that it would be good if I moved out tomorrow as he has a lot to do as his girlfriend and daughter are moving in. I then asked if his girlfriend had to be out on the 31st. He said yes, and that she has a lot of stuff to move and I’d like to have you out so that she can move in.

I then stated that while she has to be out of her apartment on the 31’st, that doesn’t mean that she can’t move in before that, as she can move in to you house anytime. Why don’t you move her stuff into the spare bedroom, or fill up your living and dining room or the room downstairs or even the garage so that you don’t have to move her on the 31st.

He then said that he has to paint my room before she moves in and it’s best to paint with no furniture in the room. I said, yes, But if I don’t get my apt before the 31st, I’ll still be here and you will be moving her on the same day I’m moving out.

painting a roomHe then said that he would not be home on the 31st, and added in a demanding tone that he wanted me out for sure on Monday, and with that he left the room and went upstairs. I assumed that he was going to a New Years Eve party, so the question is, how is he planning on moving his girlfriend and paint the room if he is not even going to be around, and neither is she, as I assumes she is going to the party with him. He has had almost 6 weeks to paint the bedrooms and begin to move her stuff in and he is only now beginning to think about it. Dah!!! The boy is a bright as a bag of hammers. My observation is that if he wasn’t stoned 70% of the time or had a alcoholic drink in him the other 30% of the time, he might not have the brain fog he has. Like I told him in a previous unrelated conversation, it’s his life and what he does or doesn’t do with it is his choice and responsibility.

Update: Dec 29 Saturday. Well this afternoon he had his father and his girlfriend over and the three of them began painting the spare bedroom. As I came out of my room, he made a smart assed comment saying, “See, I can paint a room in one day.” I looked at him and replied, “I know you can, you just need to get off your ass and do it.” He looked shocked but never said as word as his father and girlfriend looked at me and at him and said nothing and pretended they didn’t hear me.

Says 71 – Went to look at a room

July 27 9:00 pm. With the month quickly ending and rent due, and not having an alternative place to live, I went to look at a room where the owner only had one tenant. It was a small two-bedroom home in a nice neighborhood, opposite a small park. When I went in, I could tell that the guy either was never married, or was divorced and never did much around the house. While it was basically clean, but it was also messy and dark, like in dark kitchen and furniture. He also had a one-year-old German shepherd dog that had a bed by the front door that was full of hair. The guy seemed nice enough and worked days at a local factory.

The bedroom was small, I’d say it was only 10’ x 10.’ It was had to really tell with all the BIG stuff in the room. As you walked in, you were greeted on the right side by a giant five foot TV, that jutted out a good 2 feet from the wall. Then beside the TV was a small computer desk, that you had to move if you wanted to open the door to get into the closet. The room had a regular bed that was situated more or less in the middle of the room with the headboard against the wall under the window.

To the top right side of the bed in the corner was a nightstand and on top of it was a small bar fridge. To the left of the bed, in the middle of the wall was a gigantic tallboy dresser that had to be almost seven feet tall with three draws on the bottom section and two doors on the upper section. You could only open the bottom three drawers maybe six inches, before you would hit the side of the bed. He said the person that was presently renting the room was using it for clothes and also for his food and pots and pans. To say it was cramped would be an understatement. I said I would be interested, but the TV would definitely have to go and the room would have to be re-arranged so that I could use the entire tallboy comfortably. He said he had two other people coming to have a look at it on Saturday, and that if I was interested, he’d give me a call.

Later when I thought more about it, I really didn’t want it. It was also not going to be available until Aug 06, so that would mean if I moved out of where I am presently living at the end of the month, that I would have to find a room for a few days. Things seemed to be all up in the air and I didn’t know what I was going to do,yet at the same time, I wasn’t really worried or anxious.

PS: Update. He never called me and I never called him..